Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody. No party for me tonight, but I did dress up my face anyways, courtesy of photoshop. I wanted to go as the Thing from the Fantastic Four. Here is a pic in case you don't know who I am talking about:

I'll post the photoshop pic at the end.

I heard some VERY exciting news today on the comic front. One of the best comics I have read since I started up again was a mini series called Marvel Zombies. It is a series that imagines what would happen if all the super heroes turned into zombies. It was very fun and a big commercial success. Well, like all success stories these days, it demanded a sequal. Yesterday, Marbel announced that they are bringing back the zombies, and they will have to fight none other than ASH. If you haven't seen the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness films, you have no idea who I am talking about. Ash, played by the awesome Bruce Campbell, will make an appearance to fight the zombies in a mini series called Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness. Should be really fun. I can think of at least one person who will want this... Valkyrie, I'm looking at you! Here is some preview art, complete with a spelling typo!

I am disappointed that everyone did so poorly in the movie quote quiz. I guess it was too obscure an actor. Well, it was Carl Weathers, and the movies were 1)Rocky, 2)Predator, and 3)(which Jess got!) Happy Gilmore.

I'll make this one easier! The rules are change din honor of Halloween. These are three totally different actors. What horror movies are these from? Bonus if you know the actors who said them...

1)Because he's probably dead. His body will come popping up in the last reel somewhere. Eyes gouged out, fingers cut off, teeth knocked out! See, the police are always off track with this shit! If they'd watch Prom Night, they'd save time! There's a formula to it. A very simple formula! Everybody's a suspect!

2)Did they look like psychos? Is that what they looked like? They were vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck how crazy they are!

3)I've been trying to figure something in my head, and maybe you can help me out, yeah? When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know that you're insane? Maybe you're just sitting around, reading "Guns and Ammo", masturbating in your own feces, do you just stop and go, "Wow! It is amazing how fucking crazy I really am!"? Yeah. Do you guys do that?

I think these are easy...hopefully. I know at least Jess should get them so beat her to the punch...

Happy Halloween everybody!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Book review and a new photoshop pic

I finished Beach Road last night. Not a bad book. I quite enjoyed it. Basically, it is a murder mystery with all the court room drama in the last third of the book. If you are into that kind of book, you will really enjoy it. The twist ending is a good one. It didn't make my jaw drop like it did to Jessica who read this right before me, but it was definitely not an ending that I saw coming at all. I should probably start giving my books ratings if I am going to be doing these book reviews. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give it about a 7. A good fast read.

Played with a photoshop tutorial today that I found online. This tutorial aimed to take a photo, and make it look like it is graffiti on a wall.

So I took these two pictures:

...and turned it into this:

I know I am new to this whole photoshop thing, but I think I am getting better. I think for Christmas, I am going to ask for a photoshop tutorial book for beginners that has LOTS of pictures. I work better with pictures. I have a photoshop book, but it is nothing but text, and am having a hard time getting into it.

BTW, if you haven't tried your hand at the movie quote quiz on the post below, be sure to give it a try. Have a good weekend everybody.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I missed you...

I'm talking about my laptop of course. All week, I have been without my laptop because the powed cord broke. I've had to use the computer in one of the bedrooms. I've missed being able to type, surf, and chat in front of the tv on the sofa. Lazy? Sure. But it makes me realize how spoiled I am. So welcome back to my life Mr. Laptop. I'm so happy you got a new cord today.

The trailer for Season 6 of 24 was released yesterday. I am sure this is just for the first handful of episodes, but it sure looks fun! Can't wait! God, I hope they kill Chloe! Worst character on tv, maybe ever.

You know what I haven't done in a while? A movie quote quiz. For those of you new readers, I will give three quotes, all from the same actor. You just name the actor and what movie he/she said them in. But like always, please, no cheating. If you don't know it, you don't know it. I don't remember who I have and have not used before, so it could be a repeat actor...

1. "Ain't gonna be no rematch."

2. "I woke up. Why don't you? You're an asset. An expendable asset. And I used you to get the job done, got it?"

3. "Damned alligator just POPPED up, cut me down on my prime. He got me, but I tore one of the bastard's eyes out though"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So today, I had scheduled a pickup of TONS of old clothes with the Sacramento Association for the Retarded. Jessica and I cleaned out our closets and had a huge pile of clothes we didn't want anymore. When I talked to the people for pickup, I asked if I could have them in a pile outside since I didn't really have big trash bags to put them in. They said it was ok. All I have are the bags that fit in our trash can under the sink. Those aren't that big.

So right now, the door knocks and I answer it:

Me: Hello

Ass: We can't take those like that.

Me: When I called, they told me it was ok since I didn't have big enough bags.

Ass: No, they didn't tell you that.

(OK, so excuse me. Were you on the phone with me)

Me: I guess I have some bags they could fit in.

Ass: Well, they go in there or we aren't taking this!

(Listen here, cock knocker, I am donating clothes to you! You don't try to threaten me like that. I almost, ALMOST, said to forget it and I would call some other worthy non-asshole charity. I guess what kept me from doing it was guilt over telling a charity that I have stuff for them and then take it back. I didn't want to punish the charity because of one man's asshole-ishness.)

Me: Fine, let me open the garage and I will be right out with the bags.

Ass: ...

So I go outside with the bags and start filling the bags, wondering if he is going to get out of the car and help. Luckily, he did because if he hadn't, I had made up my mind to finally say forget it. 8 or 9 bags later, we were done.

Me: Ok, so you got it from here?

Ass: Got it.

Me: Ok, then, thanks.

Ass: ...

So, I called the number on the receipt and complained about him. They said it would get back to his supervisor. They apologized and said they hope it doesn't prevent me from doing future donations.

Me: Don't count on it.

If you live in the Sacramento area, help me boycott the Sacramento ASSociation for the Retarded. There are plenty of other worthwhile charities that need out help.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm speechless. This is about as tasteless as you can get. You have to read this utter grbage...

From Washingpost.com:

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh today attacked actor Michael J. Fox for inserting his halting voice into the U.S. Senate campaign in Missouri, suggesting Fox was "acting" in a commercial where he's shown shaking while endorsing the importance of stem cell research.

"He is exaggerating the effects of the disease," Limbaugh told listeners today, encouraging them to go online to watch Fox's commercial, which first aired Oct. 21 in St. Louis during a World Series game. "He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act."

The ads bear witness to the actor's unmistakable decline from Parkinson's, which the actor has suffered from for a long time, and harnesses that physical degeneration into a political message.

"What you do in Missouri matters to millions of Americans, Americans like me," Fox said in the television spot, which will continue airing throughout Missouri this week.

"This is the only time I've ever seen Michael J. Fox portray any of the symptoms of the disease he has," Limbaugh said. "He can barely control himself."

Limbaugh said Fox could "control himself enough to stay in the frame of the picture" and to keep "his eyes right on the . . . teleprompter. But his head and shoulders are moving all over the place."

"He is acting like his disease is deteriorating because Jim Talent opposes research that would help him get cured," Limbaugh said, adding that Talent only opposes "fetal stem cell research, but not adult."

"This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox," Limbaugh said. "Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting."

HOLY CRAP! Did he just say that? I mean really, does it get much worse than that? What a fucking asshole...

Monday, October 23, 2006


Clever title huh? Sorry for the lack of posts since Thursday. My A/C cord on my laptop took a dump on me and only is going on whatever battery I have left in the laptop. I ordered a new one today, but I am sure it will be a couple of days until Fed/Ex gets it to me. Sure, I have the desktop computer, but one can get really spoiled using a laptop from the living room for so long.

Saturday, we had a birthday party to celebrate Jessica's great grandma's 100th birthday. I am sure she will have pictures later, but I have to say, that is simply an amazing achievement. What a lady! It was really a great time.

No word on a government job yet. Almost every job I applied for back in August/September hasn't even closed yet, so I could be waiting a while. There is one test I want to take that Jerry over at One Sided War suggested, but I am still waiting for it to open again. Talk to one lady who works for some state recruiting office who told me to not get discouraged. She said, with my background and education, I WILL find something, but it will just take time for someone to find me.

I do have a new dilemma though. I have been working more and more for Jessica's stepmom's medical billing agency. In fact, I really like it. She mentioned that someone who has a business similar to her's is thinking of selling it. She mentioned that I oculd buy it, and then we could kind of go into business together. I say kind of because I would have my clients, she would have hers, but we could help each other when needed. In my head, it sounds like a great idea. It would be my own business from home, doing something I like, and it is pretty profitable. It is not like I would be trying to start up a new business from scratch. The clients are in place. It is just scary to try another venture like that. I left a good teaching job to try my hand at real estate. When the market took a dump, I had to get out. It just scares me to try another job like this rather than getting a regular old office, 9-5, white collar job. I don't know. I just need to see how it all looks on paper I guess. What do you guys think?

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Ok, so I know everyone have probably heard about the threats that were made on football stadiums this coming weekend, and how the FBI said it wasn't credible. Some more info was released today courtesy of cnn.com:

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (CNN) -- A law enforcement official told CNN that a man has admitted he posted a fake bomb threat against National Football League stadiums in major U.S. cities as part of an Internet competition with a person in Texas to create the scariest terror scenario possible.

The official told CNN that it's too early to say whether the man will be charged.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had earlier determined that the threat was a hoax, FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN Thursday.

Earlier Thursday, the FBI interviewed and released a 20-year-old Milwaukee, Wisconsin, man after his friend came forward with information about the online posting of a threat against NFL stadiums.

An FBI source told CNN that agents do not believe the man has any connections to terrorism, but do believe he was involved in making the threat.

The DHS this week sent an advisory to the National Football League and local officials describing a possible uncorroborated threat against some NFL stadiums.

The threat, posted on a Web site, alleged that bombs could be used this weekend against stadiums in New York; Miami, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Houston, Texas; Oakland, California; and Cleveland, Ohio. The posting said the bombs were to be delivered by truck.

The DHS said earlier the posting was not considered credible, and that the information was being shared only out of caution so that league officials and others could determine what steps to take.

So, this came about simply because two guys wanted to see who could come up with the scariest terror threat? This was all a fucking game? The article mentions that he might not be charged. Are you kidding me? Game or not, this guy should be punished to the highest extent. You just don't joke about shit like that!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


One of the perks of the old job was the stories I'd come home with. I mean, the things I saw, the things people said, the things that happened - all of it made for great stories. I was afraid, taking this new job, that I'd lose the stories. I mean, what could there possibly be to tell stories about?

Thankfully, I was wrong. Here are two...

A lady called saying that she was having some itching "in her personal area." (It's funny to hear what people call their vaginas. Sometimes they actually say it, but they whisper it.) Upon asking this lady a few questions, something interesting came out. She said, "Yeah, and my butt itches too. I did sleep on a homeless guy's blanket, and the dog had fleas. Do you think that's why I'm itching?"

Ummm... You slept on a homeless guy's blanket?!

A 15 year old girl called saying she had symptoms of gonorrhea. I asked how she knew she had gonorrhea. She said she had been treated for it before. I asked where she had been treated. Her response? "Giggle giggle, Juvie."

Ummm... You think it's funny that you are 15 years old and were treated for gonorrhea in juvenile hall?!

Ah yes, the stories didn't stop...

Control your f'n kid!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Jessica and I were at the gym tonight, finishing up our workout by doing the eliptical machine(missed you again mom and sis!). There was a kid, probably about 10 years old by my estimations on the treadmill in front of us. At first, he would jog about 10 seconds, and then jump up and hang on the handlebars for a while. He kept doing that and I whispered to Jessica that I hope he falls. Then, he stood on the rails and turned up the speed on the treadmill as fast as it would go. I think the machine started to shake from never hitting this speed before. Finally, his mother, who was on a machine a few down from me, told him to turn it off and get down. Did he stop? Of course not. She repeated, no joke, like 5 times before he turned the speed down. She continued to to tell him to get off it, obviously because he was still in trouble from playing on it in the first place. Did he get off it? Of course not. He started jogging on it, turning to laugh at her each time she told him to get off. He never did get off the machine even though she told him a total of about 15 times.

So, the kid is a little shit. You could just tell. But really, how can you NOT blame the mother as well? Why should he listen? It is obvious that she has nothing but empty threats and he knows that. Why should he get down if he already knows the mother has NO follow through? I know I am not a parent and have no parenting experience, but it sure seems like a GOOD parent could do a little better in this situation. Maybe if he had fallen and broken a bone, she would have figured it out...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Book Review

Finished World War Z last night. WOW! What a FANTASTIC book. This book is basically a zombie book, but it is SO much more. The style of the book is not your usual start to finish narrative. The books begins(I'm not giving anything away here)with the author explaining that what follows are all the personal narratives he got while interviewing people across the world. The war against the zombies that ended 10 years ago affected people greatly so he goes around interviewing various people on their point of view. This is not really a horror book by any means. Many of the interviews are touching and really show many facets of the human spirit. The author's views on politics are clear as he writes of government ignoring the warning signs and abandoning the people. He writes of people trying to take advantage of the situation. He basically describes how everyone around the world discovered the zombies, how they reacted, and what they did to combat it. All of this is done soley in interview and personal narrative fashion. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone. You like horror books, there is something there for you. You like war books, there is something there for you. Like stories about people overcoming obstacles and the truimph of the human spirit, there is something there for you. Don't just discount this book as a simple zombie book as you will be missing a lot. If anyone decides to read it, let me know.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Stole this from the Rhys' blog. This is an AMAZING goal from last night's England/Croatia Euro 2008 qualifier. Be sure to watch the whole thing to see all the different camera angle replays. The last one is the best...

The answer....

Yesterday, I asked what was wrong with the unhappy dog in the picture. 4 of you(only 4?!), responded with a variety of answers - all very good. Unfortunately, none of you were right. While cruising celebrity news sites, I found the answer...

This poor, unhappy pooch, is Paris Hilton's new dog. I'd have that face too....

Thanks to those who played along!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poor dog...

Doesn't this dog look miserable? I know why! Give me some guesses and I will give you the real answers tomorrow...

Misdirected Relief

What kind of a world do we live in now where a plane crashes into a high rise in NYC, and after a few moments of shock, we feel relief that reports say it was just an accident? It is not surprising that our first thoughts are of terrorism when we hear of a crash like this. It is not unreasonable for us to think that. What is weird though is to hear television reports talk about relief that it was not a terrorist attack. Pre 9/11, we would be talking right away about what a tragedy this was. In the world we live in today, somehow, some people have something positive to take from this - at least it wasn't a terrorist attack. It's really weird to think like that.

Now we hear that it was a Yankee player who crashed his plane into the building. Just weird...

I thought I had seen it all....

...and then I find out today that Marilyn Manson has done a song for DISNEY!!! I LOVE IT! Disney is rereleasing the very cool Nightmare Before Christmas to the theaters in 3D. Manson in playing the main title song - This is Halloween. Not sure if they will change it in the movie or if it will just be on the soundtrack, but it is very cool.

Go here: and watch the trailer first to remind you of the movie and song. Then scroll a teeny ways down to the MySpace player(right under the dowloadable icons.) Click on This is Halloween to hear it play. I would just put it on my page, but as of this typing, the don't have it available yet to download. Boo. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea

North Korea is beginning to scare me more and more. I don't know why the leadership over there seems to hate us so much. I mean, I know their ideological communist regime is mainly to blame, but it is scary as hell. World affairs just seem to be getting worse and worse...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just for the hell of it

This one is just for Cassie cause this is the only place I talk to her and figured she should know just in case it slipped by her. I'm looking forward to Ortiz/Shamrock 3 this week, but I found this on the UFC website.

UFC 65: Bad Intentions in Sacramento on Nov. 18
SSATURDAY, NOV. 18, 2006
Tickets on Sale Sunday, October 15 at 12Noon PT
Las Vegas, NV Seven weeks from now, the over 17,000-seat ARCO Arena in Sacramento, Calif. will be a sight to see when UFC fans from all around the world pack the house to watch UFC World Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia face Jeff Monson and UFC World Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes take on No. 1 Contender Georges St. Pierre in their long-awaited rematch at the Ultimate Fighting Championships UFC 65: BAD INTENTIONS Saturday, Nov. 18, 2006.Tickets for UFC 65: BAD INTENTIONS will go on sale priced at $400, $300, $200, $100 and $50 Sunday, October 15 at 12 Noon PT. The fastest and most convenient way to purchase tickets is by visiting the Ticketmaster Web site at Ticketmaster.com. Tickets may be purchased by calling Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone at (916) 649-TIXS, (530) 528-TIXS and (209) 551-TIXS. Tickets are also available at the ARCO Arena Box Office, which is open Monday thru Saturday from 10am to 6pm at all Sacramento-area Ticketmaster locations and at www.ufc.com. A special Internet ticket presale will be available to UFC newsletter subscribers October 10 starting at 10am PT and ending October 14 at 7pm PT. To access this presale, users must register for the UFC newsletter through ufc.com. There will also be a special auction for Octagon™-side seating available only through Ticketmaster.com starting October 15 at 12 Noon and ending October 27 at 4pm.

Im pleased to bring the most exciting live combat sport in the world the UFC to ARCO Arena and to give fans two great championship title fights in one night, said UFC President Dana White. The Tim Sylvia and Jeff Monson fight is going to be incredible, and the main event rematch between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre has to be one of the most anticipated mixed martial arts fights ever. Im looking forward to Nov. 18 and to finally holding a UFC event in Sacramento. Hughes and St. Pierre were originally set to fight each other at UFC 63 (9/23/06). Both fighters were deep in their training when the UFC announced that St. Pierre had pulled a groin muscle. He recuperated, but not in time to prepare for the fight. Instead, BJ The Prodigy Penn stepped up to the challenge, giving Hughes the opportunity to avenge his most recent loss against the former champion. After two incredible rounds of MMA, Hughes stopped Penn in the third round, retaining his welterweight crown and evening the score between the two. Not one to wait, Hughes is all set to get back in the Octagon™ at UFC 65 and give fans the fight they were promised at UFC 63. I think this will be a great fight and that fans will appreciate this rematch, said Hughes. Im already in shape and Im definitely ready for St. Pierre. Ive been waiting for this fight against Matt Hughes for a long time, said St. Pierre. I want that belt so bad I want to become the champion. Hughes and St. Pierre last fought
October 22, 2004 at UFC 50: THE WAR OF 04 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. At the time, St. Pierre had a perfect record. But Hughes ended up giving St. Pierre his first career loss, forcing him to tapout at the end of the first round. Since that day, Hughes has maintained the welterweight crown, and St. Pierre has aggressively fought to put himself back in line for the title, defeating former champion BJ Penn, Jason Mayhem Miller, Frank Trigg and Sean Sherk. Meanwhile, Matt Hughes defeated Frank Trigg, Joe Riggs, the legendary Royce Gracie and most recently former champion BJ Penn.Sylvia and Monson will also engage in a championship title fight at UFC 65.

Sylvia (24-2-0), fighting out of Davenport, Iowa, is the UFC heavyweight champion. He first stormed into the UFC defeating Cabbage Correira in his first fight and knocking out Ricco Rodriguez in his second fight to become the champion. Following his knock out of Gan McGee to defend the title, Sylvia relinquished his belt when the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended his license after he tested positive for an anabolic agent. He then fought Frank Mir for the vacant title at UFC 48 and suffered multiple breaks in his arm from a Mir armbar. After recovering, he returned at UFC 51 fighting Arlovski only to suffer another setback as he was forced to tap out in the first round due to an Achilles lock. At UFC 54 he returned to his winning ways with a devastating head kick knockout over Tra Telligman, followed by a unanimous decision victory over Assuerio Silva at Ultimate Fight Night™ Jan. 16, 2006. Sylvia faced UFC World Heavyweight Champion Arlovski again at UFC 59 and defeated him by a devastating first round knockout. He followed that up with another win, a decision, over Arlovski at UFC 61 (7/8/06). Now hes ready to make his third title defense, this time against the devastating challenger Jeff Monson.Monson (24-5), fighting out of Olympia, Wash., is a world champion submission grappler who trains with the American Top Team. Monson is most well known for his strength and his wrestling skills. Lately, he has become a threat standing as well as on the ground, as he showed in his first round KO over Anthony Perosh at UFC 61 (7/8/06). Previously, at UFC 57 (2/4/06) Monson submitted Branden Lee Hinkle with a north/south choke in the first round. He also defeated jiu-jitsu champion Marcio Cruz by split-decision. Monson feels he is ready for a title shot and is eager to face Sylvia on Nov. 18.

The remaining bouts for UFC 65: BAD INTENTIONS will be announced in the near future.

It can be our first date. What do ya say? I'll buy the tickets and you buy the coldstone afterwards? hehe Hope Mike doesn'tnecessary. Oh and I don't think it was neccessary to leave that Victoria's Secret catalog in my bedroom the other night. Did ya have to leave it open to the filled out order form cause that isn't a very subtle hint. Sorry Mom and Manuel. Just amusing myself with that last paragraph. Peace people. PEACE!

P.S. Your order is on the way Cassie. Teehee. :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

No explanation needed....

My First Week

I survived my first week of my new job. Here are some of my thoughts...

I felt like I wasn't too helpful. I go to orientation and stuff all next week, and there I'll learn the computer system and get my log-ins. This week I mainly shadowed everyone - the last half of Monday with the advice nurse, Tuesday and Wednesday with the people doing prenatals (which I'll do) and Wednesday I even did one on my own, Thursday again with the advice nurse, and I took calls and gave advice while she did the computer stuff, and today neither the advice nurse nor the people doing prenatals were there so I cleaned out and organized the cabinets with all the informational brochures and helped everyone with their little things. I actually left early - 315pm - because there was nothing to do. I couldn't take advice calls because, again, I don't know the computer system.

The people I work with are all very friendly and willing to help and answer questions. The doctors are all nice. They are fun and laugh, and it is pretty laid back. The only thing is, there is no break room in our office, so everyone gathers in the office of the doctor on-call and eats. Only, nobody invited me. I shouldn't feel like I need an invitation, I mean, I have every right to eat my lunch with them, but at the same time, I feel kinda like I'm intruding. So I ate lunch by myself 3 of the days. It's no big deal - I usually call Manuel or read. It's only 30 minutes (I do that by choice. I'm so used to not even getting a lunch, 30 minutes is fine. I wouldn't know what to do with myself for an hour.)

The commute sucks. I'm so used to having no commute, and the little bit I did drive to the hospital was so early/late there was no traffic. Going to work is usually worse than coming home. The fastest it took me was 20 minutes and that was today with absolutely no traffic. The longest it took me was 45 minutes. Coming home usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes. Still though, even if it takes me an hour to get home, I get there before I would if I was still at the hospital...

This 5 days a week thing... I guess I never realized how nice it is to have days off during the week. It's not awful, but I must admit that the thought, "I have to do this for 3 more days" did cross my mind Tuesday morning.

8 hours - I LOVE IT! The day goes SOOOOOOO fast. Even though it's only 4 hours less than what I did at the hospital, it really makes a difference.

I did inadvertently create trouble this week. I swear, I can't even go a week without stirring up the shit...

During lunch with the advice nurse on Thursday we were talking about the difference between this job and the hospital. Thursday was VERY slow and we actually spent a good chunk of time looking at magazines and talking. During lunch she mentioned something about this probably being the easiest job I've had, and I agreed, saying, in passing, "This is the easiest (insert dollars/hour here) I've ever made!" She said, "You make (insert dollars/hour here)?" Instantly I knew I had screwed up. If I could just turn back time... "No..." "Yes you do. You make (insert dollars/hour here) and I only make (insert less dollars/hour here). You've been a nurse for 2.5 years and I've been a nurse for 22 years and you make more than me?!"

I can understand that she was upset. I admit, the situation is f'd up. If that were me, I'd be pissed too. She went to the bosses and mentioned it to them. They told her that if she went to HR about it, I could get into trouble. She told me she wouldn't do that to me. The bosses called HR and mentioned it to them without mentioning my name. She didn't get more money, but somehow they made her feel better. They told her they were desperate to fill the position and that's why they offered more money. Either way, there went Jessica, on her 4th day, stirring up the shit.

I also like the job because it is a set, regular schedule, allowing Manuel and I to set a gym schedule we can stick to. We went to the gym Monday and Wednesday, more than we were able to do when I worked at the hospital, getting home at 730pm after working my ass off and having to get up at 520am to do it again the next day. So hopefully this new job will assist with the weight loss - if I'm able to exercise self-control when the drug reps bring goodies to the office!

Next week I get my computer learn on, then the plan for the next week is Monday and Tuesday do advice for real so I can learn the computer in our actual setting, then do advice on my own Wednesday (the regular advice nurse takes Wednesdays off.) Thursday and Friday I'll do prenatal appointments.

Overall I am very happy so far. I can feel that I'm happier, perkier, more joyful. I feel better not dreading going to work. It was a good move.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What are you looking at butthead?!?

Saw this video today and had to post it. This is Tom Wilson who played Biff in Back to the Future. Here is a song he wrote about the questions he gets all the time. Pretty funny. The first 5 seconds or so have some funky colors so don't freak out.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CHP Retiree's Day

A quick read...

Sunday was a very enjoyable day for me. After doing my list of chores that Jessica left me while she was at work, I decided that I was going to have a nice leisurely day of reading - with football on in the background of course. As you can see on my sidebar, I'm reading World War Z, but since I am reading that book to Jessica, I had to pick something else. I decided to pick another book that I had checked out at the library, "Mary, Mary", by James Patterson. For those of you who don't know, I am a big James Patterson fan. LOVE his books. This book was the most recent in his Alex Cross series. Like all other Alex Cross books, this one was really good. This one was about a serial killer in L.A. that was killing prominent people in the entertainment industry. As it was only three hundred pages, I was able to polish it off in one day. Great book. If you have never read a book in the Alex Cross series, I highly recommend starting with the first one and moving your way through them. They are all, VERY GOOD.

This next story is almost too crazy to be true, but it is:
From Anova.com

Police hunt farting dissident

Police in Poland have launched a nationwide hunt for a man who farted loudly when asked what he thought of the president.

Hubert Hoffman, 45, was charged with "contempt for the office of the head of state" for his actions after he was stopped by police in a routine check at a Warsaw railway station.

He complained that under President Lech Kaczynski and his twin brother Jaroslaw, the country was returning to a Communist style dictatorship.

When told to show more respect for the country's rulers, he farted loudly and was promptly arrested.

Hoffmann was arrested and released on bail but failed to turn up at a Warsaw court early this week to be tried, and the judge in the case rejected an appeal by defence lawyers to throw the charges out.

A court spokesman said: "Such a case of disrespect is taken very seriously."

Instead the court ordered the police to start a nationwide hunt for the man, and interpol have been alerted."

Really? Arrested for farting? Farting?!? Note to self - DO NOT movie to Poland and fart when the police ask you a question!

Two photoshop pictures today. First is the long awaited MerManuel. It's not my best work. I was actually having a LOT of problems with it because Ben Stiller's chin/neck/face is SO skinny, and mine is....well, not skinny. Made it really hard with my limited skills, but, I did it...kind of.

The next one is a pic of me and my friends spliced in with some poker pros. This one I mainly did to send to all my friends. It was fun to do, but unless you follow poker, this probably means nothing to you...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Few Things in the World of Jessica

Today was my last day at the hospital. It was actually a really nice day - not busy at all. In fact, I didn't get my first patient until 830. She was very nice and we had a beautiful delivery of a little boy at 1155. Then I hung out, had lunch, opened gifts from my coworkers (a Starbucks mug and a $50 gift card and a pumpkin-scented 4 wick candle in a cute ceramic pumpkin), and ate ice cream cake. I even got to come home early, which was a blessing seeing as how I have to go to the new work in the morning and still had laundry and other things to do. All in all it was a fantastic last day and I am thankful for the generosity and well wishes of my coworkers. I will miss them tremendously.

The new job starts tomorrow. I'm going to HR in Rancho for the first half of the day, then to the clinic for the last half. I have to do my "compliance training," whatever that is, before I can work in the clinic, so I'll do that in the morning so I can work in the clinic the rest of the week. Then next week, the week of the 9th, I have new employee orientation at HR in Rancho the whole week. No clinic work that week. It will suck and be boring but I'll be getting paid to sit there. Can't complain about that... I'll keep you updated.

The following story I told to Manuel today and he said, after laughing, "That's a story for the blog." So here it is...

On my way home from work, I was stopped at a light next to a car whose license plate read "DBAGMAN." I was curious - was his last name Bagman, first initial D or was he "the bagman?" I scooted up to get a look at him, like that would somehow answer my question for me. He was on the phone, holding it with his right hand (I was on the right) so I couldn't see his face. I did notice though, while looking over, that a woman was sitting in the passenger seat. I couldn't see her face because she was leaning back and was blocked by that solid part of car between the front passenger window and the back. I was looking ahead, waiting for the light to change, when I noticed she was looking at me. I looked over and I am not lying when I say that she was THE MOST unattractive woman I've ever seen in my whole entire life. She was UGLY - and I rarely call people flat-out ugly because it's not nice but my God she was ugly. Honestly it took everything I had to not make a face of shock and surprise when I saw her.

The point of the story? I now know what "DBAGMAN" means - he wants her to wear a bag on her head.