Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost Three Months Worth Of Food!

Yeah, I looked back and the last update was right before 4th of July! Is there any excuse for the LONG delay other than laziness? Well, yeah, kind of. In the middle of July, Jess and I got our new cell phones and with that, left some burger and ice cream pictures on the old cell phones. The old cell phones were brushed aside and never thought of. I knew there were necessary pics on there and I just kept delaying getting them the old fashioned way: plugging the phones into my computer. Now, I just send the pics straight to my email. So, this update got delayed because of 6 or 7 pictures on the old phones. However, because of this long delay, there are a TON of pics to upload. Too many in fact, so I am not going to separate them into burgers and ice cream. They'll all be mixed up. I am sure you won't mind. With that being said, welcome to gluttony...

Hmm...I am going to go with a burger from Wendy's. Baconator I believe....

Jess got a shake from....??

Ah, we made sliders one day and this is pic one of three of them. I actually think these were the last two. As they are sliders, I will count them as 1.

Jess got some Hagen Daz, but I wasn't with her for some reason...

I have NO clue where this burger is from

This is a 2/3 pound burger that is stuffed with chorizo and bacon INSIDE it. Yes, it was THAT good!

Double Western Bacon from Carl's

Ice cream cake, but not really sure what the occasion was

Cheeseburger at Brandon and Yvette's

Another burger at Brandon and Yvette's. I did have fruit with it!

Hmm....another shake, but no clue where this is.

I believe this is a yummy burger from Red Robin

Ice cream sandwich! A box of these were bought for a family party and there were tons of leftovers so expect many more of these!

Suzie Burger - tastes like an In n Out burger, - pretty yummy.

Shake at Suzie burgers

Ice cream sandwich

Build your own burger buffet on the night we got to Disneyland

Bowl at ice cream at the same place

Ice cream bar at Disneyland

Ice Cream sandwich at California Adventure

Black and Blue burger at ESPN Zone

She had this for BREAKFAST one day on our trip

Burger eaten in Disneyland

Another ice cream sandwich

Double Quarter pounder from Disneyland

3x3 eaten at In n Out

Yet another ice cream sandwich

Well, this WAS a shake!

Burger eaten on 4th of july

Another burger eaten on 4th of July

Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger from Jack n the Box

Burger, but not sure from where...

Burger at Brandon's

Another burger at Brandon's

Double Quarter pounder w cheese

We must like McDonalds...

More of the sliders we made. These small ones will count as three (They aren't two)

Geez.....another double quarter pounder

Ice cream at her Mom's

Cherry pie with ice cream

The wonder that is a Squeeze with Cheese!

Seen already as a pic of the day, these were my first three sliders which I will count as one.

Finally, there is one ice cream sandwich that Jessica forgot to take a picture of, but we remembered it so add one more.

So, with all those in mind, what does that take us to?

Manuel - 66 burgers

Jessica - 60 ice cream treats



Mom said...

It's hard to say if that is a large number or not considering we are almost in october. I'll let you do the math but how many is that per month? about 6 or 7. Yeah, okay - that is alot. But this is something you guys enjoy so - so what! Nice pics. I'm just impressed that you guys always remember to take pictures. The one ice cream cake is when we went over to dinner and had sloppy joes with Fran, Dave, and Josie. The ice cream cake was dad's idea.

Sal said...

You know I love (and have been missing) your burger/ice cream updates!

Glad to hear that Suzie's was good. I've been wanting to give them a try; I see them from the freeway pretty frequently but everytime I'm downtown we're usually going to dinner with friends or otherwise have plans that don't involve stopping there. Still, knowing that you liked them, I'll have to get over there one of these days.

The Disneyland pictures were great, and remind me of our last trip. I've been craving ESPN Zone's Black and Blue Burger; I used to get it all the time, but haven't had one since spring of last year. When we're in Disneyland the weekend of the 9th, I'm sure I'll have the opportunity.

But that chorizo-bacon burger might have been the highlight for me!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

It's funny that I remember each of the burgers/ice creams you didn't. It feels good to know we're not behind on these anymore.

Have I mentioned that I love ice cream?! I look so cheezy happy in each picture!

Sebastien said...

Are you trying to tempt me with all these burger pics!? I discovered a great place near my house called Deluxe Burger, mmmmm, they have wonderful burgers... addictive.

Jose said...

I'm thiking I can do the same but instead of burgers I would do TACOS. And I so love ice cream too.

nani said...

OMG!!! That was a lot of pictures. Only in the 60s so far. I am pretty close to being the best guesser. :-)

Tara said...

I love Wendy's Baconator...

Jeez, everything looks so good! I'm so hungry right now.

Churlita said...

Wow. That is a lot of really yummy looking food. I guess it's officially lunch time. For some reason, I'm really hungry...

laura b. said...

I am so tortured right now...all those burgers! All that ice cream! It all looks ssoooooo delicious. Thanks for the update!

Keep eating :-)