Monday, January 03, 2011

And now, little man, I give the watch to you

Amazing that I took a picture of a watch today when technically, I barely had any time to take a picture today!  Today was the first Monday of the month which means it is my super busy time at work.  In fact, today was the busiest it has been in a while.  Over half of my clients that I work on throughout the month all decided to send their work on day 1 so I was jam packed with stuff to do and didn't even come close to finishing.  If all goes well though, later on in the month should be fairly light because of this hellish couple of days.  Fingers crossed!

We took Winston to the vet today and he is up to 8 pounds!  Even better, he has his last shot scheduled for three weeks from today as well as getting neutered.  So, in a little over three weeks, he is ready to go out and about into the world.  So exciting!  I know HE is looking forward to it and seeing more than the inside of the house and the backyard!  It has been a long TIME coming.  Like how I incorporated that picture again?!?!

For this picture, I wanted to take a picture that looked like a classy ad for a watch; something you would see in some upscale magazine for some overpriced watch.  I am actually really pleased with how it came out.

January 3, 2011 - Day 3


Miss Sassy Pants said...

I am LOVING the Pulp Fiction inspired title of this blog post! I wonder how many people would have picked up on it had I not mentioned it...

I think this is a great picture. "Sophisticated" is the best word I can think of to describe it.

3 days in and I'm loving it!

Mom said...

Sophisticated, Classy, expensive....all good words for this picture. I don't know the watch brand, but it looks expensive by the picture you took. The framing is great. Nice job!!!

Churlita said...

You might want to think about a career in advertising. That looks classy and expensive.

Tara said...

Nothing like starting the new year off with a great "Pulp Fiction" quote!

I'm glad Winston only has one more shot to go!

Yesterday was still a holiday for the school I work for, but classes were in session. A few of us had to come in and greet the students at the front desk. It was so dead, though, otherwise.

laura b. said...

Fancy! When I read your title, I totally heard Christopher Walken's voice in my head :-)

Nani said...

Beautiful work! I love it! Well, I love all your work but that is because you are so talented!
I am happy to hear Winston is doing so well. He is a cutie!
Hugs, Nani