Monday, December 06, 2010

Seriously, I AM still blogging....

...I just haven't had the time or energy to do it.  Like I said before, I am not the type of blogger who posts daily about what my day was like.  Nothing against those, I just don't blog like that.  But when you don't blog for a few weeks, you almost DO have to catch up.

Things are going really well with our new boy, Winston.  We absolutely adore him and he is picking up things fairly well.  I actually think he has picked up things even better than he lets on, but he is just stubborn as hell and pretends he doesn't understand.  But he is a cutie!  And Leia is getting along so well with him!

In other good news, I got to play some soccer for the first time in long time, two years actually.  My friends and I played a pick up game on Thanksgiving morning and the the following night, I participated in the 5th(?) annual alumni soccer game at my high school.  The first game was pretty brutal, trying to get my soccer legs under me, but it was a GREAT time and we are even going to play again in two weeks. 

I spent a lot of time bent over sucking wind like the above picture.  But by the alumni game the next night, I somehow WAS able to get my soccer legs under me and played pretty well for an overweight, out of shape, ex-soccer player.  I even got my first goal in an alumni soccer game after 5 or so years of playing.  I was quite happy!  We shall see how soccer goes in  two weeks, but I am excited!

Other than that, there isn't much going on.  Christmas is just around the corner and we have very little shopping done so it is just about time to get started on that.  There is only a few more weeks until the picture a day returns and I am very excited about that!  I have seen a ton of movies since my last Manuel on Movies blog post so I am way behind on that and need to catch up.  That will take a few posts I am sure.  The end of the year, player of the year poker tournament at my house is in two short weeks.  I won the final tournament this past Saturday so hopefully I didn't blow all my luck the game before the final!  With that, hope you are all well and I will visit your blogs in a day or so.  I end with a few pics I took of a nice sunset the other day...