Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Manuel on Movies #7

Here we go with some more movie reviews for you. Enjoy and hopefully, something interests you, or convinces you not to see it... oh and sorry about the weird margins/spaces between movies. I can't seem to fix them.

Meet Bill is a recent release on video that I don't got a wide release in the theaters. Well, if it did, I didn't hear anything about it. This was one of those cutesy dark comedy, find youself, midlife crisis type of movies. Sounds pretty specific, but there are a lot of these lately it seems. Eckhart plays Bill, a guy with some low self esteem who is dealing with finding out his wife is cheating on him. He has to find himself and find what makes him happy and he does this with the help of a high school boy that he is mentoring through some program at the bank he works at. It's a cute movie and I was entertained, but I was never super emotionally involved with the characters. Eckhart is very good in it though. 6.5 out of 10.

This is the third(and proably not last) in the Resident Evil movie series. I enjoyed the first installment, but was rather disappointed with the sequel. I gave this one a shot simply because I am willing to give any zombie movie a chance. The movie, while not deep by any means, did its job. It entertained me. I got exactly what I wanted which was great action scenes, people getting torn apart by zombies, and acting that wasn't TOO terrible. I mean, it is a movie about freakin' zombies, what do you expect? I would have to rewatch the first one to see if I liked it more than that one, but it sure topped the second. Plus, Milla Jovovich is hot... 7 out of 10

Wow, this was a bad movie. Here is your plot, a girl and her man are taking a trip and stop at a rest stop. She uses the restroom and when she exits, she finds her man missing. She is attacked by some psychopath in a truck who forces her back into the restroom. The rest of the movie is her in the restroom talking to herself, venturing out, seeing the psychopath, running back in, talking to ghosts of the people he has killed(WTF?!?!?), repeat, repeat. There is one scene where she escapes on some families RV and they turn out to be plain weirdos, al la, the Texas Chainsaw family. They yell at her and boot her out and this becomes the most worthless scene in cinematic history. This was just flat out terrible.... 1 out of 10

I don't really care for Jack Black and don't think he is that funny. Despite my attempts at not liking him, I actually do like a lot of Ben Stiller films even though he himself may not be that funny. Downey Jr. was of course the wild card as I haven't seen him that much in a straight out comedy. It worked. This was a damn funny movie. There were some scenes that were just ho hum and standard comedy stuff that don't really make me laugh. However, there were some scenes that were some laugh out loud, make a fool of yourself, funny that they mae up for the non funny scenes. In case you don't know the plot, they are movie stars who are filming a Vietnam type war movie. Filming on location puts them in danger as drug makers in the jungle discover them and take one hostage. Hilarity ensues of course. Jack Black is still Jack Black and he only has one funny scene, but that scene is one of the best of the movie. Ben Stiller is his usual self and actually pretty forgetable. Downey Jr. is wonderful though and has some very funny scenes. He is only matches by Tom Cruise who is also very hysterical as a slightly overweight, foul mouthed movie executive. He steals every scene he is in. Matthew McConaughey is also fairly amusing as Stiller's agent. Overall, this was a very funny movie and I found myself wantitng to see it again only a couple of days later. I'll wait til DVD, but I am anxious. 8 out of 10.

I saw this while looking for a mystery/thriller to watch on Netflix instant view while I work. It is a foreign film, but can't remember what movie produced it. It follows a British mystery writer who uses the French vacation house of her agent to write her new book. She expects quiet, but her time there is turned upside down when her agent's young promiscious daughter comes to use the house as well. At first they don't get along at all because of being so different. They learn to deal with it eventually and in the last third, hell, maybe last quarter of the movie, a mystery finally develops. Then it is resolved. Then someting happens near the end which totally confuses me and makes me wonder what the hell just happened and if I understood the movie at all. I went online after and literally found 50 different people interpreting how they think the movie was meant to be taken. Foreign films.... 6 out of 10

We just saw Death Sentence last night and wat a movie it was. Kevin Bacon is a father and his oldest son is killed at the beginning of the film in some sort of gang initiation. Not satisfied with the legal system, he decides to become a vigilante. He becomes the hunter, but then the role is revesed when the gang realizes and starts coming after him. Bacon then has to protect the rest of his family. This is a very violent film and not really one you want to watch if you are having a bad day. It really is not a feel good movie at all and it sticks with you after. It is dark, grim, and overall, just a downer. Still, I loved it. It is one of those movies that really makes you think, "What would I do if I were in that situation?" Not for the faint of heart, this movie comes highly recommended. 9 out of 10.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do NOT Fuck with me....

Earlier today, I received a telemarketer call on my work line. I put myself on the Do Not Call list 2 weeks ago so I decided to ask the person, "Why are you calling me if I am on the Do Not Call List?' His response - "Because you are a FAGGOT!" and he hung up on me. I went straight to the Do Not Call website only to learn you have to be on 30 days before you can report them. Still infuriated though, I tried calling the number back to speak to a manager. No luck, the number didn't work. I did a reverse phone search and found out who their phone provider was, but they couldn't give me the name of the company right away. They said they had to research the number and I could call him back directly tomorrow.

Frustrated, I tried some more options. Finally, I found a website where people report telemarketer phone numbers and where they originate from. I found out that the company who called me was American Credit Counselors and they gave their direct number. I called them back, reported the guy to a manager who apologized profusely, and said he would do something about it once he looks up the outgoing call log and listens to the recorded phone call. Hopefully, that guy has what is coming to him. Do NOT fuck with me....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Amador Wine Tasting

Saturday, Jess and I went wine tasting with my parents and her Dad and Stepmom to Amador County. I had never done the whole wine tasting thing and it was a very fun day. Another photo diary coming your way...

Jess getting ice cream 11 in the morning. She couldn't be happier.

Group photo at our first winery. My dad with his normal big smile!!(Or not)

My dad checking out a purchase he made.

The ladies checking out the guy pour at the second winery.

I was the designated driver for the day. Free water!!

This was at our third winery. The girl who helped us was awesome and we must have tasted for about an hour while she explained things thoroughly. We spent a lot of money there because of her.

Me and the Mrs.

My folks

The view from the 4th winery

Where it all comes from...

My beautiful wife

Our folks

Showing off their wine-stained tongues

A flower at the 5th and final winery

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Evil E's Saturday Scavenger Hunt #19

When I heard that this week's word was "animal," I said no problem. If you know me, you know I love my dogs! Here are two recent pictures of our children...
Our dog Leia, otherwise known as Leia-Boo or just Boo.

Our old man Orko. Also know as Orkopotamus or Pot for short.

I'm always looking for an excuse to post pictures of our kids!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ok, so my words can't do it justice, so just read the news article...

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A Puerto Rican man has been granted his wish to remain standing — even in death. A funeral home used a special embalming treatment to keep the corpse of 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina standing upright for his three-day wake.Dressed in a Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses, Pantoja was mourned by relatives while propped upright in his mother's living room.His brother Carlos told the El Nuevo Dia newspaper the victim had long said he wanted to be upright for his own wake: "He wanted to be happy, standing."The owner of the Marin Funeral Home, Damaris Marin, told The Associated Press the mother asked him to fulfill her dead son's last wish.Pantoja was found dead Friday underneath a bridge in San Juan and buried Monday. Police are investigating.

So, homeboy is dead, but propped up in his house just chillin' there for all to see. I found out later he was a known drug dealer and was found shot 11 times. All power to him if this was his wish, but it kind of creeps me out. Here are the pictures from his wake.

Nobody puts Angel in the corner...

Anyone else heard of this before. Someone told me it is actually a Jewish tradition, but I can not confirm this. Anyone? Oh, and if it is your tradition and I offended, sorry...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A couple of funny videos

I want to blog today but am out of ideas so I have decided to post a couple of videos that have made me laugh lately.

For the first, you need a little background. Last year in the beginning of the NFL season, Kevin Everett, a player for the Buffalo Bills, injured his spinal cord and we initially were told he would never walk again. Miraculously, he recovered. This is a report on that...

I love when reporters mess up on live tv. Here is another great example. This guy changes his tone and speech almost instantly when something makes him mad.

Monday, August 18, 2008

7/17/08 Family Reunion

Jess and I were gone this weekend for a family reunion in the Bay Area. This was for her mom's side of the family and we have done this in August for about 5 years or so. Photo diary seems to be the way to go...

Eating the best food - cheeseburgers!!!

Jess playing games. She looks so sad so she must have missed.

Jess running to her goal

Playing the pass the pretzel game

She got hit with a water balloon. Not happy!

She's all wet, but she seems to be taking it well.

Umm...where did the bocce ball go?

That's how I roll

My new gang.

Having a drink

What a brat!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Normally, I delete the majority of forwarded emails sent to me because often time, I have seen them before or I worry about forwarded emails containing viruses. I opened one up recently as it was from a friend who usually never sends me them. I decided to give it a chance. I am glad I did. What follows may be considered a little racist, but you know, it's just in good fun and hopefully you have a sense of humor...

First the picture...

Okay so this is how I imagine this conversation went:
Wal-Mart Employee: 'Hello 'dis be Walmarts, how can I hep you?'
Customer: 'I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.'
Wal-Mart Employee: 'What you want on the cake?'
Customer: 'Best Wishes Suzanne' and underneath that 'We will miss you'.
Too friggin' funny....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hodge Podge

Just some random things going on in my life...

I got a few new Muggs since I last posted. A couple of people on the post seemed confused on the size. Truth be told, they are actually not super small. They are around as tall as a DVD case, maybe a teeny bit smaller, but not really THAT small. I LOVE them!

Since it is Tuesday Tag day on Evil E's blog, I thought I would post a picture I saw on the side of my favorite Vietnamese restaurant. How rude! Never actually seen graffiti done in crayon!

I drove past this place yesterday. Now this is physical therapy I could get behind!!!

Last Saturday night, we had our third progresisve dinner with my folks and Jessica's folks. This time we were in charge of appetizers.

Jess made cheddar bacon puffs which were awesome.

She also made this apple treat which was apples in brown sugar and balsamic vinegar served over white cheddar cheese.

This is a pic of the full spread. I love this pic.

My parents made fish and chips from scratch for the first time which was very cool. They even bought the little baskets that you use to serve them in. In addition, we had fresh clam chowder in a bread bowl. We hadn't served the chips yet in this picture.

Finally, Jessica's parents did an ice cream sundae spread. There were 4 kinds of ice cream and all kinds of toppings. I wish I wasn't so full and I could have had more!

It was all yummy but I felt bad the whole time as well. I have been working really hard on my weight since I got my Wii fit for my birthday. Since June 2, I have lost 13.2 pounds - well, as of before the progressive dinner. I gained some with the dinner, but I am certain I will get it back off. I haven't exercised and been good with my food in this way for a while. I am the lightest I have been in over 2 years which is nice and rewarding!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Evil E's Saturday (Sunday) Photo Scavenger Hunt #18

I hadn't done one of these in a while and wanted to get in on the fun. I actually knew what I was going to do as soon as I heard the word was "space." I decided I would use the word to give a tour of my house. Some of these places I know you have seen before, others, I am sure you have not seen. So, here ya go....

My space of entertainment...

My space of fun...

My space of relaxation...

My space of sleep...

My reading space...

My work space...

My space of.....umm..who am I kidding, I don't work in my garage!