Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shrinking Away

One thing I forgot to mention in my last update post is actually big news in our household.  Since November, but really since the beginning of the year (because who can diet in November and December?), Jess and I have been dieting and exercising.  We really wanted to make a change and we have been pretty damn determined and the results show.  We reached a low of around 48 pounds lost combined before a week of bad that included my birthday weekend and a trip to Vegas had us gain back some of the weight.  I do anticipate we'll be back around that 48 pound weight loss combined by the end of this week.  We've been doing Weight Watchers as well as going to the gym and this past week, we started doing the p90x program as well.  It's been so fun seeing our progress and despite a few setbacks here and there, we are really sticking to it.  Since we have lost nearly 50 pounds combined by the middle of the year, could 100 combined by the end of the year be in our future?  Well, that is quite the lofty goal, but you never know!  Wish us luck!

As I have mentioned here recently, it does become more and more difficult to think of things to write here on the blog when I already talk so openly about my life on Facebook, something every reader of this blog already has.  Well, pretty soon I will be having a new feature here on the blog that will keep me writing here as simple as it may be.  As you all know, I work from home.  Well, last week, I added a TV to my office, mostly so I could add Directv and watch soccer during the day instead of having to take breaks to go to the living room.  But now that I have a TV in there, I'm going to do something I have been wanting to do for a while.  As you know, Jess and I have a pretty extensive movie collection.  We buy a LOT of movies.  Some we see over and over and some rarely get seen.  Heck, I am sure there are a good handful in our collection that I have not seen since we first bought them.  I want to change that.  I want to make buying these movies worthwhile.  So, I have decided to I am going to take advantage of having a TV in my office and gradually make my way through our entire collection of movies... in alphabetical order.  It is a massive undertaking and will take forever to do, but I want to undergo that challenge (Hell, it can't be harder than weight loss), and see it through.  On days when I work long hours and there isn't a soccer game on, I can knock out 3 or 4 movies so it won't be as bad as it seems. 

A few rules:
-Movies will be seen in alphabetical order
-If a new movie is purchased and I have already passed the letter it begins with, I need to watch that movie first before I move on
-Movies in a series will be seen together even if they start with different letters.  Example: "Live Free or Die Hard" will be seen as if it is just called Die Hard 4.  I'll decide the best way to classify a series name (First Blood or Rambo?)

How does this relate to the blog?  Well, I'd like to review these movies.  I think it will be fun to write down my thoughts on each movie, maybe find some trivia about the movie, etc.  We all know I like Star Wars:  A New Hope, but do I like it as much as you think I like it?  It will be fun and it will keep me writing.  And I get to watch my movies!  This will get a slow start at first because Euro 2012 is on until the end of the month and the Olympics start in July, but look for this gradually to become a fixture here on the blog.  I hope you enjoy. 


Tara said...

I thought of doing that too, awhile back. I have VHS tapes and DVDs. I really look forward to reading your reviews!

Congrats to you and Jessica on your weight loss, and good luck with your weight loss goals! Another friend of mine was doing the P90X. She said it's pretty intense.

Nani said...

WooHoo! Another blog post! Thank you! I am looking forward to updates on your weight loss and also on the movies you watch. We just saw Army of Darkness yesterday. I think you've talked about it and if you have it should be getting watched and reviewed pretty soon. :-)Hugs, Nani

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Yay, a movie review feature! Fun! I'm excited for it! Good idea!

Unknown said...

Go Guys. I want to see updates of your pictures as you lose the weight. I have thought about P90X, but didn't know if it was something I could stick with. Just watched Secretariat today. Good movie that I had not seen.

Kari Tilton said...

Go Guys. I want to see updates of your pictures as you lose the weight. I have thought about P90X, but didn't know if it was something I could stick with. Just watched Secretariat today. Good movie that I had not seen.

Mom said...

Super excited for the movie reviews because I truly love your point of view. I know it will be slow at first because you are watching Euro Cup and Olympics starting soon as well but looking forward to when they pick up. I would also love to hear your thoughts on the Olympics. That would be cool as well.
I've told you guys before and will say it again here...I am so proud of you guys for your determination in losing weight and getting fit. It is, as all of us who struggle with weight, know that it isn't easy. Just don't give up or get discouraged. There will be times when you hit that plateau but it is only for a bit and you keep on going. It will catch up again.

Rambling, but just because I love you guys.
Welcome back and look forward to more blogging.

laura b. said...

I think it is nice that the two of you are getting fit together. It is more fun that way.
Really looking forward to your movie reviews! As I have mentioned, I am terrible at writing reviews and so appreciate people who are willing to do it. Thanks :)