Thursday, January 10, 2013

"C" What I Have Been Watching

Geez that title is terrible...

Since there are so many reviews, I will try to keep it short.

Movie Review #45: Cabin in the Woods

Cleanse them. Cleanse the world of their ignorance and sin. Bathe them in the crimson of... am I on speakerphone?

When I first went to see this at the movies last year, I didn't know what to expect other than the fact it was getting good buzz and heard it was not what you would expect.  I walked out of the theater having just watched one of the most fun movies I had ever seen.  The movie is truly unique, especially for a horror genre that seems to recycle the same storyline over and over.  After multiple viewings, it has become one of my all time favorites.  I really don't get sick of watching it because it is just so much fun.  Good horror elements, great comedy, and a storyline that I just did not expect.  It starts off looking so cliche and by the end, you can't believe the originality that you just saw.  Absolutely love it!

9.5 out of 10 cheeseburgers

Movie Review #46 - Cable Guy

Come back here, so that I may brain thee!

I don't know why this movie gets such a bad rap.  I think it may be my second favorite Jim Carey movie.  I think I like it because it is somewhat dark and creepy.  It's not just a comedy film with Carey doing his goofy schtick.  It's actually kind of sad and although Carey does some goofy things in the film, he is more of a disturbed individual.  This could have very well been turned into a top shelf thriller.  But they did make it into a comedy and there are some absolutely hilarious parts.  But it is that dark undertones that carry the film and I love every second of it.

8 out of 10 cheeseburgers


Movie Review #47 - Captain America

 I knocked out Adolf Hitler over 200 times.

I loved Captain America.  Even if it didn't have the background of being a Marvel comic, I would have loved it as it such a cool feel good story.  The story of Steve Rogers and his determination to serve his country one way or another is so inspiring, something you wouldn't expect to come from a comic book.  Sure, it has some comic-y type characters,  but at the root of the film is a story about overcoming odds.  And they did an awesome job.

8 out of 10 cheeseburgers

Movie Review #48 - Changing Lanes

Money. You... you think I want money? What I want is my morning back. I need you to give my time back to me. Can you give me back my time? Can you give my time back to me?

 I like this movie because it shows how seemingly good people can be driven to bad things because of circumstances that are almost out of control.  I like movies that make you think, "What would I do in that situation?"  Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck are generally good people in the film, but they are driven to be so mean to each other, even if they know deep down it is wrong.  I like the solemn tone the film has because there really is nothing nice about what is going on in the film.  It's not depressing, but it sure makes you think.

7 out of 10 cheeseburgers

Movie Review #49 - Chasing Amy

What did I tell you? She just needs the right guy. 

After the hilarity that was Clerks and Mallrats, I was not expecting Kevin Smith's third film to be what it ended up being.  Sure, it is hilarious, but at the heart of the movie is a love story so it was kind of funny that me and three of my guy friends went out to see this in the theater when it came out.  But as it turns out, it was Smith's best written film to date.  It had the hilarious aspects of his first two films while also including a deep story that is both believable and touching.  It doesn't quite end up how one would expect, but I think I commend it even more for not giving it that typical romantic comedy ending.

7.5 out of 10 cheeseburgers

Movie Review #50 - Chicago

Pop. Six.  Squish.  Unh-uh.  Cicero.  Lipschitz.

I didn't want to see Chicago when it was out in theaters but had to because of it being nominated for Best Picture.  It was a musical.  I hate musicals.  I think by the ten minute mark of the film, I was hooked.  Chicago is so fun because not only is it just a good story, but the songs, the aspect I dread, are even more fun than the spoken dialogue.  That is what makes this film so enjoyable to me.  Hell, I even own the soundtrack and have it on my iPod.  I think that says something.  Because of this movie, I don't quite go into a musical with the same negative attitude, but I have yet to find a musical I have enjoyed anywhere as much as this film.

8.5 out of 10 cheeseburgers


Nani said...

Read your reviews. I always enjoy them. Thank you. Hugs, Nani

laura b. said...

I have seen most of these. The exception is Captain America.
I am not a particular fan of horror movies, but Cabin in the Woods was different! I really liked Chicago too...the songs are great and I love John C Reilly to distraction :)
Thanks for the reviews!

Tara said...

I have only seen "Chicago", and I did like the music. I think I'll give "Cabin in the Woods" a try, though!

Jessica Valle said...

All good movies in this list, no stinkers!

Mom said...

Cabin in the Woods is the only movie I haven't seen. Probably wont either even if I liked your review.

Jasen Buch said...

I am ashamed to say that I have only seen one of those movies...Chasing Amy. I liked it, but like many, I was expecting the Kevin Smith hilarity throughout.