Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun With Science!

Friday, my family and I went to San Francisco to the California Academy of Sciences.  Despite it not being THAT far away, none of us had ever been there.  It is amazing how many cool things can be right in your own back yard that you never take advantage of.  Hell, living in Sacramento, there is so much history pertaining to the Gold Rush and I know many people don't take advantage of all the places they can go to learn.  But, this article isn't about that.

Back to talking about the place we actually went, the Academy was really awesome.  We got to learn a lot, see some cool animals, watch a planetarium show, and otherwise, just immerse ourselves in science and learning for the day.  It was somewhat similar to the Natural History Museum that we went to in DC a couple of years ago, but just not on such a huge scale.  If I had to pick a favorite part, it would probably be a tie between watching all the adorable penguins and taking pictures of the butterflies in the enclosed rain forest habitat.  Cuteness vs cool pictures is really a tough decision! 



Yeah, I don't know, tough decision.  Anyways, if you want to see the rest, and I know you do, go here!

Then, after a drive back home to Sacramento, rest for a few hours and some sleep, we were back on the road Saturday morning to the Bay Area for a yearly family reunion on Jessica's side of the family.  As usual, there were games organized to keep people entertained and we had a lasso golf tournament.  I even took a break from losing in the semifinals to take a few pictures!



It was a great time, and although I didn't take many pictures, you can see the rest here!


Churlita said...

that looks so cool there. I lived San Francisco for a few years and never went to there

laura b. said...

What a great adventure! We never had big family reunions in my family. I have tons of cousins on my dad's side I've never met.

As always, your photos are incredible!

Mom said...

Good pics...but you already know that! I think all of us had a good time on Friday. It was a really cool place and your pics documented our fun.

The family reunion looks like it was fun as well.

Looking forward to our next family adventure!

Drew said...

Ah-Aww, that gives me a reminder of another regret of not exploring history first hand when I was hours closer. I find it ironic that I did so poorly in history classes though not terribly long after public school, I found myself wanting to know a lot more about the past.
One of the things that gives me comfort is that it is never to late to learn.

nani said...

I love that picture of Cassie and penquin! Glad to see you had so much fun. Hugs, Nani