Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas, the Reason for the Insanity

Not really sure what to blog about today, but wanted to get a blog post in. Being that it is the Christmas season, I think a holiday-themed post would be perfect.  But this won't be a typical, God-bless everyone, things are awesome holiday post.  No, this will be the opposite end of the spectrum, the Bah Humbug, You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch, type post.  Now, don't think that this means that I am not a fan of Christmas.  I LOVE Christmas.  I love what it represents.  Many a good things happen during the holiday season and it can bring out the best in certain parts of humanity.  However, like most things, there is always a flip side.  Here are the reasons why I hate the holiday season:

5) Christmas Music - I know I am WAY in the minority here, but I cannot stand Christmas music.  In fact, while it soothes many people and brings a smile to their face, it actually makes my blood boil.  There is just something about it that is just fake and frankly, almost depressing to me.  The fact that we have to hear the same songs OVER and OVER again every single year probably adds to the madness.  I'm just over these songs and I do whatever I can to avoid them.

4)Wrapping presents.  Why?  Just watch this video and it should explain my wrapping skills and why I try to avoid it at all costs. 

Yes, that is pretty much how all of my wrapping looks.  I never really became a good wrapper of presents, and frankly, I don't care to.  I rush when it comes to most things and the time and dedication that it takes to make a present look nice is just something I am not interested in.  Oh I'll still wrap instead of gift bags because I know it is more fun to open presents this way, but I won't enjoy wrapping it and it sure as hell won't be pretty!

3) Having to create a Christmas list.  I hate having to think of things I want.  Of course, it may sound kind of selfish that people want to buy me things and I can't take the time to think of things for them to get me, but when you are put on the spot and asked what things people should buy me, it is hard.  I think the main reason is that because of financial situation we currently find ourselves in, if there is something throughout the year that I want, I usually just go out and buy it.  I don't see something in June and think to myself, "I want it now, but I'll hold off for 6 more months so somebody can get it for me."  If it something rather expensive that I haven't bought myself, chances are, it is too damn expensive for anyone asking for my list to buy either.  But still, I come up with a list every year even if I feel like I am scraping.  The more aggravating thing is when I finally come up with a list and someone else can't return the favor with one of their own!

2) Setting up and taking down for Christmas.  Ugh.  It's like moving, but having to do it twice in the span of the month.  You have to put your normal stuff away, the set out your Christmas stuff, then put your Christmas stuff away, and then finally, you put your house back to normal.  Even  if Jess does most of it, it's still horrendous.  I mean, I do like the house decorated and I know that it is a necessary evil, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it.  Hell, I hate putting my own clothes away when they are washed.  You think I enjoy all of the above steps?  Hell no. 

1) An easy #1 choice is the shoppers.  Christmas shopping brings out the worst in people.  Hell, this would be #1 if all Christmas shopping was done on Black Friday alone.  That day is full of people harming other shoppers, harming employees, and pretty much being despicable human beings.  But that is just one day and it continues for a month.  Instead of being happy for the season, everyone shopping seems in a bad mood, thinks they are the only important  people out there, and are generally just inconsiderate of anyone else.  There is pushing and shoving.  There is craziness in the parking lot.  There is yelling and screaming  It is really just an unpleasant situation and it is no surprise that internet sales during the Christmas season are getting bigger and bigger.  Great prices, the convenience of shopping home, and all without having to deal with the madness of these crazy shoppers?  Count me in!  Plus, I get to avoid hearing the same Christmas songs on the overhead speaker in every store. 

Merry Christmas.  ;-)


Miss Sassy Pants said...

That video cracks me up every time I watch it! It is HYSTERICAL! Mostly though, I am so happy you can make fun of yourself.

I think all of your reasons for disliking the season are valid; I share in a few too. Deep down though, you are a big Christmas softie and you know it!

Mom said...

Manuel you are definitely a softie for Christmas because of the gift giving. I feel like I might have ruined you in the Christmas music department. I love Christmas music.

All your other points are valid and I think a lot of us feel the same way. Especially in the crowds, lists, and taking down of Christmas. I love decorating but it is so tiring taking it down.

Love the post.

Jose said...

I just love Christmas and everything it represents. I am not big on the commercialization of it because frankly I am always broke but the music and specially the movies are a fun part for me. On the religious side of things the season is very busy for us at church and it is the most important aspect of the season. Unfortunately for most it is the least important. In any case Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Nani said...

You are posting again! I gave up stopping by and now I see you are trying to keep it up. OK! I will stop by every day again hoping for a tidbit of your wisdom. :-)
I share all your dislikes and yes, the Christmas season can be a super pain in the ass, but there is so much joy in the planning and giving and celebrating. I know you love it too. How could you not. As for the music...well, just keep some rock going in your head at all times. Love you!! Hugs, Nani

laura b. said...

I hear you! I have the same bah humbuggeries :) Xmas music - blah. Wrapping presents - I suck at it. Xmas Lists - Well, I can do that...and I NEED it from other people. Xmas decorations - I sort of skip that...I have my little tree and string of lights in the window, but that's about it! Shoppers - Ugh. No thanks.

npanth said...

It's the shoppers that I detest the most. It extends beyond the malls and stores. They shuffle and jostle in the supermarket, too. Christmas has never been a special holiday for me. It seems forced to me, too. They should try being better people the rest of the year, then I'd be warmer towards Christmas

Anonymous said...

That video is hilarious! You need some serious gift wrapping lessons!