Thursday, July 19, 2012

The End of the As

Three more movie reviews and we complete the first letter of the alphabet!  Thank you so much to those of you keeping up!  I especially love when I hear your thoughts on the movies or whether you have seen them or not!  Love it!

Movie Review #15: The Aristocats
I'll be honest, even though I own this movie and it is considered a Disney classic, I think this was the first time I had seen this movie.  Some parts seemed vaguely familiar, but I am not sure if it is because I have seen it MANY years ago or have just seen clips.  Overall, it was kind of cute.  Talking animals are usually pretty fun.   A couple things struck me though:

First, I expected this movie to be more about the cat, Marie.  Why?  Well, as most of you know, I collect Vinylmations and there has been an abundance of figures made of that particular character.  Not remembering anything about the movie, I expected going in that the movie would be about her based on how popular she seems to be.  This wasn't the case though and I would hardly even call her the main character, certainly not one worthy of having so many figures made of her.

Secondly, although the movie was decent, there is really only ONE thing I am taking from this movie.  Ladies and Gentleman, Disney's racist cat:

Siamese Cat? Of course it has to have some stereotypical Asian accent! I actually had to rewind it to make sure that I saw it right.  This could have been the best movie ever, and THIS is what would have stuck!  Racial issues aside, this was just a decent movie - Two out of Five Cheeseburgers

Movie Review #16 - Armageddon

Miss Stamper? Colonel Willie Sharp, United States Airforce, ma'am. Requesting permission to shake the hand of the daughter of the bravest man I've ever met.

It has been my experience that you either love this film or hate it.  I rarely see any in-betweens. I am in that category of people who love it.  Yeah, it is a little cheesy.  Yeah, it has your typical Michael Bay-isms.  But for pure entertainment value, there are very few movies that do more for me. First off, the cast and the fun characters they play are outstanding.  They're hilarious!  I mean, Bruce is always a cool guy, but from top to bottom, I love all these characters.  The story is about as believable as Unicorns on Mars, but if you put believability aside, you can really get into this movie.  And they don't take the easy way out by having everyone safe and make it until the end.  No, they actually kill off characters, people we actually like.

And I haven't even touched on the emotions that are evoked on some people when they watch this film.  I recently talked about this film on Facebook and I got a ton of responses from people about how much it makes them cry.  I don't think I have shed a tear, but I definitely get pretty emotional.  If the film didn't work, it wouldn't get this kind of emotion out of so many people.

I just can't express how much I like this movie.  Is it the type of film that is going to win a ton of awards come Oscar time?  Of course not!  But a movie doesn't need to be THAT type of film to be considered a classic.  Four and a half out of five cheeseburgers!

Movie Review #17 - Avatar

Up ahead was Pandora. You grew up hearing about it, but I never figured I'd be goin' there.

I really have a love/hate relationship with Avatar.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I don't hate this film.  I don't hate anything about it, actually.  What I hated was the amount of praise that followed this film after it came out.  Hell, it almost won friggin' Best Picture!  Is it in that category?  No!  It is still a good, enjoyable film?  Of course.

I was spoiled in that the first time I saw this film, it was on an Imax screen.  Visually, the movie is about as beautiful as you can get, despite most of it simply being special effects and not real scenery.  But you take that beauty and put it on a screen the size of Imax?  Well, it really feels like you are part of the movie. Take this movie home, and it does lose some of the appeal.  Sure, I have it on Blu Ray and I have the kick ass TV, but it still doesn't quite reach the level of what you see in the theaters and that takes away some of the appeal.

Storywise, it is pretty good despite its recycled plot that has been seen in so many movies from Dances with Wolves to Pocahontas.  But that is also one of the main reasons why I just can't put this film into the upper echelon of movies.  It's been done before.  And with something similar like Dances with Wolves, I felt a lot more emotion.  Not anytime in this film do I feel an ounce of compassion for any of the characters.  Not once do I have any emotions stirred up other than, "Wow, that looks cool!"  That is not necessarily a bad thing if I just want to be entertained, but the amount of praise that the film got, despite what I felt were these shortcomings, was sickening to me.  I mean, I guess people are free to like what they want, but it just boggled my mind.  THIS is the film that everyone had to go out and see over and over so that it became the highest grossing film of all time?  THIS movie?

But it's really not all that bad.  I like it. It entertained me. It is still beautiful to look at even if it has lost some of its luster.  Just don't call it one of the best films of all time.  Three and a half out of 5 cheeseburgers. 

Next up: The Back to the Future trilogy!


Miss Sassy Pants said...

I too have never seen, or at least can't remember seeing, The Aristocats. And that clip - wow... Not to the racist Disney thing I've ever seen though (Song of the South!)

I love love love Armageddon! I agree with you, it's cheesy and totally unbelievable, but once you put that aside, buckle up, and go for the ride, oh man, it's a great time! I'm one of the ones who bawls at the end, when she says goodbye. Every. Single. Time.

Avatar WAS visually stunning, absolutely amazing. But I've seen the story before, and that disappoints me.

Keep up the good work!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Typo fix:

Not the only racist Disney thing I've ever seen...

laura b. said...

Aristocats is one of those Disney movies that I haven't seen since I was a child. Seems like when my kids were small it was in the vault or something. I do remember the Siamese cats though!
I haven't seen Armageddon and Avatar. As usual, I'm not sure how this happened. They will go on THE list :)

Tara said...

I have mixed feelings about "Armageddon", and I realized that I don't need to watch it again. I think "Deep Impact" came out around the same time and I don't want to watch that one again. Both movies had great actors in it and "Armageddon" made me laugh, but both movies made me very emotional.

I did see "Aristocats" when I was a kid, and yes the Siamese cats and their song stuck out most. ♫ "We are Siameeeese if you pleeeease..." ♫

In Avatar, I had to laugh at Sigourney Weaver's character when she woke up from being in the capsule and thought, "That lady's always emerging from a space capsule!"

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Mom said...

Not sure why I never saw this post. Anyway, behind the times but I will write anyway.
Aristocats is a movie I have seen maybe only once or twice. Not one I remember too much about, especially not the siamese cat part. I remember more of them in Lady and the Tramp and don't remember them having an accent.
I am definitely one that cries with Armageddon and I got a lump in my throat just reading the quote at the beginning of your review.
I am one that thinks Avatar is just ok. Yeah, it is visually appealing but that was it. I think I actually fell asleep watching it the first time at home. Never wanted to see it because, frankly, the characters were just too weird looking for me.
Ok, on to your next post.