Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fun with Friends

My last post was about fun with family, so the appropriate follow up post would be a post about fun with friends.  This past Sunday, we went with the Parkers and the Matteonis to Six Flags.  The number one thing I learned from the trip (other than the fact that the arrival of Fall doesn't mean cool weather), was that I am getting too old for roller coasters.  Seriously, I felt wiped out after each and ever ride we went on.  My head would hurt, I would be slightly nauseous, and I would feel drained of all life.  When exactly did this happen to me?  I used to love roller coasters, and in fact, I still do, but man, they wipe me out.  I did sit out one ride and that allowed me to take some pictures...

Jess and the gang wave on the way up

Wave goodbye

See ya...

Yesterday, a big group of us went to our second Tequila Tasting at Mas Mexican Restaurant.  They do it monthly and it is a steal.  Seriously, it is an awesome deal that nobody should pass up.  This is what you get for $5 a person  - a starter drink (beer or margarita), chips with salsa and beans, a plate of appetizers for your table (or a couple of plates if your party is big), and then samples of various types of tequila, whatever the brand on the month is.  Yes, all that for $5 a person.  It is a HELL of a deal.  Last time, it was just us and the Matteonis who went, but this time, based on our great reviews, we had 10 people go, including my folks.  I imagine that next time will be even bigger.  Although, on the other hand, we are not going to tell TOO many people.  We don't want to let the secret out and have it be TOO big, ya know?!?!

Our group

Gina, the rep from Jose Cuervo and Francisco, the manager of the restaurant.

We got to try this $125 bottle of Cuervo.  It was awesome.  I took two shots of it...


My dad even won a shirt.  Look at that smile!


laura b. said...

That is a heck of a lot of fun for $5! haha! I like your dad's very understated excitement over the t-shirt :-)

Nani said...

Yeah, roller coasters can take a lot out of you. I think I was in my 30s when I found that out. Still, looks like you all had a good time. The tequila tasting looks like lots of fun. I can tell your dad is very happy from that smile on his face. LOL!! Hugs, Nani

Jose said...

Ha, ha, love your dad's smile, kindda looks like mine. I too loved roller coasters and one day I decided that was it. Now I basically only expectate and ride enjoy the rides through everybody else's expericences.

Tara said...

I'm sure your dad is smiling on the inside! :)

Five bucks for all of that food is an awesome deal!

Mom said...

Maybe now you can understand why it takes me so long to get on rollercoaster type rides and not make fun of me. I used to ride all those when I was young but it just takes alot of thought now. Get it!!!

Tequila tasting was not fun at all, hence your dad's face, and I don't think anybody should go! (wink wink)

Churlita said...

Wow. That sounds like a great deal So jealous.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Man, Six Flags kicked my ass too. Getting old sucks. And Mom, you always say you're scared, not that you're worried about feeling nauseated and jostled and slightly concussed (that's how I felt at Six Flags, anyway...)

Mas has an awesome deal - I want to tell the world and at the same time I don't!