Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm as mad as HELL, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

You all probably know the story by now, but read this article taken from gothamist.com

"Yesterday a JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater, made a dramatic departure from his job after a passenger on his flight refused to follow the rules. The meltdown occurred when Slater told a passenger not to remove bags from the overhead compartment until the plane was stopped. When his request was ignored, the 39-year-old Slater took to the intercom and declared: "To the fucking asshole that told me to fuck off, it's been a good 28 years!" He then grabbed a couple of beers, activated the emergency chute, grabbed his bags, and slid to his freedom.

Well, almost. Shortly after the Port Authority police busted him at his home in Queens (where he was already resting easy in bed with his boyfriend), but even the 50 cops that showed up couldn't kill his buzz from (those beers and) quitting his post at Jet Blue—plenty of photos and video show him smiling while in custody. He allegedly told investigators that he took his personal belongings from the plane, too, "Oh, yes. I threw the bags onto the chute. Then I slid down after them."

Slater has been charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment. Passenger Phil Catelinet told the TODAY show that Slater "was smiling—he was happy he had done this. He was happy he was done with his job at JetBlue." Slater is HIV positive, and also a recovering alcoholic who previously battled substance abuse problems. A couple of years ago he wrote on his MySpace page, "I am enjoying being back in the skies. Beating alcoholism and substance abuse one day at a time." As if that weren't enough, Slater is also dealing with his mother dying of lung cancer; neighbors told the Daily News "the prognosis is not good."
TMZ has the scoop from the family's end, saying "Slater told his mom he tried shutting the bin, when [the passenger] 'maliciously' pulled the bin down, striking Steven in the head." Meanwhile, the NY Times talked to those peripherally in Slater's life, who overwhelmingly called him a "very conscientious, responsible individual.”"

First off, Bravo, Steven Slater, bravo!  I commend you for your Office Space type meltdown.  Why?  Because even though he took it too an extreme that, perhaps, he shouldn't have,  I am glad this guy took a stand against the idiot who WAS BREAKING A RULE.  We will get back to that asshole in a second.  But Slater is my hero.  He took a "fuck this" attitude and went out in a blaze of glory.  Something not in the article but that you may have heard by now - right when he exited the plane, and before he went down the shoot, HE TOOK TWO BEERS WITH HIM!  Dude, that is awesome!  The only thing better would have been if he turned around once last time and put both middle fingers in the air or perhaps put up peace signs, Richard Nixon style.  Or perhaps yelled, "Fuck you everybody, goodnight!"  Again, truthfully, yeah, he went overboard, but he clearly had had enough and now that it is done, I think he is a hero to the working man. 

Now we go to the part that pisses me off.  Why is the guy who started the issue, the passenger, still anonymous?  Dude was asked to follow directions and straight out refused and then swore at the attendant actually trying to enforce the rule.  What gives this man the right to do this?  Why is this man so goddamn important that the rules don't seem to apply to him?  And then when the attendant tries to get the man to stop, he opens the compartment in Slater's face, hitting him.  And HE is not arrested?  I thought airlines flights were pretty strict now after 9/11 towards all rules.  

What irks me is that this is just another example of a growing trend in society where people think they are so important and they get to do whatever they want without regards to others.  I see it all the time now in growing frequency.  Cars don't let you back out of your parking spot and instead, zoom by you because they and their time are SO important.  People weave in and out of traffic just to move up one spot...because they are so damn important.  People cut in lines at stores....well, you know the drill.  And you may argue that this has always happened.  That is true, but I feel it is getting a LOT worse.  And there are many more examples of this in society.  People think they are just way too important nowadays and screw everyone else.  And this is exactly what this prick on the plane did.  So screw you, dude.  If Slater gets in trouble, you should too.  In fact, you started it.  You should get punished even more.....jackass.

Let's calm down with some pretty flowers I took pictures of today.




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Miss Sassy Pants said...

I agree - we are becoming a me me me society at the expense of manners and chivalry and common sense. So sad.

But WHY did it take FIFTY cops to arrest the flight attendant at his home?! I mean REALLY; that is slightly overkill... 37 would have been fine. :-)

Those flowers are beautiful. I especially like the one of the yellow daisy, extreme close up, off center. Absolutely stunning.

Mom said...

Ha! Ha! I love the way you ended this post - with your pretty pictures!

I heard the story this morning on the news and thought the same thing - what an asshole the passenger was. The news didn't tell the rest of the story about the flight attendant's life but I figured there had to be something that just made him say "fuck it, I've had enough!"

Society thinks they are owed something all the time and many people walk around thinking life it about them. I see it all too often in work, shopping, driving, etc.

Great post!

Mom said...

Oh yeah - I have the need to comment here as well on your pics. Love them! I really do miss your picture a day but love when you do take them and post them.

My book should be arriving any day now. I'm so excited!

Brian said...

Dude. You're hilarious. I can't believe I've never read your blog.

Tara said...

I didn't get the real details of that story until last night. I definitely agree that the guy pitching a fit on a plane should've been arrested right along with the fed up flight attendent. And yes, why is HE anonymous?

nani said...

I agree with your post. I heard it was a woman who started the whole thing.
I love your pictures! Sorry you got hurt in the process. Hugs, Nani

laura b. said...

That story seems to have really resonated with a lot of people. That guy did something we all dream of at one time or another and made THE EXIT.

I agree about the passenger. He/she should definitely be held responsible for acting without regard to instructions.

And the flowers...soooo beautiful.

Churlita said...

Great pics and good post. I agree. I have a friend who calls people with entitlement issues the "precious people".

Jose said...

Yeap, we all read the story. I do believe we as a society need to take a chill pill and calm down, like stop and smell that coffee in the morning and then go out and face the world with some sort of possitivism. To many out there are just too into themselves, and they probably ain't shit anyway.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Unfortunately for those of us that have common sense and show courtesy to others.. they are the ones suffering.. that is the way of things these days.. it has gotten worse.. Nevermind trying back out of a spot.. they will see getting ready to leave and they will stalk you for a spot.. so that it might be closer to the front doors.. or because they are lazy asses..

Now the flower shots are gorgeous!.. You have such a wonderful talent for this.. maybe you can give me tips..lol..( I have a digital camera now..)