Monday, March 21, 2005

Some cool links

On the right hand side here, I started a links section of cool links. The first two are two of my favorites. One contains highly offensive t-shirts, so don't go there if you don't have a sense of humor. The second is a great website where you can play online almost EVERY NES game that was made. It rocks. Mario and Zelda are gone at the moment because of copyright issues, but trust me, there is plenty off nostalgia to keep one occupied there. Check them both out.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my arch enemy knocked me out again Saturday night. Read the last post to know what I am talking about.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I am a terrible person...

It is nearly 9am as I write this, after having worked my third 12-hour night shift in a row. I don't know why I want to confess this - perhaps it is because I am deliriously tired. Or maybe it is because I genuinely feel bad for what I did...

The following is a conversation exchanged between Manuel and I the other day:

M: I have news! Guess who's pregnant?
J: Ummm... Who?
M: Somebody we play poker with.
J: Chad and Cindy?
M: Yes! She said she is 8 weeks.
J: *Silence*

Do you know why I was silent? I was silent because I was raging a battle with the green-eyed monster and losing miserably. I was so overcome by jealousy that I was physically/mentally unable to be happy for them. And I feel TERRIBLE for it. I felt terrible even as I was fighting the battle, knowing my first reaction should have been happiness for them, but being unable to look past my own feelings of desperately wanting a baby more than anything in the world.

Does that make me a terribe, horrible, rotten person? I really feel like it does. What kind of person is so self-absorbed that she focuses on her own feelings before those of her friends, who are experiencing one of the happiest times in their lives? I'm pathetic...

So Chad and Cindy, because I know you read this on occasion, I am truly so very very happy for you both and wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. If you ever have any questions about labor and delivery, I'm your woman to ask, seeing as how that's what I do 12 hours a night... I apologize for my initial reaction, and although I know you never would have known if I didn't say anything about it, I really do feel bad.

Ah... a clean conscience. Now I can sleep.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Arch Enemies

Everybody has an arch enemy; that foe that they always seem to come up against. The Fantastic Four had Dr. Doom, the X-Men had Magneto, the Kings had the Lakers for a while, and Daniel Larusso had Johnny. I apparently have Duncan. Now, this isn't a hated enemy. Quite the opposite. He is a great friend. But that guy seems to have my number in poker. I just can't beat him in a showdown. It doesn't matter if I start off with the better cards or he does. He will ALWAYS end up on top.

Even today, a friend of mine who I barely see said had this to say after Duncan took me out yet again in a small game tonight, "Man, Duncan got you again huh?"

My reply, "Oh, so you have heard about how often he beats me?"

His response, "Of course I have. It is almost a thing of legend now how bad he has your number."

See, someone who I barely see knows about my misfortune. I can play well only to lose tons of chips to Duncan ANYTIME I go up against him. Tonight I played well again and it came down to myself and Duncan. I didn't really lose any bad beats to him, but he just always got the cards he wanted. Almost EVERY time. I joked that I need to have shirt made that says, "Duncan's Bitch." That is how I feel. It is not like I played bad either. I play the same way with him as I do with others. I just am able to get cards against others. Not him though. Last week, there were EIGHTEEN different cards in one hand that would have helped me take out Duncan. About a third of the deck. Those who play know that is a lot of outs. I expected that after all my shitty luck with him, I would get some luck that time. Of course I didn't. Jason joked around that I just need to start folding anytime Duncan plays a hand. It's ludicrous, but it almost sounds like a good thing now. All I can do is keep playing how I am playing and hope the world evens out. Daniel Larusso kept getting beat up by Johnny only to prevail in the end. I need to find out what the equivalent of the Crane Technique is for poker.

Bah Weep Granah Weep Nini Bong

Friday, March 04, 2005

The Agony

TV is just too painful to watch right now. It is not that it is bad television(although there is plenty of that out there.) It is what is on the tv that physically hurts right now.

1. Sacramento Kings games - Well, I said this was going to happen. We suck. I mean, we are just painful to watch. There is no way that we should be THIS bad, but the truth is in the images. Webber is crapping it up out there in Philly, but I think the main reason is that he doesn't fit in with the team offense. You know what, I think the new guys we got ARE better than I expected. They play hard. But just like Webb doesn't fit in Philly, I don't think these guys quite fit in with us. This has to be Petrie throwing in the towel until next year. What he has in store, I don't know. But we are done. We were so close. It seems like just yesterday we were a powerhouse that was a serious championship contender. We were right there. That day unfortunately is gone. It kills me. Chances don't always come back so easily. It could be years before it happens again. Just depressing.

2. Survivor Season 10 - Good season so far, but the most painful to watch ever. As some of you know, I applied to be on this season. I have watched this show since the beginning and I finally got off my ass to apply. Why? Because I think i can do really well on this show. They have guys that are as unathletic as me on there. It is how smart you play the game. I think I would have done well. It seems like I am analyzing every little thing that happens on this show now. "Would I have done that? What would I have done here? I never would have done that?" Yesterday, the pain just erupted. A guy rolled his ankle and then told his team to vote him off since he was no longer any use to them. He said it was for the good of the team. WHAT?!?!?! When did this become a freakin' team game? What, did you give up? Did you want to save face and say you told them to vote you off rather than face people and say that you were voted off even though you wanted to stay? Thousands of people apply to be on this show and you quit. I don't care if I have a "broken freakin' neck" (Thanks for the quote Kurt), I am going to stay on that show until someone votes me off. But this guy quits because he can't walk. So what! Fly under the radar and see for yourself if they vote you off. Maybe some people will burn bridges and get themselves voted off while you rest your ankle a few more days. God knows people have gone far in the game while doing jack shit. But no, this pussy has to quit while I sit on my ass at home thinking of what could have been. You son of a motherless goat...

Bah Weep Granah Weep Nini Bong

Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Pretentious, Pontificating Prophets: Or Holy Rollers Revealed:

There are 3 people that I consider to be 'led by the Holy Spirit'. And this topic is not about them. It's about those people who feel it's their job to change the world. And no, I'm not talking about JWs, they're so outwardly obvious with their stupidity, they need no help from me. I'm talking about those arrogant, so-called Christians who preach the almighty word, and practice a different lifestyle.

It's these same people that believe I'm impressed with their godliness. I don't give a flying fuck what they do with their religion. I have my beliefs; you have yours, leave me alone. I don't care how holy you believe you are.

But then, every once in a blue moon, you see 'em. The truth of the pontificating prophet breaks the surface and exposes itself as the phony it really is.

The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. THAT is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable. (Rev. Billy Graham)

I was witness to a situation that exposed a family of "Christians" to the dark side of reality. One might expect that they'd turn and run FOR their God. But what really happened was the opposite; they ran FROM their God. What's better than a Holy Roller running from the faith that they wear like an Olympic medal? How about those same Holy Rollers exiling everyone who would oppose them.

Because the perpetrator was within their family, they circled the wagons around themselves. They said fuck you to anyone who asked, "What would Jesus do.” And they began the process of defying the laws of the land.

From this begs the question; how would they counsel someone in their church that has a similar problem? "That is evil unless the perpetrator is a member of your direct family" (amen). How can they go to church and lead others to Christ when they, themselves, only follow Him when it is convenient to do so?

The moral of the story, don't push your faith around me. I'm fed up with this bullshit. Lead with your life; not your pretentious, self-righteous, propagandistic words.

[BTW, I still do believe in God in spite of the stupid religious people out there.]