Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer 2013 Movie Preview

Back for one of my yearly articles (although I think I skipped last year) is the summer movie preview!  Summer is one of the best times for going to the movies assuming you aren't looking for deep, Academy type films.  This is popcorn movie season and if you simply want to be entertained with low attention span films, summer is the time for you.  Like always, I'll highlight what I think will be popular over the next few months as well as tell you MY top 5 anticipated films!  Here.  We.  GO!

May 3rd
Iron Man 3 - We start off the movie season with a bang!  It's only been a year since Avengers came out and we are already starting up with Phase 2 of the Marvel movie juggernaut.  I couldn't be more excited.  Iron Man, which is a couple years old now, was a tiny bit lacking compared to the first one, but hot on the heels of the amazing Avengers film and the freshness of a new director, I am expecting exciting things from Iron Man 3!

May 10th
The Great Gatsby - There was a time last year when this was predicted to be up for some nominations at the Academy Awards.  Then the film was delayed past movie awards season and is now finally coming out.  I love the book even though it has now been a decade since I have read it last.  With a great cast, this could be good, but it seems like it is being released at the wrong time of the year.  We shall see. 

May 17th
Star Trek Into Darkness - JJ Abrams did an amazing job with the reboot of Star Trek a few years back and I am hoping that this new films is just as good.  Hell, you didn't even have to be a Star Trek film to enjoy the last one because of how good it was.  If the trailers are any indications, this could be just as awesome.

May 24th
Epic - I hadn't even heard of this film a few weeks ago and now I am starting to see promotional items such as commercials all the time for it.  A new animated movie from the people who made Ice Age, I think this could be a pretty big films with kids based on what I see on the trailer.  They are also heavily promoting the voices in the film to get people even more excited.

Fast Six - The series that has no business being on the sixth film and somehow, keeps getting better and better.  Ever since the original cast returned in part 4, the series has been given a big lift.  Part 1 was fun, parts 2 and 3 were decent, and then 4 came along and blew me away.  Then the 5th came along and EASILY became my favorite in the series.  I am hoping that good fortune continues with this 6th film.

The Hangover Part III - Meh.  Ok, I thought the first one WAS funny.  I laughed out loud a couple of times.  Was it as good as everyone said it was.  Well, not for me.  Then two came long and I found it pretty silly.  It wasn't terrible, but I didn't laugh too much.  Needless to say, I am not excited for part III and I can wait until video.

May 31st
After Earth - M. Night Shyamalan's latest film is a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith.  I remember being so excited when M. Night had a new movie coming out.  That thrill is gone even if I do like his latest films more than most people.  And this one isn't fully written by him so it could be a change.  I just feel like this could end up bombing though. 

Now You See Me - I hadn't even heard of this film until a week ago when I saw a trailer when I went and saw Oblivion.  I don't know how this film flew under my radar because it looks REALLY good.  Magicians who are robbers may be an old story, but the amazing cast involved and the mystery of it all has me really intrigued.  Pretty excited for this.

June 7th
The Internship  - Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn lose their jobs and try to get jobs at Google by doing outrageous things.  Looks kind of silly, truthfully, but it could end up being pretty funny AND making a lot of money.  We shall see.  Very on the fence on this one and only giving it the benefit of the doubt because of these two guys.

The Purge - Pretty cool looking suspense film where there is zero crime in the USA due to the fact that one night a year, you are allowed to commit any crime you want.  Looks nice and creepy and something that will have you on the edge of your seat.  

June 12th
This is the End - This movie looks friggin' hilarious with people like James Franco and Seth Rogan playing themselves in an end of the world type movie.  I am sure this is going to have a TON of cameos.  The first couple of trailers had me busting up laughing so this will be one of those rare times when I see a comedy in the theaters.

June 14th
Man of Steel - Superman is a douche.

June 21st
Monsters University - I love Monsters Inc and even though I am excited they have made a prequel to it, not much in the trailer makes me SUPER excited to see it.  If it doesn't get good reviews, I may even wait until video.  If I hear good things, I am so there.  We shall see.

World War Z - World War Z was a great book that I really enjoyed, but I don't see anything in the trailer even resembling the book.  I mean, it looks really good and I am going to see it, but it just looks like a typical zombie movie, but with the summer blockbuster budget.  I sure hope it isn't a letdown.

June 28th
The Heat - A comedy buddy cop film with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  People crack up at the trailer when I see it in the theaters.  I roll my eyes.

White House Down - The second White House invasion film in a few months, but this time with Channing Tatum.  I'll rent it.

July 3rd
Despicable Me 2 - I thought the first one was enjoyable, but I can wait for video.  When it is a movie simply about the yellow minions, maybe then I will go see it.

The Lone Ranger - Johnny Depp being weird again.  I'll be honest, the trailers for this Disney blockbuster do nothing for me and since I have no attachment to the original Lone Ranger, I'll be skipping this.

July 12th
Grown Ups 2- Just no.  The first one wasn't very good so I will skip this one.  I don't need to see a deer peeing on Adam Sandler.

Pacific Rim - Guillermo del Toro's latest film, this time a summer sci-fi blockbuster about humans controlling giant robots in order to fight off giant monsters.  Sounds silly, but I am guessing this will be one of those have to see and hear in a theater kind of films.  Could be silly or could end up being REALY awesome.

July 17th
Turbo - A new animated movie by Dreamworks about a racing snail.  No interest but big money.

July 19th
Red 2 - I actually didn't see the first Red movie from a few years back, but heard it was fun and entertaining.  I guess I will have to watch it eventually. 

R.I.P.D. - A comic book movie with Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds playing cops brought back from the dead to fight off demons or something to protect the people still alive.  Trailer had a VERY Men In Black feel to it from the humor to the way it looked.  I can certainly wait for video.

July 26th
The Wolverine - Wolverine in Japan, the site of many of his great stories in the comic books.  Looks petty good and Hugh Jackman is AWESOME whenever he plays Wolverine so I am excited.

August 2nd
300: Rise of an Empire - New soldiers fight Xerxes is the same style as the original 300 film.  I am not sure this needed a sequel and fear this will be bad.  I hope I am proven wrong.

August 9th
Elysium - Sci fi movie with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster about class warfare in the future.  Looks pretty good and has gotten some good buzz.  We shall see if it is getting that same buzz once the movie gets closer to coming out.

Planes - Like the Pixar film Cars, but with Planes.  The fact that this was originally going to be a direct to video film and that I didn't really care for either Cars films makes me avoid this film like the plague.

August 16th
Kick Ass 2 - I love the comics and I love the first movie so how could I NOT be excited for this film?!?!  I hope it is just as good as the first one and isn't a letdown.  I think the casting of Jim Carey is genius and hope it pays off.

As you can see, this summer is JAM PACKED.  I even left off a few that I could have added but the list was already getting so long and I am afraid my readers (HA!) might have tuned out by now!  So without any further explanation, these are my top 5 anticipated films of the summer and yes, this was hard to narrow down:

5. World War Z
4.The Wolverine
3. Fast Six
2. Star Trek
1. Iron Man 3

What movies do you want to see this summer?


Nani said...

Lots of great movies coming but we pick very few to actually see in the theater. Already have the 3rd off to see Iron Man 3! YAY!! Next we will see Star Trek but not until that Saturday or Sunday. After that we'll see if anything seems like a "must see". Thanks for the new post! Hugs, Nani

Mom said...

Great reviews! A few I would love to see in theaters and many that I will just put on my Netflix queue. Excited for iron Man, Wolverine, and Fast Six. I really want to see Great Gatsby because I love Leonardo but might just put that on my list as well.

Tara said...

I just recently heard about R.I.P.D. from a Facebook ad, and I looked it up. I haven't watched the trailer yet, but I'm very interested.

Didn't watch the first "Grown Ups" because the trailer clued me in. I will not see the second one.

I've been wondering about M. Night Shyamalan lately, because I watched the last part of "Signs" last week. I hope he comes out with something really good. I like the guy. "The Happening" was kind of stupid, though.

laura b. said...

I haven't felt very inspired to get out to many movies lately. I make a lot of decisions to wait until they come to dvd or cable. A lot of the Summer blockbusters aren't really my thing. Out of these, the ones I'd be more likely to spend theater time and money on are This is the End and Kick Ass 2.

Jessica Valle said...

Iron Man 3 was good. I heart RDJ.

I'm excited for Star Trek, Fast Six, Now You See Me, The Purge, This Is The End, World War Z, Wolverine, and Kick Ass 2.

I predict The Purge will have lots of ear plugging to help with the anxiety.
I bet I'll enjoy World War Z more than you because I didn't read the book and have nothing to compare; unless, of course, you're completely able to separate the two. Plus, you know, it has Brad Pitt. ;-)