Thursday, February 25, 2010


With everything going on (see the previous post) working on my photography has been few and far between. The pictures have really been after thoughts, mostly all taken at the end of the day. Fran is still hanging on, but can go at any moment. Poor Jess has been staying there every night and as Fran seems to be on some kind of night schedule, deciding to only sleep during the day, Jess has not been able to receive much sleep since about Friday night. I can tell this on heavily draining her and day by day, I see less and less energy behind her eyes. I am sad to be losing Fran and this is crushing to us all, but in then end, my first priority is my wife and I cannot wait until she is back to a normal life. With that, this is what I was able to take as pictures of the day for the last four days...

February 21 - 2010 - Day 269

Birthday Dinner for Jess

February 22, 2010 - Day 270

Soft Beauty
February 23rd, 2010 - Day 271

With everything that is going on right now, it has really kept me on my toes. I figured a self portrait showing exactly that was warranted.

February 24th, 2010 - Day 272


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Those are good shots.. I think the last one is really cool..

Sorry to hear about Fran..You guys are in our thoughts and prayer's

Sal said...

Though instinctively it sounds callous to describe the passing of a loved one as anything but a tragedy, with such little quality of life remaining it's important to remember that Fran's "trip home" will be the long-awaited end of her suffering. As someone who's had to watch loved ones deteriorate and die, I know how difficult it is - for me, at least - to come to terms with the fact that it's not about my own feelings, wants and needs. Fran is truly blessed to have so many wonderful and giving people around her, not only now but every step of this painful process.

I had no doubt that you'd find something really awesome to post for the last several days. My thoughts:

I like the green tint of the spotlight, and the parts of the fixture that are bathed in the light look weird and otherworldly. If I were a DC comics fan I'd undoubtedly reference the Green Lantern.

The picture of the lobster tail could be promotional advertising for The Melting Pot; you document the restaurant's ambience and quality perfectly, and you make me want to eat there immediately. It's almost subliminal. Hmm...

Between the blur at the edges of the shot, and the nondescript background, you could substitute the rose for any '70s-'90s schoolkid and you'd have a class portrait. The rose itself is big, bright and dead-center. You aptly capture every detail.

The final photo is an accurate but subtle representation of how the situation with Fran has forced you to be prepared - both physically and emotionally - for anything. Additionally the texture of the wall and the grain of your laminate flooring is vivid.

Hang in there, guys.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I am so sorry your photography has taken a hit during all of this; looking forward to your photo of the day is a real bright spot in my day, especially lately. It looks like we both have a lot of catching up to do in our lives once this is over...

The spotlight is cool - I really like the green tint to it. The cord in the background is almost serpentine.

The lobster is pretty but the clevage in the background is a bit distracting - too bad it's not mine... :-)

Pictures of flowers are always nice, and softening is such a cool effect. And please note, readers, that rose was waiting for me on the table at my birthday dinner. Manuel thinks of everything!

Your tippy toe shot is awesome. Expecially in black and white (sepia? my tired eyes can't tell) you can really see the detail of the grain in the wood floor.

"...but in then end, my first priority is my wife..." This touches my heart more than you can possibly comprehend. Thank you. And I promise, once this is over, my first priority will return to you.

nani said...

Nice pictures. I like them all.
I am sorry that this episode in your lives is taking such a toll but it is a part of every life. Death comes to us all and we all deal with it the best we can.
A you sit with your feet like that a lot; on your toes? That could be the reason for the pain in your heel.
Hoping for all the best for you all. Hugs, Nani

Churlita said...

I love the green lantern shot, and whoever's cleavage that is behind the birthday dinner shot...kudos to you. ha ha.

Tara said...

Oo that lobster tail looks awesome.

I am sorry to hear that Jess isn't able to get proper sleep. I admire her strength for being there for Fran this whole time. I think my emotions would eventually cave in on me. Thinking of you both!

laura b. said...

Thinking you two and your family.

Awesome shots, such a variety of subjects and styles!

Mom said...

After thoughts my ass!!! These shots are fantastic. This just shows what an amazing photographer you have become. You can photograph anything, without any thought at all, and it still turns out absolutely amazing.

I see the "spark" out of both of your eyes but understandably so. I know the end is going to be devasting for all of us but I am enjoying everyday with her. Her smile is still so contagious.

By the way, after I saw the yummy lobster, the cleavage was the second thing I saw.

I love all the pictures - absolutely fantastic!