Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 - Disneyland and a nephew.  Death and surgery.  How will I look back on 2011 years from now?  Pretty tough to say right now, but I think I captured it all in one simple picture.  Here is to nothing but happiness in 2012. 

Friday, December 09, 2011

7 Years

“If you keep a thing seven years, you are sure to find a use for it”
- Sir Walter Scot

I can't believe it, but my blog has hit the seven year mark today.  Seven years.  When I started this blog seven years ago, I never would have imagined that I would keep this blog this long.  Hell, I personally can't even recall why I started the damn thing in the first place.  Truthfully, I don't recall reading blogs before so what would possess me to want to start one of my own?  I am guessing I just wanted an outlet to write shit and figured people would just flock to it and respond back.  Because that is how the internet works, right?  You just write whatever and people will just show up and write back?  Ha!  I was so wrong and I know it took a while to get a decent group of readers.  I never did get a huge following, but I think I topped out at one point at getting 10-12 comments per post.  That's really awesome, actually.  It's great to know that people have something to say about something you wrote.  Nowadays, it has really died down and I only get a couple family members to comment plus one or two others.  I have considered quitting because really, who wants to write if there is no audience?  Well, some people might enjoy that, but not me.  But still, I find myself continuing to write in hopes that one day it will pick up again and frankly, I just can't give this blog up.

A few years ago I actually did write a post that said I was quitting.  Guess how long I was away from the blog before I returned?  TWO WEEKS.  Yes, I could only stay away for two whole weeks.  Shoot, this year I went two months without blogging and had no desire to actually quit the blog.   If you have been keeping track of our lives the last 6 months, I was just tired.  And sitting down and writing, even if it was just a quick note seemed like it would take too much out of me.  But no, the desire to quit never popped in my head and I feel fairly renewed again and know that 2012 will be a good year for blogging, comments or not.

It is crazy to think of all that happened in our lives since the advent of this blog.  Hell, when I first started this blog, I was still teaching.  Remember those days?  It's been a while but I sure as hell still do.  Then there was the foolish move of jumping from teaching into the real estate field.  Ok, leaving teaching wasn't really foolish as I didn't enjoy it and I knew I was already burnt out.  Getting into real estate wasn't even foolish.  I really wanted to do it, I thought I would be good at it, and the market was good.  Then right when I started, the market took a gigantic dump of epic proportions.  How was I supposed to know that?  And I did plenty of blog posts in that year that expressed my disappointment on how things were going.  It was actually a pretty damn depressing year and I bet there are some pretty solemn posts from that year.  So I flamed out at real estate, but if I hadn't taken that risk, I might still be teaching instead of the home business I own now.  Funny how things work out.   

It's been a good seven years, but thinking back, I can only think of sad posts I have written instead of happy posts.  In those seven years, I had to write about our infertility problems, the heartbreak of a miscarriage, the job issues, and the loss of both of Jessica's mothers.  I am sure there was more, but what amazing things happened to us to counterbalance these awful things?  Or is it more of a situation where we were consistently happy and there were just various tragedies that interrupted our lives?  Tragedies that we will never forget and will affect us constantly, but speed bumps in our usually happy lives, nonetheless?  I feel almost guilty for not being able to think of all the amazing things that I may have written about, but do fun vacations, good movies, cool photography, and winnings at poker make up for the bad stuff?  They must because even though we had all these things happen, even though I can't think of something that made me as happy as the other things made me sad, I still feel blessed and happy with life. 

Kind of ranting now, but this has been out last seven years and in that time, I am glad I had the blog to write it all down and record it.  Before Facebook was created, this was THE place where I could share and you could find out what was going on in my life.  Now that myself and all my readers have Facebook, nothing on this blog is really a surprise or breaking news.  Why blog that I won $340 at the casino today when you already saw it on Facebook?  Why post a new photo on here when you already saw it AND commented on it on Facebook?  Maybe this is why my blog readership has gone down, you already know what is going on in my life?  Regardless, this blog is a journal of my last 7 years and even though you already know what is going on in my life before you come to the blog, I have no intention of stopping now.  I have to blog at least 7 more years so that I can post the Guns n Roses song, "14 Years."  We'll see how it goes.  Thank you to all...

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas, the Reason for the Insanity

Not really sure what to blog about today, but wanted to get a blog post in. Being that it is the Christmas season, I think a holiday-themed post would be perfect.  But this won't be a typical, God-bless everyone, things are awesome holiday post.  No, this will be the opposite end of the spectrum, the Bah Humbug, You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch, type post.  Now, don't think that this means that I am not a fan of Christmas.  I LOVE Christmas.  I love what it represents.  Many a good things happen during the holiday season and it can bring out the best in certain parts of humanity.  However, like most things, there is always a flip side.  Here are the reasons why I hate the holiday season:

5) Christmas Music - I know I am WAY in the minority here, but I cannot stand Christmas music.  In fact, while it soothes many people and brings a smile to their face, it actually makes my blood boil.  There is just something about it that is just fake and frankly, almost depressing to me.  The fact that we have to hear the same songs OVER and OVER again every single year probably adds to the madness.  I'm just over these songs and I do whatever I can to avoid them.

4)Wrapping presents.  Why?  Just watch this video and it should explain my wrapping skills and why I try to avoid it at all costs. 

Yes, that is pretty much how all of my wrapping looks.  I never really became a good wrapper of presents, and frankly, I don't care to.  I rush when it comes to most things and the time and dedication that it takes to make a present look nice is just something I am not interested in.  Oh I'll still wrap instead of gift bags because I know it is more fun to open presents this way, but I won't enjoy wrapping it and it sure as hell won't be pretty!

3) Having to create a Christmas list.  I hate having to think of things I want.  Of course, it may sound kind of selfish that people want to buy me things and I can't take the time to think of things for them to get me, but when you are put on the spot and asked what things people should buy me, it is hard.  I think the main reason is that because of financial situation we currently find ourselves in, if there is something throughout the year that I want, I usually just go out and buy it.  I don't see something in June and think to myself, "I want it now, but I'll hold off for 6 more months so somebody can get it for me."  If it something rather expensive that I haven't bought myself, chances are, it is too damn expensive for anyone asking for my list to buy either.  But still, I come up with a list every year even if I feel like I am scraping.  The more aggravating thing is when I finally come up with a list and someone else can't return the favor with one of their own!

2) Setting up and taking down for Christmas.  Ugh.  It's like moving, but having to do it twice in the span of the month.  You have to put your normal stuff away, the set out your Christmas stuff, then put your Christmas stuff away, and then finally, you put your house back to normal.  Even  if Jess does most of it, it's still horrendous.  I mean, I do like the house decorated and I know that it is a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it.  Hell, I hate putting my own clothes away when they are washed.  You think I enjoy all of the above steps?  Hell no. 

1) An easy #1 choice is the shoppers.  Christmas shopping brings out the worst in people.  Hell, this would be #1 if all Christmas shopping was done on Black Friday alone.  That day is full of people harming other shoppers, harming employees, and pretty much being despicable human beings.  But that is just one day and it continues for a month.  Instead of being happy for the season, everyone shopping seems in a bad mood, thinks they are the only important  people out there, and are generally just inconsiderate of anyone else.  There is pushing and shoving.  There is craziness in the parking lot.  There is yelling and screaming  It is really just an unpleasant situation and it is no surprise that internet sales during the Christmas season are getting bigger and bigger.  Great prices, the convenience of shopping home, and all without having to deal with the madness of these crazy shoppers?  Count me in!  Plus, I get to avoid hearing the same Christmas songs on the overhead speaker in every store. 

Merry Christmas.  ;-)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Body Art

Tomorrow I am going in for yet, another tattoo.  For those of you who don't know (who am I kidding, all 4 of my readers know), I am doing a complete sleeve on my right arm full of nothing but movie-inspired tattoos.  So far, I've gotten tattoos on the arm based on Alien v Predator, 3 Amigos, Karate Kid, From Dusk til Dawn, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters.  Tomorrow I will be adding a Lost Boys tattoo and be one step closer to finishing this art project that I started early in the year.

I truly mean it when I use the word art to describe my tattoos.  My tattoo artist is truly gifted and he uses a canvas just like every other artist.  His canvas just happens to be my skin.  I love that the stereotype of people with tattoos is quickly fading away and more and more recognize tattoos for the amazing works of art they are.  Sure, there are still crappy tattoos out there - tattoos done by inexperienced inkers, tattoos done just to make a quick buck, and tattoos that really have no thought put into them.  And this isn't even mentioning all those simple tattoos - somebody's initials, a little heart, etc.  No, what my tattoo guy does as well as everyone in the shop, is art at its highest level.  It takes a special talent and I am a walking canvas.

Deep down, I wonder if my friends and other people around me think.  Yeah, tattoos are way more accepted now, but looking at how many I have now, do people think I have taken it too far?  Am I now that freaky tattoo friend in the group or that guy with all the awesome tattoos?  I guess I could be the freaky friend with all the awesome tattoos, but usually it is one or the other.  I remember back when I was 18 or 19 and I got my first tattoo, a simple soccer ball, my mom gave me a death stare.  Now she loves mine, can't wait to see what I get next, and even has one of her own.  What changed?  I think it really is the art involved in it all.  One can appreciate it when you think of it that way instead of just simple ink on my body.  It really is an art movement and I am proud to be part of it.