Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Month

Another month gone, another month that went without a blog post.  The good thing is, the bug to blog is back.  It might start off a little slowly, but I think you'll start seeing more and more blog posts now.  And life is almost back to normal now.  Jess is walking more and more now and is making great progress  She won't be going back to work in December as we first anticipated, but we think she'll be good to go by the end of January.  We'll see.  There is a big difference between walking around the grocery store and working for 12 hours and doing the things that a nurse needs to do. 

Other than that, life is pretty much what it was a month ago. My nephew still is a cutie, we're going back to Disneyland in a couple of weeks, and I did another successful photo shoot.  My second year of the photo a day year project is nearing the end.  I have started to get questions as to whether or not I will do it for a third year.  I am THINKING I will do it, but the only reason I hesitate is that it is getting harder and harder to come up with things to take pictures of. I enjoy the project, but there are many days where I don't leave the house and I am running out of household items I can take pictures of when I don't venture out of the house and I certainly don't want to fill an album of just pictures of me, Jess, and the dogs.  Well, maybe of Jess, but I don't think she would like that.  So, we'll see.  Again, I am leaning towards yes, but it is still a we'll see. 


Miss Sassy Pants said...

I guess we'll just have to venture out more for photo opportunities, won't we?! :-)

And hooray knee, hooray cute nephew, hooray Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura b. said...

It is good to hear that although Jessica is recovering well, they aren't going to rush things.
I can imagine how it feels to have to come up with a unique photograph each day! Yet what great practice for your growning photography skills. Always looking forward to what comes next :)

Jose said...

Wow, so much going on. Glad to hear Jess is doing better. I still have not been to Disneyland in over 35 years now. Trust me I know how hard it is to try and publish one picture a day, I too run out of ideas.

Mom said...

Not sure how I missed the fact that you were posting again. I swear I check everyday. Glad to have you back and look forward to reading the rest. Pic a day is great no matter what you photograph. It is all about the "art" of the picture.