Thursday, July 01, 2010

Son of a Motherless Goat

We are down to the final 8 in the World Cup.  What started out as 32 teams (Hell, 205 teams if you count how many teams tried to even qualify for the tournament) is has been whittled down to 8.  Unless you have been under a rock, you heard that the US made a spirited run to the final 16 teams only to have a fairly poor showing against Ghana.  They really should be in the final 8 and in their next match, they could have even had a fighting chance to make the final four.  It would have been epic and helped that much more to the baby steps soccer is taking towards become an actual sport people in the US watch.  You don't think people in the US cared? Watch this extremely touching video of reactions across the US when we scored in the very end of the our third game to qualify for the second round.  This just gives me goosebumps beyond belief.  It gets extra points because one of my college hangouts made the video!

I still think we are about 10-12 years away and one GOOD run by the US in the World Cup from soccer becoming a big thing here.  But to see people who couldn't care less about soccer beforehand suddenly talking about the game made me so proud.

So how will the final 8 go?

Well, I see it going like this...

Holland defeats Brazil
Uruguay defeats Ghana
Argentina defeats Germany
Spain defeats Paraguay

From there, we shall after this weekend!

Ok, before I sign off, you are probably wondering what the hell the title of this thread had to do with this post, right?  I just found this great video on YouTube that shows the 100 greatest insults of all time that are in movies.  It's friggin' hilarious, but watch somewhere where people won't get offended by bad language.  Trust me...


Miss Sassy Pants said...

I had a nice, long, heartfelt comment but when I tried to post it, I got an error and now it's lost forever. BS. Here is a quick summary, because it can never be what it was:

blah blah soccer video blah The Grad blah blah fun watching wrestling

blah blah blah insults blah blah you use a lot of them

blah family World Cup pool blah blah who will win $80 blah blah go Argentina

The best part? My word verification was "licalion." Stupid effing Internet...

Tara said...

Not a sports fan, but I am a fan of The Three Amigos....Especially that line.

Have a very happy 4th, Manuel and Jessica!

laura b. said...

haha! Yes, I recognized Three Amigos right away. We have good taste in movies. :-)

I do think you are right about soccer. There is no way it cannot come into fashion at some point. For one thing, more and more children are growing up playing.

Mom said...

I have a lot to say about soccer and the US but I really need to put some thought in it. I have a lot to say about the fans and their expectations based on what they are used to with the other sports - but again I'll wait.

I love this sport so much and would love to see it become popular and not so hated or misunderstood but I know I definitely will be waiting a long, long time for that.

It's late so I can't see the video now - I'll wait until I have more time. I know it will be great.

nani said...

I finally had a moment to watch these. Thanks so much! I got goosebumps watching the USA Soccer win! I'm not even a fan of soccer but love my country and am proud of all the enthusiasm our people show for their teams. USA, USA, USA!!
Thanks for the insults video! I loved it! I remember so many of them and others were a first. All good. Hugs, Nani

Churlita said...

My daughter thought Argentina was going to take the whole thing. I'm not sure who she's pegged now.