Wednesday, November 04, 2009

November 4, 2009 - Day 160

Grow little tree, GROW!

You really do have to enlarge this to see the detail. Otherwise, it doesn't look all that special.

This is the Mandarin tree in our backyard. Last year we planted it and got one fruit, and not an edible one. This year, there is growing fruit aplenty. Hopefully, something is edible this year.


Miss Sassy Pants said...

The clarity on this photo is AMAZING. Can you see ants on the leaf?! I am SO excited our tree is doing so well. The fruit is definitely bigger this season; I'm really hoping they are edible - there's nothing like eating home grown fruit!

Sal said...

Wow! You're not kidding! This picture must be seen at full-size to be appreciated. In addition to ants on the leaf, there is a multitude of varying textures that simply don't come through when viewing the picture at a smaller size: The edges of each leaf, the bumpy texture of the oranges themselves, the grain on the fence in the background of the shot. There are even a couple spots wherein I believe I can detect faint traces of spider webs amongst the branches. Then again, it's after midnight and my eyes might be playing tricks on me. Great shot nonetheless.

Glad to see the tree is bearing more fruit than it did last year!

Jose said...

I love mandarinas, they are so hard to find though. I may just have to come to your backyard and steal a few of them.

Churlita said...

I love all that green against the backdrop of the fence. Very nice contrast.

laura b. said...

A very fruitful photo. I predict great success for you pretty little tree.

Mom said...

Wow - have I told you have much I love your new camera. We have wanted to get one for so long but I just don't think I can get one that isn't like your camera. Maybe we'll get the next one up - ha ha - just kidding Jessica!

Seriously, what a great picture. The large view is definitely the way to see this picture. However, even though the ants are amazing in this picture, dad said he needs to go take care of the tree before the ants kill the tree. They almost killed our tree - bad little suckers!!!