Thursday, June 09, 2005


For the tiny number of people who read this little humble posting forum I will simply ask you to give this a second of thought and perhaps even open your mind to a totally different kind of entertainment. This Sunday, June 12th 2005 is a thank you to all the fans of a little known company that went by the call letters E-C-W!!! If you have 3 hours to kill and 35 dollars to waste then I suggest finding a way to order this PPV event and finding out why people either LOVE or HATE professional wrestling. This will be adult entertainment. It will be funny, exciting, surprising, real, honest and to the extreme. You will hopefully see what it means to have a group of people believe with their heart and soul in a lifestyle and have it put on record as a forum for all to see throughout history. I am pimping this show because I came in late in the game and only got a little taste of the REAL professional wrestling show that not enough people know about. I am a fan of a lot of things in life. I am only a Fanatic about E........C........FN.........W
Watch it people! Go all in and take a risk. Risk is GOOD! Zerocool is OUT.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Maybe I should quit...

Another bad loss at poker last night. No, I didn't play bad, I just got screwed again. Now listen, most might think, ok, if you keep losing, perhaps it is that you are a bad poker player and not just unlucky. Maybe you just suck. The thing is, that is not the case. The thing is, I keep losing hands OVER AND OVER AGAIN that I am favored to win. Percentages say that I should be winning these hands that I play. I keep losing hands where the person I am up against is the CLEAR underdog. Sometimes a slight undersog, sometimes a huge underdog. Percentages say that over time, you should win more than yo ulose if you keep playing these cards where you are the favorite. I am playing the cards I SHOULD be playing.

So this is how it went last night: We are down to 4 people left and I have the second most chips. Rich goes all in and I have an Ace-Ten unsuited. Good enough to call someone's all in. What does he flip over? A SEVEN-EIGHT SUITED! Ok, even though these are suited connectors, I am still about a 61% to 39% favorite. Who wouldn't want those kind of odds. I figure I am going to take him out and move closer to the chip leader. Nope..a seven is the only thing that comes out that helps either of us and my huge stack is chopped down. Next hand, Duncan goes all in, I had a huge stack before the last hand so I have enough to call if I want to. I look at my cards and I have a King-Jack. Yup, that is probably good enough and I call. He flips over FIVE-SEVEN UNSUITED! HUH? You go all in with that? His justification is that sevens were lucky that night. Ok, I am a 65% to 35% favorite. At least I can get back most of what I lost the last hand. Or so I though. Again, the seven is the only thing that helps either one of us and I am cut down to almost nothing. I go out a couple of hands later on a meaningless hand.

So this is what keeps happening to me. I am playing hands I SHOULD My opponents are constantly underdogs to my superior hands and yet they KEEP ON WINNING. Why? Should I just play crappy hands? Just bet now whatever I have. You can't tell me that you can just play a crappy hand just because you felt that a card had been LUCKY that night! You are supposed to play hands where you are a favorite and that is what I am doing. I play the good hands. Hell, until those two hands, I was playing great poker and building up a good chip stack. But all it takes is two bad beats and I am done for.

So, should I quit? I know what I should be playing and it is not working. Dare I say I am cursed? I am not a sore loser. When I flip over my cards, I can see that I am a favorite and so does my opponent. But yet, things just aren't going my way. I play the odds and the odds aren't working. All I know is that I am pissed and confused...