Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Manuel on Movies #22

Last one until I see some more movies!

Twilight: Eclipse - Well, as you read in the last review, I have HATED both of the Twilight movies so far.  We got to see this third installment by doing a little movie hopping.  We sure weren't paying for it (well, maybe paying for it by watching it!).  But you know what, it was actually pretty good.  Not surprisingly, this was also my favorite book in the series.  The movie/book takes a darker turn and it actually feels like a vampire movie in some parts instead of the sappy love garbage that drags the story down.  We have a lot of death, epic battles, and the acting even got a tad better by the leads.  You know what, I enjoyed it for the most part.  The only thing I didn't like is that the CGI werewolves were REALLY bad.  The movies make all this money and you can't do better with your special effects?  They were pretty darn horrible and thankfully, it didn't take me out of the movie too much.  7 out of 10

Predators - The best Predator movie since the first one with Arnie!  That first one was epic with enough testosterone to give the upcoming Expendables a run for its money.  This one really proved to be a worthy sequel.  And yes, it is a sequel in a round about way since they mention Dutch in the first film.  I thought the action was spectacular, the acting was commendable, and the story, very entertaining.  And I LOVED all the homages to the first film, from the score to the references to the set pieces.  It really was the love child of the first film and I firmly believe that if you loved the first one, you will probably like this one too!  8.5 out of 10

Toy Story 3 - Another worthy effort by Pixar films.  Seriously, they can do no wrong (well, Cars was just ok).  It was so great to see the Toy Story characters again and although the first two weren't THAT long ago, it really brought out a bit of nostalgia.  And the new characters that they introduced were great too.  This didn't feel like some sequel that is just taking the easy way out and going for the cash.  I feel that this was on par with the other two films and just as touching.  And I feel that the ending was perfect.  If they make another one, I'll go see it, but I really hope they stop on the ending they finished on.  8.5 out of 10

Inception - Brilliant.  I could stop there, put a score of 10 out of 10 right after it and make you interpret the rest.  I don't want to say too much because when I saw it, I knew nothing of it either.  But honestly, this movie is spectacular.  It was so unique, something you rarely see nowadays in Hollywood.  I don't mind sequels/remakes/etc, but when something unique comes along like this, it is so refreshing!  First off, the acting is brilliant all the way around. The whole cast.  The storyline is amazing and although it is very complex, it isn't really that hard to follow as long as you pay attention.  The special effects, especially a zero gravity fight scene with Joseph Gordon Levitt are amazing!  An action/sci-fi movie that makes you think is so rare and they really pulled it off in this film.  Other than that though, I am not going to give you points about the plot.  It will be more fun if you see it yourself and experience it yourself not knowing anything of the plot.  Discover it yourself.  This movie is outstanding.  10 out of 10


Mom said...

Saw the first two - really want to see the next two. Very good reviews.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I'm glad we saw Eclipse for free. Like you, I thought it was WAY better than the other two. That could be, perhaps, because Jacob is SO FUCKING HOT with his shirt off...

I wasn't really looking forward to Predators, but enjoyed it quite a bit. Not as much as you, however, knowing the first as well as you do. I was really impressed that you were even able to recognize that the score was the same!

I loved Toy Story 3. The ending was so touching; perfect.

Inception may be one of my new favorite movies. It was perfect. I do think we should see it again - it was so intricate we probably missed some stuff. I really really really hope it wins Best Picture.

laura b. said...

I know you don't care for True Blood, but I think it is cool that for werewolves they use these amazing, huge actual wolves.

I don't know why I haven't see Toy Story 3 yet...I really want to.

I fully agree about Inception. It was so unique and so well done on every level.