Monday, August 30, 2010

A Battle to the Death!


These two people about to kill each other (which I took of course) pretty much describes what I witnessed in my first ever game of Bunco on Friday night.  Jess and my Mom started a Bunco league a few months ago and it has been really successful so far.  However, this month, she was short two people and unable to get subs so she suckered me and Brandon into filling in.  2 guys and 10 women and it was a totally different world.  Unlike my poker games, which are relatively quiet, these women were LOUD, often resorting to yelling at each other, hurrying each other up, and calling each other some colorful names.  Sure, it is all in fun, but the decibel level often reached the level of a decent rock concert.  The night was QUITE unforgettable, for sure!

But back to those army pictures and why they were really taken!  A few months ago, hell, maybe 6 or more months ago, Brandon mentioned he found all his old army men at his parents' house and I asked him to bring them over for photo opportunities.  I still remember the night of emptying the boxes on the poker table and separating them into the colors of each army.  It may not sound fun, but we were also doing tequila shots so that can make any mundane task that much more fun!  I am sure that the sounds Jessica and Yvette were hearing from the next room sounded like we were doing something much more fun than we actually were.

Anyways, at that time, I was still doing the picture of the day, but wanted to save the army men until I had time to set a bunch of them up.  Well, the picture of the day project came and went and I totally forgot the army men were still here in a closet until today.  So with work done for the day and Jess at work a few more hours, I set up some of the men and took some shots.

Here are a couple, but you can see the complete set with the link below...




Check out the whole awesome set here!


Miss Sassy Pants said...

I'm glad you and Brandon were able to sub for us, but the secret is out now what women are like in large groups! We just have fun though, and that's all that matters.

I wish I was home to see you playing with the army men! You couldn't be any cuter... And who knew army men could make such awesome photographs?

AlienCG said...

Congratulations on surviving the Bunco party.

Awesome pictures, sir. It makes me want to take the picture-a-day challenge myself.

laura b. said...

I always enjoy how creatively you set up your scenes :-) Great shots.

And yes, congratulations on witnessing and surviving Ladies Night In!

Churlita said...

I love that last photo the most. So kick-a$$!

ladies get WAY crazier than men do...And that's why we're fun.

Mom said...

You act surprised that we were so wild. Come on son! You should know a room full of women can get raunchy! I'm glad you had fun and we're looking forward to the next time you boys can sub.

I said it already - I love your pictures but I love how you play more! Great pictures - terrific son!

dmarks said...

We used to make movies with those guys. Explosions and all.

P.J. Ramey said...

When I did a study abroad to the UK, want to know what the ratio of girls to guys was? 33:2

Tara said...

It's true - drinking alcohol while rummaging through cool toys can really accentuate the amusement!

The rummy games my family play during holidays are entertaining. Many colorful words are shouted and muttered. Perfect for Christmas and Easter! :D

dmarks said...

Tara: After reading your first paragraph about alcohol-fueled playtime, I wondered if the rummy games in the 2nd were of the card game called rummy, or were instead games fueled by rum!