Thursday, July 29, 2010

Misdirected Anger

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Suddenly, I have so much to blog about, but I won't overwhelm you with more than one post in a day.  Actually, this will be my last post for a few days as we are leaving for a quick camping trip tomorrow morning and coming back Sunday morning.   So when I come back, I'll have to update you on the renovations we made in Jessica's cabinet, the photography book I had made of my year in pictures project, and the camping trip.  And I am sure there will be more.  But for now, I have to talk about an email I got today.

I delete most forwarded emails, but one today caught my attention.  It read: "Let's make a stand against the governor."  All the anger directed towards Arnold over the furloughs and state problems kind of amuses me because I firmly believe it isn't ALL his fault.  I feel sorry for those having to deal with the furlough issues in our state, but to put the blame entirely on his shoulders is, in my opinion, narrow minded.  With that in mind, I wanted to read the email to see how people were planning on taking a stand against him.  So what did the email say?

Let's all make a stand against the Governor by boycotting his new movie "The Expendables" scheduled to be release August 13, 2010. I'm asking everyone not to see it. Whether you are working for the state, city or county - his decisions have affected you. Let's affect his paycheck for a change. Please copy and paste. Email friends. Let's get the word out.

How does he have time to make a movie when the budget is not passed, yet he wants state employees to work for minimum wage or take furloughs because his job is not done!

First of all, if you follow my blog, you know there is no way in hell I am missing this movie.  Unless Stallone himself burns down my house between now and August 13th, I won't miss the movie.  So, with that said, let's look at the boycott in general from a normal person's point of view.  First, the email says the movie is "his" movie.  No, it's not!  He has a cameo.  It is roughly 5 minutes long I am told, at the most.  That is hardly "his" movie.  It is a Stallone and company movie with Arnold and Bruce Willis having a small cameo simply because the three are friends, and they just wanted to do one small scene together for the first time in their careers.  It is really just for fun and for the fans.  But hardly, "his" movie.  Truthfully, you are boycotting a Stallone movie, and what the heck did he do (besides kick ass lately)?

Secondly, they want to do it to take his money.  You know what, the L.A. Times reported he did the film for free (much like he is our governor for free).  Why do the movie for free?  See the paragraph above; it was for fun.  Arnold's finances will not be affected one way or another, no matter if this film makes no money or a lot money. You'll be hurting Stallone, and he rocks!

Thirdly, what about the argument that he should have been concentrating on fixing the state's problems instead of being off and shooting a movie. You know how much time his scene took?  You know how much time he was away from his official duties as governor?  Again, according to reports, he was occupied for.......wait for it.....TWO HOURS.  On a Saturday morning.  When he decides to take in a basketball game or something similar, he takes even more time out of his day.  Where are those complaints?

Fourth, if we boycott a film, people are not spending their money and that keeps money from being spent and stimulating the economy.  I think that hurts the state more than it helps and all because people have a vendetta against Arnold.  Isn't a better economy a good goal to shoot for?

Sadly, this forwarded email fails.  I am sure the original writer had good intentions, but going after this movie is totally the wrong outlet for the person's anger against Arnold.  Go see Expendables.  Instead of boycotting the movie, go see it and help bring kick-ass action movies.


Mom said...

LOVE that trailer! and I equally loved your post. Very well written and expression of your feelings. I, too, will be there August 13 (hopefully-but will be there as soon as I can) to see this great movie. I hate those "chain" e-mails from people that are just plain stupid and clueless. They should research the facts before sending. I can definitely put aside any opinions I have about our government or anything for a few hours of entertainment. Anybody who thinks a mayor, governor, president, has complete and ultimate power is just not thinking.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

My word verification sums it up perfectly: uncol :-)

Seriously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you replied to EVERYONE on that chain e-mail you received and set them straight with the facts. You're the best!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

By the way, the new header is awesome. I love that you've included some of your new hobbies and interests. Happy Flapjacks rocks!

Drew said...

I am another one that becomes more than a little annoyed with blindly forwarded e-mails and will also reply to all on occasion. It put a smile on my face when I read Jessica's comment. Replying to all happily gets my e-mail removed from an address book, sometimes.

I like most of Stallone's movies and this one looks good. I am even a little tempted to take my chances and go see it on the "big screen."

The updated header is great.

laura b. said...

Your new header looks great!

I wish the budget problem here were as simple as that email makes it seem. *sigh* People are kind of...what's the word? Stupid.

Mom said...

I hadn't even noticed the new header. I saw the same things and just went with it I guess. I like it. I like the addition of tequila but miss the doggies, or am I not seeming them? That's why I like it as well, because each time I look I find something different. What else did you take off or add?