Friday, September 10, 2010

I Was Attacked

There I was, minding my own business today on the disc golf course, when I was attacked.  This was an unprovoked attack, too, as I was simply walking along and enjoying the outdoors.  Yes, I was attacked by some sort of stinging insect.  The first bite or sting came out of nowhere.  All of the sudden, a sharp pain in my right shoulder alerted me to my brutal attacker.  I called out to Brandon that I was just stung, and no sooner than I got the words out, I was bitten again on my hand.  Now I was starting to freak out.  Was this is a swarm or just some sort of coked-up, PCP- induced bee that had it in for me?  As I swung my hands around to prevent further pain, the dude landed right on my sunglasses, letting me see the culprit first hand and up close.  It was like the scenes in the movies where you see your attacker's face right before you die and the screen fades to black.  Up close, it LOOKED like a bee, save for the orange color being replaced by a bright yellow hue.  I swung to get him away from my person and Brandon shooed him away with a disc.  But then, it started to attack him.  I guess he must have been swinging enough as he never got bit.  By the time I regained my composure and thought to go save him from impending doom by the mutant zombie bee from Hell, it had flown away.  A few hours later, my stings still hurt.   In fact, as I type this nearly 8 hours later, I still get little tings of pain here and there, as if the bee is still reminding me, "Yeah, I got you, bitch!"  That was my day.

In better news, I got a new TV.  Well, I should say WE got a new TV and we also got new living room furniture.  Yeah, I am a spoiled brat.  Check out the before and after pictures as we went from brown furniture and a 40 inch LCD to DARK brown furniture and a 55 inch Samsung LED.  Yeah, it rocks...








Tara said...

Ouch, was that a yellow jacket that attacked you?? Those things are bastards. I hope the pain goes away soon! Maybe put aloe on the stings if you have some.

I love both the before and after furniture photos! That TV is awesome, though.

Mom said...

I love your writing! It cracked it up. Did it swell at all? Did you ever see a stinger? Whatever it was just confused and thought you were a beautiful flower, because you are so sweet!!! hehe!!!

Mom said...

Oh yeah - I love your new furniture. It goes very well with your sofas

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I an so glad you survived your attack at the disc golf course today. I would have hated to be called at work to come identify your body and spend the rest of my life avenging you and searching for that bee to administer my own kind of vigilante justice with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

You ARE a spoiled brat and admitting you have a problem is the first step - I'm proud of you. But, I hate to admit it, it IS a kick ass TV and the furniture is pretty nice as well (that I DON'T hate to admit...)

nani said...

Damn the insect that attacked you! It was probably a yellow jacket. I am so glad it left you alone after just a couple of stings.
I LOVE the new TV and furniture! It is so nice to get new things. You aren't spoiled, just very loved. Hugs and smiles, Nani

laura b. said...

Well, you must have known the risks when you decided to go disc is a sport known for its brutality. Die, yellowjacket, die!

Your new tv and furniture are things of beauty. Glad you two both got what you wanted :-)

Jose said...

I once was taking a ride on the bike and at 45 to mph a bee came straight at my chest. The sting wenth through three shirts and it stung like crazy. I had the mark for almost two weeks and it hurt intermitently.

Nice furniture, but I prefer the look of brown wood. It never goes out of style but black does. In any case you guys will probably change it in a couple of years.