Thursday, December 01, 2011

Body Art

Tomorrow I am going in for yet, another tattoo.  For those of you who don't know (who am I kidding, all 4 of my readers know), I am doing a complete sleeve on my right arm full of nothing but movie-inspired tattoos.  So far, I've gotten tattoos on the arm based on Alien v Predator, 3 Amigos, Karate Kid, From Dusk til Dawn, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters.  Tomorrow I will be adding a Lost Boys tattoo and be one step closer to finishing this art project that I started early in the year.

I truly mean it when I use the word art to describe my tattoos.  My tattoo artist is truly gifted and he uses a canvas just like every other artist.  His canvas just happens to be my skin.  I love that the stereotype of people with tattoos is quickly fading away and more and more recognize tattoos for the amazing works of art they are.  Sure, there are still crappy tattoos out there - tattoos done by inexperienced inkers, tattoos done just to make a quick buck, and tattoos that really have no thought put into them.  And this isn't even mentioning all those simple tattoos - somebody's initials, a little heart, etc.  No, what my tattoo guy does as well as everyone in the shop, is art at its highest level.  It takes a special talent and I am a walking canvas.

Deep down, I wonder if my friends and other people around me think.  Yeah, tattoos are way more accepted now, but looking at how many I have now, do people think I have taken it too far?  Am I now that freaky tattoo friend in the group or that guy with all the awesome tattoos?  I guess I could be the freaky friend with all the awesome tattoos, but usually it is one or the other.  I remember back when I was 18 or 19 and I got my first tattoo, a simple soccer ball, my mom gave me a death stare.  Now she loves mine, can't wait to see what I get next, and even has one of her own.  What changed?  I think it really is the art involved in it all.  One can appreciate it when you think of it that way instead of just simple ink on my body.  It really is an art movement and I am proud to be part of it.


Miss Sassy Pants said...

I LOVE you tattoos - your legs and your sleeve. Sure, the tattooed person stereotype is still out there, but like you said, they are becoming more and more accepted. It's just kind of what people in our generation do, I guess - body modification. I once heard a quote that I LOVE: "How long can you live in a house without redecorating?" PERFECT!!

Brandon (our tattoo artist) is AMAZING! His talent matches no other. Never again will I allow anyone to put an inked needle to my skin - EVER.

Churlita said...

Nice! Both my girls got tattoos the minute they turned 18. I guess it helps that a friend of mine is an amazing tattoo artist and gave them each one for free for their birthdays.

laura b. said...

You are cool tattoo guy, I'll bet :)

Most of the people I love have at least one tattoo, so that makes them cool with me.

Mom said...

I did not have a problem with your first tattoo. That was totally your dad but he was never mad either. Your tattoos are definitely a work of art. Tattoos have definitely come a long ways and Brandon and the Fallen Angel crew are all artists. Tattoos are definitely gaining more acceptance but I can't help but see that some still look trashy. I guess on some people it still depends on what it is, where it is, and who the person is. On you, it is definitely artwork and looks great.

Jose said...

All my kids have at least one tatoo they all know how much I dislike them.