Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009 - Day 154

A few more pictures tonight highlighted by the classic horror icons. These are probably the last of the horror pictures as tomorrow I probably won't get a chance to upload pictures or at least get a chance to take night pictures as we are going to San Francisco to do a question and answer event with Kevin Smith! It should be a hilariously good time. I might take my picture of the day tomorrow morning, but of course, it won't be too scary in broad daylight. SO, you might get a picture tomorrow afternoon, but if not, possibly no pictures until Sunday as I will save Saturday's picture of the day for the Halloween party we will be going to. Picture of the day is first...









Miss Sassy Pants said...

Yeah, the picture of the day is freaking awesome. I love the use of shadow and the natural element of the moon is awesome, especially considering the figure. The Jason one is cool too, effectively creepy for sure. I'm sad this might be the last of the horror shots; I've really enjoyed them. Thanks to Sal for loaning the inspirations.

Sal said...

Excellent job bringing a classic horror icon to life! Today's photo of the day is a triumph of composition and lighting. We have a snail's eye view of the Wolf Man as he bays at the moon, no doubt terrorizing a nearby village with his mournful howl. I like the title of the photo; what '80s rock fan doesn't distinctly remember the cover of Ozzy's album, and of course the video?

As for the other pictures, I'm amazed that you were able to settle on a picture of the day, as pretty much every shot you posted today is worthy of that honor. I like the monster seance; it looks almost like they're gathering around a beach bonfire; indeed that's what I thought these shots were of when I viewed the thumbnails on Facebook. The lighting is very effective, and characters like the Mummy, the Creature From the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein's Monster look fantastic bathed in the bright yellows. I can see why you didn't make one of the seance pictures the picture of the day; who could have picked just one of those? Above all, I'm impressed that you got them all to stand! I imagine that must've been a challenge. And of course Jason peeking through the window is probably the last thing I'd want to see when I open my blinds!

I don't mind if tomorrow's picture of the day goes up sometime after tomorrow. I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. Hope you guys have a blast at the Q&A - Kevin Smith is awesome. Have a fantastic time!

Tara said...

Whoa, the image of Jason peering in the window is fah-reaky! That is a great shot!

Churlita said...

Oooooooohhhh. So creepy!

Mom said...

I am extremely sad at the thought of these amazing pictures ending. I love that you gave us all the pictures to enjoy.

Thanks to Sal for the inspirations but thanks to you for letting us enjoy them.

Truly awesome!!!

laura b. said...

Those are really great, MrManuel

I, too, am sorry to see horror week coming to a close.