Sunday, July 25, 2010

Manuel on Movies #20

Good thing this is a Sunday where most people are too busy to read blogs because this one won't be too interesting, movie review-wise.

Last House on the Left - This was the remake of the movie of the same name where a girl is shot and left to die by some criminals.  The criminals sucker their way into staying the night at the girl's parents' cabin for the night and when the wounded girl shows up, the parents want revenge.  It was decent if anything because it felt pretty gritty and the kills were pretty cool and gruesome.  But it wasn't anything special and the kind of movie you forget after it is done.  Surprisingly, I have heard some people describe the movie as too disturbing to sit through, but I didn't get that feeling.  6 out of 10

The Final Destination - I enjoy the Final Destination films for what they are - somewhat entertaining films about people who cheat death and Death coming back to claim them and kill them off in fairly amusing, if not clever ways.  This fourth in the series was, unfortunately, not as good.  The kills were still somewhat clever, if not too over the top this time.  The movie was overall, way to cheesy compared to the others.  The special effects seemed piss poor compared to the others and it seemed more like a direct to TV sequel filmed for the Sci-Fi channel or something - just really lower quality. Disappointing...  5 out of 10

Halloween 2- I am actually one of a small group that actually liked Rob Zombie's reboot of the Halloween series a couple of years ago.  I thought it was a very clever reimagining of the Michael Myers origin and I was quite entertained.  I heard from several people that the sequel was pretty bad, but finally decided to give it a chance.  They were correct.  This was a horrible, convoluted, clusterfuck of a movie.  I love gore, but it seemed to be gruesome just for the sake of being gruesome and the story was so subpar, I really didn't care for any of the characters, and really, only cared about when the movie would end.  It had a few good scenes, but mostly, this was a piece of unfortunate crap.  3 out of 10

This Is It - This is concert film made up of tapings of Michael Jackson as he prepared and rehearsed for the This Is It tour that he was going to do in England before his untimely death.  As much as I enjoyed it, this really is only for Jackson fans as all it is clips of songs being rehearsed in the order I imagine they would have been sung at the concerts. They also interviewed background singers and dancers for the performances, but it is kind of bittersweet as all the interviews are taken from rehearsal time and it sad to see these people that are so excited say that these upcoming concerts are a dream come true and will be life changing.  Sad, because with Jackson's death, all of them really had their dreams shattered.  It is also sad because with the footage provided, it really did seem like Jackson was back and had the chance to make a big time comeback.  The concert and all the set pieces they were practicing really were going to be epic.  So sad.  7 out of 10

Alien v Predator: Requiem - I LOVE the Aliens movies and I LOVE the Predator films.  The fact that they were going to make an Alien VS Predator film was a dream come true, and even though it wasn't spectacular, I was entertained and mostly happy with the first Alien v Predator film.  For some crazy reason, I didn't get around to seeing the second Alien v Predator film until very recently.  I couldn't even finish it.  Seriously, it was that bad.  About 2/3 of the way through, I actually turned it off.  This too, felt like a Sci-Fi channel film all the way down to the horrible acting.  A pure travesty in the history of these two great characters.  1 out of 10. 

With that (mostly)garbage out of the way, I do have some new photos.  This morning, I woke up and felt like taking some pictures so I decided to go down to the park and take a few while I knew it would still be empty.  Nobody takes their kids to the playground on a Sunday at 7:30 in the morning!



See a slideshow of the whole set here!  


laura b. said...

There is something so lonely about an empty playground, yet there are so many interesting shapes there. Great set of pix.

As I am not much for horror films most of those are ones I wouldn't watch even if someone else loved them :-) I saw This Is It on the big screen and even though I have mixed feelings about MJ I did enjoy seeing the performances. And he did seem healthy, so looking back at his death made it seem extra surprising or something.

Mom said...

Not a fan of horror films so I always appreciate your reviews to remind me why I don't see them. Anyway...This is it is something that I have on Netflix but I keep pushing back because I think it's just too sad to watch. I'll watch it eventually I know and this review did make me want to watch it.

Your pictures are great as always. That is such an awesome park for pictures.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Your description of Halloween 2 was spot on - and please, don't hold back! Worst. Movie. Ever...

I am so glad I had you watch the MJ movie without me - I don;t like him and I don't care. Glad you enjoyed it though.

Haven't looked at the pictures yet but I know I will love them.

Tara said...

I LOVE that photo of the swings. Now I want to find a set and swing out.

Looks like you saw a generous selection of slasher movies! I've only seen the original "Last House on the Left" and it wasn't too bad.

That's disappointing about "Final Destination 4" and "Alien Vs. Predator 2". I liked at least the first two "Final Destinations" and was impressed with the first "Alien vs. Predator".

Jose said...

Lately I just can't find the time to watch movies, I am so freaking behind. lol

As always, awesome creative images.

Drew said...

I like the Final Destination series for the most part and really enjoyed all of the Alien series. I think I have seen AVP but I don't remember.

"This is it," has been in my instant queue on Netflix since Father's Day. One of the seven my brother requested for that day and the only one we did not get to. I enjoy his music and really liked Thriller, but I was never going to go see this or even rent the movie. Since it really costs e nothing but time, this is something I will eventually check out.

I am part of the group that did not like Rob Zombie's version of Halloween. I don't really remember why but the sequel will be the only one of this list (#20) that I will not add to my Netflix queue.

I enjoyed your pictures as always. More parents need to let if not make their children go outside and play.