Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just Too Much Fun

I have returned to the blog after a long three week break.  Contrary to popular belief, I did not spend the last three weeks playing Rock Band 3; something you may believe after blogging for over three weeks straight about the game.  No, I have just been too busy having fun and after blogging for so many days in a row, I took a little, though not entirely planned, break.

So first off, after blogging about Rock Band 3 for so long, did it live up to the excitement?  Oh hell yes!  The game is amazing.  The songs I anticipated playing are a blast, the keyboard, although I have only played it a little, is fun, and the new version has little new nuances that make the game fresh.  I haven't gotten a chance to play the game as much as I would like, but it is definitely a fun time!  And they just keep releasing great song after great song for download too.  This game just does not get me at least.

So that kind of explains why I didn't blog for a few days after the release of the game, but what happened after that?  Well, that weekend, Jess and I went with our friends, Brandon and Yvette, to Tahoe for the weekend to celebrate Halloween.  As they would be the only two who would recognize our costumes from last year, we opted to do a repeat of our costumes from the previous year, Mario and Princess Peach.  I am so glad we did, too!  We were a hit!  I can't tell you how many people yelled out, "HEY MARIO!" and came over to give me a high five.  It was cool and I took a bunch pictures with various costumed folk.  There were some amazing costumes...people are so creative!

 After that amazingly fun weekend, we added a new member to the family.  As we loved our boy, Orko, so much, we decided after he passed away in April that our next dog would also be a schnauzer just like him.  And a couple of weeks ago, the time finally came.  Say hello to our new boy, Winston!





We absolutely LOVE him.  He is so cute and it feels complete again to have 2 dogs in the house.  Not that Leia liked him at first.  It took about a week and a half for her to warm up to him, but when she finally started playing with him, it absolutely warmed our hearts and has provided us with plenty of laughs!  I think he is going to be a great addition to our little family!

A few days after we got him, we took him over to Jessica's dad's house for a tamale making party!  I love making tamales with my family, not only because they are friggin' delicious, but because we have such a good time. We start right away in the morning and it is full of good times, good food, good family and friends, and good(mostly) tequila.




Some people, not me and not MentiOning any naMes, didn't even make it to the part where we actually eat all the food because they had too much tequila and were throwing up.  Amateurs just can't handle their tequila.  It was a great time though and possibly, the best tamales we have ever made. 

But the fun continues!  Yes, I told you it has been a busy, but fun three weeks since I last posted.  This past Wednesday, Jess I went to the central coast to visit some family of mine.  The whole area really is a favorite of ours and we would probably move there if we could!  But what a great time we had.  We stayed with my cousin Valerie and her husband Jeremy and just visited, talked, ate, visited the ocean, and generally just have a good time.  Jess even mentioned that in the few days we were there, the TV came on not one single time.  It was amazing.  Here are a few pictures and if you want to see the complete set, click here. 







Yeah, a lot going on with us the last three weeks.  I wasn't just being lazy and ignoring my blogging readers and fellow bloggers.  But man, it has been fun.  And with the holidays just around the corner, let the fun continue!  I am not usually one who likes to blog about, "I did this, then did this, and then I finished with this..." but man, there was just so much going on and with pictures to supplement, it always makes it more fun!  


Mom said...

Just have to say first and foremost - welcome back. Even if just for today and who knows when the next time your next post will be, but I LOVE your posts and I enjoy reading, smiling, laughing, etc. That was definitely a mom's love, wasn't it! Oh well.

Anyway, glad to hear Rock Band 3 lived up to your expectations. Have yet to go over and play and sing.

The tamale making party was a blast and it is a shame that people can't hold their tequila. hehehe - but it truly is a lot of fun. Looking forward to making them again in a month.

Winston is the best! Definitely a great addition to the family and was definitely needed. He's just the cutest.

I'm glad your trip to see Val and Jeremy was fun and what a nice get away. That was supposed to be our trip last March, but that, of course, didn't happen. You know we would move there if we had the chance as well. I just love it everytime we go and I hate leaving, but always know I'll be back soon so it makes it okay.

Love you! Thanks for making my day with another post!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I missed your blogging, always do when you're gone. Even though I share the exact same adventures with you, I like to read your spin on them, especially with pictures to remind me of the fun. I second everything you said here and am going to add my own - we have a pretty damn good little life going here. :-)

Tara said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you were having fun during the blogging break! That's a great kind of break.

Winston is overwhelmingly cute. I love his expressions!

laura b. said...

It is rather nice when life interfers with blogging in a good way. It is also very nice to have you back on the blog :-)

As always, your photos are beautiful. Winston is the cutest little guy ever!

Nani said...

I check every day and accept that you don't always have time to blog then am so happy when there is a new post!
You puppy is so adorable and I hope to meet him soon.
The tamale party sounds like so much fun. I bet they were delicious. Too bad not everyone got to enjoy them that day what with the drinking and being sick and all. Lightweights! LOL! That's why I only drink wine and not tequila.
Your trip to visit Val and Jeremy looks like so much fun and a refreshing change of pace for you. I love the Central Coast and wish we could all move there and just enjoy each other every day.
Your costumes were adorable and look great on you both! You are such a cute and loving couple. I love you both so much.
Big Hugs, Nani

Churlita said...

You are allowed to take a break if you come back with adorable puppy pics. Feel free to keep those coming.