Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trivia Thursday #17

Here ya go. Winner gets a used copy of Con Air on DVD(if they want it). All answers must be emailed to me at DO NOT POST ANSWERS HERE! Name the movie each screen grab come from. The person that gets the most correct will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the person who emailed it to me first will be the winner. To make it somewhat hard, you need to get a minimum of five correct to win. If no winner, the prize will be rolled over to a contest next week. This contest will end Sunday at 5pm PST/8PM EST. Remember, DO NOT POST ANSWERS HERE! This contest is open to my regular readers/posters. If you have never commented here, sorry...










Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on the old lady

Well, the birthday came and went and we had a great time. I mean, it is really hard to complain about having 2 parties. We had a great time at both - Friday night with the friends and Saturday afternoon with the family. What a lucky girl! What did I give my wife for her 30th? Well, my wife has been sleeping with the same teddybear since she was one year old. I decided to take a black and white picture of him and then have it framed at our friend's framing shop. It came out awesome. I don't have a picture of it right now, but I will put it up later this week.

The new pizza place by our house finally opened last week, Pizza Schmizza. It is awesome and in fact, I went there again today for the second time. They have a great variety of interseting pizzas including the yummy steak and red potato pizza I had today. They also have breadsticks which are closer to loaves of bread and you can dip them in some AMAZING alfredo sauce. Overall, I am very happy with this place and will probably become a regular stop.

Today, work started on a backyard which is being professionally landscaped. Bascially, we are not outside yard work people so they are making low maintenance. I'll put up some "before" pics later this week.

Thursday, I am going to steal an idea from Alien and do a contest for a prize. I just bought Con Air on BluRay so I am getting rid of my DVD version, minus the UPC code I am cutting off to get $$ back for upgrading. The winner will get the DVD shipped to them. So that everyone has a fair share, I will tell you when it is posted. It is due to be posted Thursday at 5PST/8 EST. Bring your movie knowledge!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy 30th to my beautiful wife!

Yup, my wife is the big 3-0 today! For a few more months, I can say that I am sleeping with an older woman in her 30s! Today, we are having a party here at our house with all of our friends. It will be full of pizza, board games, Wii, Rock Band, etc. Should be a great time. Tommorow, we are having a party with all the family members. So, she gets 2 parties! What more can a girl ask for? I guess not being sick on her birthday would help, but what are you going to do? Happy Birthday, love...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Evil E's Saturday Scavenger Hunt #14

The word last week was "temptation." Here is what I came up with. A few days late like always!

The other day, I was tempted to get myself some new shoes for the first time in 6 or 7 years. As I couldn't decide which color, I bought them both!

That new government check we are all supposed to get tempted us to get a new dining room set. Here is what we bought a couple of weeks ago.

Here is my PS3. I am always tempted to stop my work and come play it as I work from home. Takes will power!

One of my favorite temptations - Poptarts! I hadn't had these in a while and bought them the other day.

Of course, tempting yourself too much with food leads to bad news from this guy...

Monday, February 18, 2008

I just realized as I signed on that I have 666 posts so far. How dare I leave it at that total for so many days!!!!!

First, the answers to the trivia questions as I have yet to post them yet. Although, only a few people took part in the trivia, I guess you still need answers. Kelly #2 bugged me on my Myspace page that I still needed to post the answers. So here ya go....

1. Car Thief/FBI Chemical specialist/Arms Dealer - Nic Cage(Gone in 60 seconds, The Rock, Lord of War)
2. Miami cop/Boxer/Fighter Pilot - Will Smith (Bad Boys, Ali, Independence Day)
3. Football Player/FBI Agent/Hacker - Keannu Reeves (Replacements, Point Break, Matrix)
4. Homicide Detective/Thief/Hitman - Brad Pitt (Seven, Ocean's Movies, Mr and Mrs Smith)
5. Bank Robber/Soldier/Fish Boat Captain - George Clooney (From Dusk Til Dawn, Three Kings/Perfect Storm) Lot of Tom Hanks guesses on this. Was he ever a bank robber - not sure.
6. Driller/Comic Book Artist/Lawyer - Ben Affleck (Armageddeon, Chasing Amy, Changing Lanes)
7. Cop/Child Psycologist/Assassin - Bruce Willis (Pick a movie he ISN'T a cop, Sixth Sense, Whole 9 Yards)
8. Inmate/President/Detective - Morgan Freeman (Shawshank Redemption/Deep Impact/Seven)
9. Model/Nurse/Security Guard - Ben Stiller (Zoolander/Meet the Parents/Night at the Museum)
10. Race Car Driver/Assassin/Truck Driver - Sylvester Stallone! (Driven, Assassins, Over the top)

Thanks to those who played. Have a dispute over an answer you put, please let me know.

And now, random thoughts from this weekend....

I still have to post my Scavenger Hunt pic. I will do it tomorrow Evil E.

Manchester beat Arsenal 4-0 this past weekend. It was beautiful! The day after, we were leaving Best Buy and someone had an Arsenal sticker on their car. I wrote them a note that said, "Glory, glory Man United! 2/16/08 - Man U 4, Arsenal 0." I left it on his car and then parked in the next lane to get his reaction when he came out. When he came out five minutes later, he looked at it intently, then looked around, then shook his head and laughed. This made my day. Is that wrong?

I was at the gym the other day and it has windows in from that face the outside parking lot. There was a girl on the treadmill and a bum walked right up to the window and just stood there for a good 2 minutes staring at her. It was creepy. She just looked away as if she didn't notice him.

I feel like there was more, but what are you going to do? Have a good week everybody.

Oh yeah, my spell check doesn't work for me anymore. What the hell? I click on the spell check at the top of the blogger page and it does nothing. Why?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Indiana Jones Trailer!

It's up!!!!!

Here it is. If it should get taken down by YouTube, the link to the official site is below....

Be sure to check out the trivia below. Try not to look at other's answrs!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Trivia Thursday #16

Well, I guess I won't ve posting as much in February as I hoped! Oh well, it is what is is. Here is some trivia for Thursday. Here are the rules. I am going to name three professions/lifestyles. You name the actor who has played all three types. Example: archeologist/President of the US/smuggler - You would say Harrison Ford. Get it?

Here we go....

1. Car Thief/FBI Chemical specialist/Arms Dealer
2. Miami cop/Boxer/Fighter Pilot
3. Football Player/FBI Agent/Hacker
4. Homicide Detective/Thief/Hitman
5. Bank Robber/Soldier/Fish Boat Captain
6. Driller/Comic Book Artist/Lawyer
7. Cop/Child Psycologist/Assassin
8. Inmate/President/Detective
9. Model/Nurse/Security Guard
10. Race Car Driver/Assassin/Truck Driver

Have fun!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The 5 things that pissed me of last week #14

Wow, I haven't done this since October. That is due more to my laziness to a lack of grumpiness....

#5 - Had the annual Heads Up poker tournament at my house on Saturday. This is something a little different than the regular tournaments we have. A buddy of mine has one it 2 years in a row. We were drawn to play each other in the second round and I was a card away from knocking him out, and he got lucky, took the lead, and went on to win. Boo!!!!!

#4 - Despite a promise to do a post every day in February, I didn't get a chance to this weekend. I should have known better as the first week of every month is the busiest for me every month. I think I haven't visited all your blogs since Monday or Tuesday. It happens every first weke of the month, but I still apologize. It should be bettre again this week now that the usual hell week is over.

#3 - Speaking of work, I have a client who the last 3 months in a row, has asked me to get all her work done the day I get it so she can look it over and hae it in the mail the next day. I have had to set other things aside and one night, evern work until 11pm to finish her stuff for her. Well, I have to get her stuff done right away, but when she tells me she is going to give me a 1099 and I tell her I need it right away, does she do it? NO! I have an appointment to do my taxes tonight and I STILL do not have my 1099. That pisses me off!

#2 - Jessica applied for a new job and got it, but probably won't be taking it. Long story, but she decided not to take it. Anyways, what pisses me off is that when she was considering the job and talking to the new job's benefits lady, she asked her about what % coverage she would get for certain things. The lady turned from nice to snooty instantly and said, "Don't think that you can just come in here and get special favors from us!" Jessica never even had that in the back of her mind and I was very turned off by this. What a bitch!

#1 - As you may have read on my blog last week, it was the 50th anniversary of the Munich Manchester United disaster. Sunday, they commemorated it at the Manchester United game....and they lost. Nice tribute.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Frightful Dilemma Friday #14

Quick post today - haven't done one of these in a few weeks....

Would you rather have a junky front yard that the neighbors make fun of, but the inside of your house is immaculate?


A front and back yard that is featured in magazines as being top notch, but you hate the inside of your house for being dated, old, and decrepit.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Google Searches

I promised to do a post every day in February and the day is almost over, so I am going to go with something easy that I have not done a while. What are people searching for to get to my blog? These always make me chuckle. Here are some of the recent ones...

1. ugly peanut super bowl ad don't get it - Ok, so obviously, this was made by someone who didn't get the ad. What was there not to get about this commercial?!?! Ugly lady rubs peanuts on her and it makes her attractive to men. No Encyclopedia Brown there!

2. How long will I live test - I don't ever remember doing this on my blog. Sorry. Why don't you just eat healthy, exercise, etc. and you will be fine.

3. Dog paw tatoos - I don't know how they ended up at my blog, because it is spelled correctly on my blog - TATTOOS!

4. superbowl 2008 minute by minute play - That's right! People come to MY blog for the Super Bowl breakdown! Maybe I have a future in sports writing?

5. nation+Soviet Army+land mines+4300 years - I have never seen someone used a plus sign before in a google search. Interesting...

6. spanking torrent - Ummm...what?

7. American Idol Manuel - I your next American Idol?

8. zombie ate homework - My favorite! Although, I am sorry whoever clicked on my page to find this. I have no advice on how to convince your teacher this what happened...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In Remembrance 2/6/58 - 2/6/08

I know I have been posting the daily blog at the end of the day, and not too many have read yesterday's post yet, but this was a post that needed to be up for the day.

Today, is the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, an important day in the history of my team, Manchester United. Rather than try to explain it, I'll post the explanation from wikipedia...

The Munich air disaster took place on 6 February 1958, when British European Airways Flight 609 crashed on its third attempt to take off from a slush-covered runway at the Munich-Riem airport in Munich, West Germany. On board the plane was the Manchester United football team, nicknamed the Busby Babes, along with a number of supporters and journalists. Twenty-three of the 44 passengers on board the aircraft died in the disaster.

Captain James Thain, the pilot, tried to take off twice, but both attempts were aborted due to engine surging. When a third take off was attempted, at 3:04 pm, the plane failed to gain adequate height and crashed into the fence surrounding the airport, then into a house, which was unoccupied at the time.

Although the crash was originally blamed on pilot error, it was subsequently found to have been caused by the build-up of slush towards the ends of the runway, causing deceleration of the aircraft and preventing safe flying speed from being attained. During the take off, the aircraft had attained a speed of 117 kt (217 km/h) but on entering the slush speed dropped to 105 kt (194 km/h), too slow for flight, with not enough runway remaining to abort the take off. Aircraft with tail-wheel undercarriages had not been greatly affected by slush, due to the geometry of these undercarriages in relation to the aircraft's centre of gravity, but newer types, such as the Ambassador, with nose wheel landing-gear and the main wheels behind the centre of gravity, were found to be vulnerable. The accident resulted in the instigation of operating limits for the amount of slush build-up permitted on runways.

Despite this conclusion, the German airport authorities (who were legally responsible for the state of the airport's runways, but generally not aware of the then unknown danger of slush on runways for aircraft like the Ambassador) took legal action against Captain Thain, who had survived the crash, claiming he had taken off without deicing the wings and that responsibility for the accident was his alone, despite several witnesses stating that this was not so. The basis of the German authorities' case relied on a photograph of the aircraft (published in several newspapers) taken shortly before take off, that appeared to show snow on the upper wing surfaces. When the original negative was examined, however, no snow or ice could be seen, the 'snow' having been due to the published pictures being produced from a copy negative. The witnesses were not called to the German inquiry and proceedings against Thain dragged on until 1968, when he was finally cleared of any responsibility for the crash. As the official cause, British authorities recorded a build-up of melting snow on the runway which prevented the Elizabethan from reaching the required take-off speed. Thain, having been dismissed by BEA shortly after the accident and never reengaged, retired and returned to run his poultry farm in Berkshire. He died of a heart attack at the age of 53, in 1975.

Seven of Manchester United's players died immediately, and Duncan Edwards died from his injuries on 21 February at the Rechts der Isar Hospital in Munich. Johnny Berry and Jackie Blanchflower were both injured to such an extent that they never played again.

Matt Busby was seriously injured and had to stay in hospital for two months after the crash, and was read his last rites twice. There was speculation that the club would fold, but a threadbare United team completed the 1957-1958 season, with United's coach Jimmy Murphy standing in as manager.[4] A team largely made up of reserve and youth team players beat Sheffield Wednesday 3–0 in the first match after the disaster. The programme for that match showed simply a blank space where each United player's name should have been.

United only won one league game after the crash, causing their title challenge to collapse and push them down to ninth place in the league, but they reached the final of the FA Cup, losing 2–0 to Bolton Wanderers. Busby resumed managerial duties the following season and eventually built a second generation of Busby Babes, including George Best and Denis Law, that went on to win the European Cup a decade after the disaster in 1968, beating Benfica. Crash survivors Bobby Charlton and Bill Foulkes were two of the other players who lined up in that team.

On 6 February 2008, the England national football team takes on Switzerland at Wembley Stadium. Before the game, images of the players who lost their lives at Munich will be displayed on big screens, and England players will wear black armbands. Originally, a minute's silence was not to have been observed on the day, due to the Football Association's fears that the silence would not be respected by fans of Manchester United's rivals. However, they then agreed that a minute's silence should be held.

I think it is amazing that after the crash, the team was closse to folding and now, the team is the power that it is now. Truely a tragic moment and one that should be remembered today...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

5 more movies

Better get some movie reviews done before I get overwhelmed with too many. Here is what I have seen in the last week or so...

Balls of Fury - I knew this was going to be stupid going in, but I just wanted it to entertain me and make me laugh a little. I wasn't disappointed; it made me chuckle a few times. Yeah, it WAS stupid, but the reason I seemed to like this comedy over some others is it clearly didn't take itself too seriously. I mean, it is a movie about infiltrating an arms dealer by doing a ping pong tournament! How serious can you take it!?! 6.5 out of 10

This is a documentary I saw the other day. This follows a group of individuals who dress up as superheroes in front of Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood and take pictures with tourists for tips. This is what they do to earn extra money as most of them are struggling "actors." It was a fascinating look into the lives of these people. It was done from a serious point of view rather than making fun of them even though some of them are clearly dillusional or slightly not there. If you like documentaries and especially documentaries where you can learn about a lifestyle you probably didn't know existed, this comes highly recommended. 8 out of 10

This was one of those, "Let's put this on our Netflix list simply because it is another recent mainstream horror we haven't seen yet. We pretty much rent all these in hopes they wil be mindless entertainment. This was just ok. It was your basic haunted house story. The main appeal of this one is you could watch it regular, or you could watch it like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. If you choose this option, you come to various points throughout the movie where you get to click on what you want a character to do. Based on what you choose, the story has different results. There was one we chose where all the characters died halfway through the movie. Kind of fun, but not enough to make the movie good. 4 out of 10

This is the Rob Zombie remake of the original film. I know a lot of people were very against this film as they hold the original in such high regards. I think the original is good, but not great. I really think Myers is kind of lame compared to my favorite slasher, Freddy(yes, I know about the remake). I thought this remake was pretty good. I actually liked that they did more of the back story on young Michael Myers. But, being that there are devout followers of the original, some will automatically hate it. If you just want to see a good slasher and you can look past the fact that they are remaking a "classic", you will probably enjoy this. 7 out of 10

I just saw this tonight, the second of the 5 Best Picture nominees we need to see. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I liked it. I didn't love it as much as I did, "No Country for Old Men," but it was good. It is about an oil tycoon at the turn of the 20th century, but also has to do with family, greed, religion, and so much more. Daniel Day Lewis is AMAZING in this film. This is truely his film an it shows as he is in about 99% of the film. It is a tad long at around 2 hours and 40 minutes, but you are never really bored. The story is really good and although the film just seems to end, the more I think about it, the more I think it was a perfect ending. Actually, the more I sit and think about this movie as I type, the more I like this movie. Screw it - 9 out of 10! Great movie!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Two great shows

For the last month or so, Jess and I have been really getting into 2 great shows on A&E. The first one is a show called Intervention. Basically, each episode profiles a person who has an addiction. The large majority of the shows deal with drug addiction, but there have been a few of other varieties such as shopping and eating addictions. The person being profiled thinks the cameras are following them to do a documentary on addiction, but in each episode, the person is is surpised near the end with an intervention. The person is then given a choice to go to rehab or be dropped from their family member's lives. It is really a fascinating show because you really get to see how much this addiction affects this person and the people around them. It is very emotional and you often feel awkward looking in on these people's lives. Once you start watching this show though, it is hard to turn away.

The other show we have been watching is Paranormal State. This is a show that follows a group of college students who have formed a group to investigate paranormal activities. The things they see/hear on this show are very creepy. You have to be open minded about the supernatural to appreciate the show, but if you are a believer in things like this, it is very creepy. As a person who has experienced ghosts first hand, and if you know me you know the stories, this show gives me the heebie jeebies! If things like this interest you or you are on the fence, I would watch this show for sure.

Anyone watch these shows?

Much shorter post today than yesterday. Yesterday was easily the longest post I have ever done. As I knew it was long and almost everybody would tune out by the end, I put this in near the end of yesterday's post...

"6:29 - Can the Patriots do it? 7 minutes left in the game. I have reasons I want both teams to win. If you are still reading this, you rock! Put the word shenanigans in your comment and I will promote your blog in my next post."

Well, there are 6 comments as I write this and only one used the magic word. So, big shout out to my cousin Purple Ocean Moon for catching the magic word. Stop by her blog and congratulate her for getting through that looooooonnng post!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Super Bowl Breakdown - minute by minute

I've decided to keep a running blog of the Super Bowl so you can know my thoughts on the game and of course, the commercials. I turned on the tv hours ago and they were already in full force with pregame nonsense. I decided it was way too early to start this and went out into the world to do some shopping. Now it is 2:48 and I guess I will sit down and start this...

2:48 - I hope we see some good commercials this year. I am a little worried as I read companies are promising more friendly and uplifting commercials this year as oppossed to the manly, risque commercials of the last few years. Who the hell wants feel good? I think I am going to check out the Puppy Bowl.

2:51 - These puppies are much cuter than Terry Bradshaw. Seriously, is there anything cuter than puppies? I am going to TIVo the replay...

2:53 - I should change it back to the game, but the puppies are too cute...

2:54 - I have no idea what they are doing on the pregame show right now. They are talking about the American Revolution? There are people dressed up as the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Now they have football stars repeating the Declaration of Independence. This is lame. I mean, I get why they are doing it, but....they are trying to hard. Jessica just said, "I think it is because we are at war and crap." Oh no, they just pulled out the New York firefighters card. I am a patriotic person, but this just screams, "The NFL is so wonderful and we care so much. Aren't we great?!?"

3:04 - Players are leaving their locker room. They are talking to Troy Aikman. As a 49ers fan, I still hate him.

3:09 - Another vignette on Giants before they come out on the field. That has to be awesome running on the field for this game. Too bad they had to ruin it by running out to some hip hop song.

3:12 - Here come the Patriots. Oh wait, have to do a vignette on them first too. This is in case you missed the other 50 segments on the team in the previous few hours. Oh, they are coming out to Ozzy! Much better choice!

3:18 - National Anthem time. Figures that Fox would have an American Idol winner sing the National Anthem.

3:20 - At least she sounded good.

3:24 - Coin Toss Time! Woohoo! I like that they are honoring Bill Walsh. Good to see some 49ers!

3:26 - Giants win the coin toss. Well, at least they won something. They can go away with that if the game doesn't go their way.

3:29 - They just wanted to confirm that Tom Brady's ankle is ok and shouldn't be a problem. That's some deep investigative reporting right there!

3:30 - Kickoff! All the flashes are pretty. I just looked up that the average ticket price was going for $4,300. That is for face value tickets of $700-900.

3:35 - 1st commercials

Bud Light - It can help you breathe fire! Ehh...I feel like I have seen something similar before?

Godfather homage - Old guy wakes up with the front of a car in his bed. Audi, you could have done better. Not really that funny.

3:39 - Jessica says, "That guy's fat!" I'd love to see some skinny lineman. Giants are looking good so far.

3:44 - 3 points for New York. Not a bad start.

3:45 Commercials

Everyone is falling asleep during various activities. Funny Pepsi commercial and then they ruined it with the head bob from Night at the Roxbury. Never seen a commercial go from funny to crappy that fast! - HUH?!?!? Never heard of them.

3:48 - Commercials

Bud light commercial - Guy hides his beer in some fake cheese. Dumb.

Under Armour commercial - Matrix like. Stupid. 4 commercials in and they suck.

3:50 - Patriots' turn.

3:52 - They just advertised that you can see all the commercials on MySpace. MySpace is taking over the world. I am just waiting for the day Rite-Aid has a MySpace page and I can order my prescriptions from there. I bet the turnout for voting would be better if we could vote on MySpace.

3:58 - Quarter over already?!?!


Animals screaming - Bridgestone tire commercials. Look how we can avoid squirrels. Mildly amusing.

Doritos - We help people get singing careers? Huh?

4:01 - American Idol commercial. First of many I am sure. For those of you who have never heard of the show I guess. Lucky you...

4:02 - Touchdown New England. Too easy.

And more commercials (please be funny)

Preview for a new sci fi movie with Jolie and Freeman. Looks slightly interesting. Some cool special effects.

Jeter commercial for Gatorade. Dull.

GoDaddy commercial telling you to go to their website and you can see Danica Patrick take her clothes off. Not falling for that.

Dell commercial - Buy a Dell and you can save lives. I am sure starving children around the world are happy about that. I am sure they are excited knowing they will get a meal tonight depending on what computer I buy.

Carrier Pigeons - Giant pigeons wrecking havoc. That was funny. Mildy funny, but the best so far. Good job FedEx. - Something about fighting a warrior in a fire pit. I don't know, I was typing.

Talking coffee stain - Now THAT was funny!!! Reminded me of Bruce Almighty. That's funny, there is Jim Carrey in the stands.

4:09 - What a lucky pass by Manning. That was just a loft.

4:12 - Giants are taking too long to hike the ball. I predict more delay of games in this game by them. Interception! Not really Manning's fault though. Ouch!

4:13 Commercials

Horse training to Rocky music - AWESOME!

Iron Man preview. I can't wait for this. Good to see some new clips of this movie finally instead of the same trailer.

4:18 - Corolla commercial - So quiet a badger won't wake up. Ehh....

George Clooney commercial about football in the early days. Looks fairly amusing. Looked very Cohen Brothers like. I should look.

GPS commercial with Napoleon. Dumb. His little horse was kind of funny though.

4:21 - Another Giants turnover? Nope. But it sure looked like they lost it. Wow, that was not very impressive stuff by the Giants there.

4:23 Commercials

Careerbuilder commercial - Heart jumps out of lady and tells her boss she quits. Ok.....

Life Water commercial - Lizards doing the Thriller dance. I can stop watching now. That commercial will not be topped. I don't care what it is - prisoners, lizards, ninjas, chinchillas - you can never go wrong with the Thriller dance.

Drug dealer commercial - Way to bring me down after the last commercial. Save your PSAs for another time.

4:27 - Brady sacked 2 times in a row. Any minute, they will talk about the impact on his ankle.

4:28 Commercials

Some commercial about following your dreams and pushing a rock up a hill. Huh? It is a car commercial? Stupid!

Carlos Mencia commercial for Bud Light. Teaching guys how to pick up chicks. Not really funny.

American Idol commercial again? Hmm....never heard of the show. Good thing they advertise it!

4:30 - Bill Belichick does NOT look happy.

4:33 - They just showed a guy who has a stripe under his eye on ONE side. That's straight thugalicious yo!

4:37 - Manning almost threw another interception. Geez!

Prince Caspian commercial - I'll pass. I didn't care for the first one. Didn't do the book justice.

Everybody loves the ugly girl because she uses peanuts as perfume. Funny.

Charles keeps calling Dwayne Wade - Funny. Probably not as funny if you haven't seen their other commercials.

4:40 - Another commercial break?!?!?

Somebody is beating up Justin Timberlake by drinking Pepsi. Commercial - dumb. Justin getting beat up - awesome. It was actually funny once you get the point.

Giant mouse attacks a guy who is holding a bag of doritos. Pretty funny in a creepy way.

4:43 - Brady just got hit by someone named Jabrill? Who names their kid Jabrill. They couldn't decide between Jason, Brian, or Will? I guess it is better than Briwilson.

4:50 - 22 seconds left in the half and it is 7-3. Not the score I was expecting. Turnover by the Patriots. This game is ugly!

4:54 - Halftime. I am taking a break......

5:25 - 2nd half underway. Tom Petty sounded pretty good.

5:30 Commercials

Another commercial, this time with a witch doctor. Not funny.

Another stupid salesgenie commercial that uses some very stereotypical foreign accents. Not funny.

Shaq is horseracing. Mildly amusing. He better get used to more commercials as he can't really play anymore.

5:34 Commercials

Cavemen carrying Bud Light on a wheel. Very funny! I laughed out loud.

Carmen Electra commercial for gum. She's still around? Really, that is the best they could come up with?

A Bridgestone commercial where the guy has to swerve around various things including Richard Simmons. That was pretty funny.

5:37 - New England just got a call reversed. That is a huge call. Might be a game turner.

5:43 - Patriots went for it when they were in field goal range? Interesting...

5:44 - Commercials

Not buying a Hyundai. Sorry.

New Pixar film! All over that! Looks like Johnny 5. There were posters for this all over Disneyland.

5:45 - Let see if the Giants can stop sucking.

5:51 - Nope, they can't.


Trailer for Jumper. Rental at best.

E Trade commercial with baby talking with adult voice. Baby spits up. I hope I never see that again.

Bud Light commercial where guy flies and then gets sucked into a plane engine. I chuckled.

5:55 - Only 3 minutes left if 3rd quarter and the game has been uneventful and the commercials have for the most part, been horrible. Bummer. I hope the 4th quarter is exciting. At least I have a new episode of House tonight.

6:01 - 3rd quarter over. Whoever has 7-3 in those office pools is kicking ass!


NFL Super-ad commercial. Cute.

Jack in the Box commercial in the spa. Not their best commercial.

Uh-oh, local commercials. They must be out of new ones. Well, I'm all disappointed.

6:04 4th quarter underway. I can't contain my excitement.


A Madonna commercial for a hair product. Horrible!

Coke commercial where Stewie and Underdog floats fight over a Coke bottle. Charlie Brown float ends up getting it. Very cute. They should have shown this earlier when people were awake.

6:07 - BIG pass play by the Giants! Let's see if they turn it over...

6:10 - TOUCHDOWN GIANTS! Wow, and the Giants have the lead in the 4th quarter! They way this game is going, that might be it. Never count out Brady and the Patriots. We have a game!


People arguing over politics become friends because they drink Coke. We should spray the Middle East with Coke apparently.

NFL says I can get in trouble for doing descriptions of the game without their express written permission. Uh oh!

6:14 Commercial again

Adam Sandler trailer - rental at best.

6:19 - Patriots have to punt. Uh oh


Scary adult voiced baby talking. At least not gross this time.

Dog drinking Gatoraid. Cute, but only because it is a dog. I think I am done with the commercials unless they are funny.

6:22 - Giants with the ball. They score a touchdown, and it could be over. They need to waste some time.

6:24 - Patriots got the stop they needed by a yard. Pretty exciting now...

6:28 - They just showed the Giants athletic trainer. He has been their trainer since 1948!!! Good lord!!!!! 60 years!!!

6:29 - Can the Patriots do it? 7 minutes left in the game. I have reasons I want both teams to win. If you are still reading this, you rock! Put the word shenanigans in your comment and I will promote your blog in my next post.

6:34 - Patriots are close to scoring. They are at least going to tie this game.

6:39 - Touchdown Patriots! Nice play.

6:41 - Giants have 2:42 to score a touchdown. A field goal won't do.

6:44 - 2 minute warning. At least we get an exiciting finish. It could be all ver in 2 more plays though.

6:47 - 4th and 1. This could be it right here. And he makes it...

6:51 - HOLY FUCK! How did they not tackle Manning and let him get that pass off? If the Giants end up winning, that play will be a highlight for years to come. Like Montana to Clark highlight.

6:53 - Giants just used their last time out. 51 seconds. Around the 25 yard line I think.

6:55 - GIANTS TOUCHDOWN!!!! Wow!!! 35 seconds left!

6:58 - What a 4th quarter! Tom Brady time!

7:00 - Brady just got NAILED!

7:01 - One last play. I am shocked, but in a good way...

7:03 - GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN! Congrats! I am very happy for them. I didn't think they could pull it off. What an awesome 4th quarter! I love a good upset.

7:07 - I need to pee......

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Evil E's Saturday Scavenger Hunt #13

This is it. The begining of at least one post EVERY DAY in February(well, from the 2nd on)! I have been slacking so I am going to go full force this month. Make sure to keep visiting because there will be plenty of posts. This week's word was "curious." I can't think of a more curious thing than my dog Leia. She is very curious and that gets her in trouble. Here is a picture I took a while back with her curious look...

Can't wait to find out what the word is this week!