Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why I Don't Get Political on Facebook...

...and finishing off the "C" movies.

As I try to get through this monumental task of watching all my movies and writing reviews on all of them, the bigger chore becomes trying to get the motivation of writing about other things on the blog as well so as not to make the readers bored.  I have a very low readership (I am just assuming this by the number of comments) so I want to make it so the blog doesn't become so monotonous.  But writing all those movie reviews plus coming up with other topics to write about can be time consuming.  I'm trying though.

Over the weekend I was having a discussion with a friend or two about political debates on Facebook.  Surprisingly, I try to stay out of them for the most part on Facebook.  I was a little vocal with the whole Chick-fil-A topic only because I started talking about way before it became such a hot topic and I felt very strongly about it.  But I noticed that no matter how strongly I felt about it, no matter how many points I tried to make, I didn't sway anyone to my side of the argument.  And therein lies the problem.  People have strong opinions on a variety of subjects and it pretty much takes an act of God to get them to change their mind.

I've yet to see on the countless political posts on my wall someone say, "You know, that is an excellent point, I am changing my view on this."  It just doesn't happen.  So despite my very strong feelings that I see on Facebook, I stay out of it.  Obama, gun control, etc, these are all things that I could talk endlessly about.  But why?  What would it accomplish other than letting people know where I personally stand?  Does anyone really care?  I post enough on Facebook as it is, does anyone need me to share posts about my political views 20 times a day?  Hell, that might even get me blocked by some people.  I know I block people that post these all day long.  I get your view.  I got it after the first or second post.  I don't need to see it fifty times.  And that is not how I want people to feel about me.  Look, I am a pretty opinionated guy, but I just feel it is in my best interest to stay out of these things.  I know I'm not changing anyone's mind any time soon.
 Soapbox done.  Let's finish off the Cs.

Movie Review #56: Cliffhanger

If you're looking for Qualen, try about 4,000 feet south of here. He'll be the one wearing the helicopter.

I LOVE Cliffhanger.  When I first started this blog, I did a review of my favorite, non Rocky or Rambo films and this came in at number 2.  On a sidenote: Why don't I own Cobra, my number 3 movie?  Back to the point, Cliffhanger is just an awesome action movie.  You want nonstop action, this is good choice.  And it starts off right from the beginning.  I challenge you to find a more suspenseful first 5 minutes of a film than the one in this one, at least the first time you see it.  It really is edge of your seat stuff and it while it never reaches that level of intensity in the rest of the film, you can't help but have your blood pumping throughout the film.

Besides the great action, it is really John Lithgow who makes this film.  He is completely awesome as the villain in this film.  A little over the top, but it really works!  While looking up this movie, I noticed that he was nominated for a Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor (along with 3 other nominations for the film).  This is one of the reasons why, despite the Razzies being fun, I often don't pay attention to them because they are nominated on reputation alone.  I think Lithgow was considered for worst supporting actor simply because he was in a Stallone film.  C'mon, man, broaden your horizons.  The film is just fun action, not an attempt to win Best Picture.  But lighten up a little, it isn't bad at all.

7.5 out of 10 cheeseburgers

Movie Review #57: Collateral 

 There's no good reason, there's no bad reason to live or to die.

I was blown away by Collateral the first time I saw it.  The storyline, the performances, the subtlety of it; all amazing.  I just love how much happens in this film and how intense it is when really, the movie is pretty slow, plodding, quiet, and pretty low key.  There are a few action moments, but for the most part, the story keeps going at the same slow pace throughout the film, but I think that is really what makes the movie works.  The movie is about the characters in the film, their interactions, and life in general and and full on action movie, while possibly making it more exciting, wouldn't have made it into the great film it turned out to be.

Good story or not, the film wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for the great performances put on my Foxx and Cruise.  I LOVED seeing Cruise as a bad guy in this film.  He was totally believable and I loved how evil he was without being over the top psycho.  He needs to be a villain more.  And I loved Foxx in this.  While I liked his earlier performance in Ray which I had seen earlier, I liked him even more because it was a more down to earth role that I really feel he sunk in to.  It was this film, not Ray, that convinced me of his acting abilities.  I think a lot of people missed this movie, but it is worth a rental.

7.5 out of 10 Cheeseburgers


 Movie Review #58: Commando

 You're a funny guy Sully, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.

Everything you need to know about this film can be summed up in this video.  This is every one of Arnold's estimated 87 kills in the film:

 Who needs a plot when you have utter destruction like this?  Although it may seem like a pointless movie, this was really a movie that brought Arnold out as the action star he is today.  Sure he was a novelty in Conan and a killer cyborg in Terminator, but this was his first role set in a "real" life and what led to so many other films of the same prototype not only for him, but many other actors of the 80s.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I watched this film as kid.  And you know what, it still hold up today.  Not as a movie masterpiece by any means, but as the epitome of mindless action.  Well, mindless action and over the top one liners.  It was this film that made me expect cheezy one liners in every Arnold movie that followed.  They way he spewed them out in Expendables 2 was a throwback to what he started here and you realized than no matter how ridiculous they were, you looked forward to them.

6.5 out of 10 cheeseburgers

Ok, maybe I won't finish the Cs off here.  Three more to go and I will save them for the next blog post.  Until then.  Thanks for reading and an even bigger thank you for commenting. 


Nani said...

I agree. :-) Did you say you don't own Cobra? Did you know that we went to see that when your mom was due to deliver Cassie. We were hoping the shocking content would bring on labor. LOL! As we were walking out of the theater we saw posters of coming attractions. Indiana Jones. Memories. Hugs, Nani

Mom said...

I don't mind political views but don't like when they go on and on. People have a right to their opinion. I don't have to agree and they don't have to agree with me. I choose not to post anything or even argue with anyone or agree for that matter, because I just don't like where it leads sometimes.

We own Cobra and I am surprised that you don't own it. Love that movie. I did like Collateral Damage. Commando has to be one of my favorite movies, especially because of all the one liners.

I loved John Lithgow as a bad guy in Cliffhanger. I liked the movie.

I love being entertained by a movie. It can be cheesy or have cheesy acting but as long as I am entertained that is fine with me.

MrManuel said...

Mom - Collateral or Collateral Damage? Different movies.

laura b. said...

Commando is pretty fun. I haven't seen the other two, but thought that Collateral looked good.

I am completely with you on the political stuff. I am fine with being made aware of your political views, but then it needs to be dropped. The debates are meaningless because no one is listening...everyone is just waiting for their turn to talk.

MrManuel said...

Nani - I do remember her coming home and telling me it almost scared Cassie right out of her.

Laura - You have to see them both!

Tara said...

Is "Commando" the movie where Arnold says, "Let off some steam" after he killed the last bad guy (or maybe one of the remaining bad guys)? If so, I did see that movie.

Jessica Valle said...

I agree with you and everyone else who commented about the political stuff. I don't mind people stating their opinions, but over and over and over...? And you're right, voicing your opinion never makes anyone sway to your side.

I saw Cliffhanger in the theater and I remember being completely and utterly emotionally exhausted after the opening scene. The rest of the movie is just tons of fun.

I haven't seen Collateral or Commando enough to comment on them, so I won't.

Keep blogging, I love it!