Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time For Presents

It is time for my second annual gift giving post where I give gifts to my fellow bloggers. Here ya go everyone....

First, for Sushi. Her stories of being a waitress crack me up. Sure, she probably won't be doing this much longer as she just graduated college, but until she starts her new career, here is a funny t-shirt I felt she would appreciate!

For Val, my fellow comic lover, an awesome statue of her favorite character - Rogue!

For Mrs. Big Hairy Woman - Well, she is from Canada and is proud of it, so why not a shirt for all to see!

For Night Panther, the awesome photographer - this novelty shirt cracked me up when I saw it so I figured it would be perfect for him.

For Rhys, my fellow blogger from across the pond - I got him a Wii shirt (bunch of shirts this year) as he has often declared his live for this great video game system.

I got Sebastian, a fellow blogger who has been M.I.A with a sickness a get well package. Hope to see you back blogging soon buddy.

I figured Sonja, who reads more than anyone I know, could use a comfortable pillow to use when she is reading in bed. Looks pretty comfy to me!

Jerry, the ultimate San Diego sports fan, gets a pack of Chargers shirts. Look how you can mix and match them!

Jose gets the most expensive gift on the list. This is the ultimate karaoke machine with video, speakers, etc. It truly is a unique and awesome machine and he can practice his love of singing whenever he wants.

Laura works in a library so I found the librarian action figure! It comes with all these props and even makes a sshhh sound when you press a button!

Michelle is quite the crafty person so this book of scrapbooking ideas seems right up her alley!

Sharon is a big fan of birds and her bird Mooky is adorable. Hopefully she likes this Macaw calendar.

I had a hard time deciding what to get Alien as there were a ton of cool things to choose from. I chose this alien autopsy game which works very much like the game, Operation.

Churlita got a pretty expensive gift too. As she is a big fan of Guitar Hero, I figured she would like Rock Band. It is a blast!

My cousins haven't blogged for a while as I know they have been bust with life/jobs/etc, but since they were children of the 80s(and late 70s), I figured they would love this box set of 80s songs. I am sure it is like totally rad!

If you have ever been to Dmarks site, this shirt I found needs ZERO explanation. I will leave it at that!

Evil E does a great themed post on Tuesdays where he posts pictures of graffiti he sees around town. This book of graffiti of the world should be interesting to him I would think!

And there you have it! Hope everyone enjoyed their gifts!


Val said...

Love it! The thought really does count!!!

evil-e said...

An excellent gift indeed. I am always looking for new and interesting things that people scrawl on walls, in bathrooms, on signs, or where ever. Thank you sir.

npanth said...

thanks for the tshirt! I was hoping for a new camera, you cheap son of a...
LOL Blogger xmass gifts is a great idea. Here's my gift to you. An Encyclopedia of playing cards :) http://www.djmcadam.com/playing-cards.html

Jose said...

Wow, my first ever cyber present. How thougtful of you. And to think I came empty handed. I'm ashamed! Great post, I totally enjoyed it and thanks for the present.

laura b. said...

I love my Nancy Pearl with real shushing action! Thanks MrManuel!

PurpleOceanMoon said...

I love that gift! My log on for my blog is not working! I'm hopeing I can fix it soon. I've got a bunch to say.

Love Ya Cuz!

Michelle said...

Oh thanks, Manuel. You shouldn't have. Oh wait, you didn't. Hope you and Jessica have a very Merry Christmas. Hug Mickey for me. We are going in late January or early February.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I love my shirt.. Perfect.. Thank you so much..Merry Christmas...

Tara said...

That's a great gift that you got Sebastien! I hope he starts blogging again soon! More importantly, I hope he feels 100% better very soon!

Churlita said...

Awesome! i'm so excited. I've heard it's just as addictive as Guitar Hero.

dmarks said...

Thanks for the shirt! If I had the emblem from Npanth's on the back of it, I could be mistaken for one of those bad papparazii.

MrManuel said...

Val - You're welcome!

Evil - Yeah, I figure you'll find a ton of interesting stuff in there.

Npanth - I figured you had all the cameras you needed! Thnaks for my gift.

Jose - No worries!

Laura - You're welcome, glad you like it!

POM - let me know if you need help!

Mickey - Happiest place on Earth

MrsBigHarry - Same to you!

Tara - I hope so too! I am a bad blogger friend...

Churlita - Even more addictive!

Dmarks - Now that would make the shirt even better!

Rhys said...

Oooh! Thank you! Merry Xmas! Got your christmas card a few days ago! ;)

Sushi the Mermaid said...

Wow! I love this idea...and I appreciate the shirt...now if I could only wear it to The Restaurant...
Merry Christmas, Mr. Man!
I give you and your honey all the luck and cheer for the NEW YEAR. Damn. I accidently rhymed.

AlienCG said...

Sorry it took me so long to comment, I'm relaxing at home.

The Alien Autopsy game looks way too cool. Thanks, Manuel. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.