Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breaking and Stealing

Two more songs today with relatively short histories; one that doesn't surprise me and one that surprises me that it doesn't have more history.  We are nearly at the top ten and less than 2 weeks until the release of the game.  It is getting exciting!

#14 - Break on Through : The Doors - I am sure this 1967 song by The Doors needs no introduction, right?  Everyone knows this song.  But would you guess that this song actually wasn't a hit?  Yup, the song peaked on the charts at #126, something you would hardly call a hit.  But then again, this was the first single and the very first track on their self-titled debut album.  It is quite a signature song of theirs today, but it sure didn't take the country by storm at first.

Interesting fact about the song - you know the middle of the song where Jim Morrison sings, "She Gets," a few times and then lets off a scream?  Do you know that is actually the edited version?  I sure didn't and I guess all I have heard is the edited version.  Apparently, the actual line is, "She gets high," but Electra Records objected to the line about drug use and demanded it be edited.  It wasn't until the 1990s that the original recording started making the rounds in remastered CDs as well as in live CDs. 

Being such a popular song, it has found itself on countless TV shows and movies as well as being covered many times, most popular being the Stone Temple Pilots version.  What do I want to play in this song?  Well, the drums sound pretty fun, but I think singing will be the most fun!  Can't wait!

#13 - Been Caught Stealing : Jane's Addiction - I LOVE this song!  Although I can't say I remember it when it first came out in 1990, I do believe that I liked in around my high school days in the mid 90s.  The general population loved it too as it spent 4 weeks at the top of the rock charts.  Other than that though, there isn't much history.  However, being that the song is about stealing stuff, the song has been used COUNTLESS times in the media, from television to film to sports.  The drums in it sound like a blast and I can't wait to give it a try.  The guitar solo in the middle will also be a challenge I am guessing.  I am very excited for this song and anything that follows on this list must be pretty damn good!


Miss Sassy Pants said...

When you were listening to The Doors song and the lyrics weren't edited, I said to myself, "Huh? That's not the version I'm used to!" So you're not the only one who never knew what we were listening to all these years was the edited version. Interesting tidbit of info!

I owned the Ritual do lo Habitual album by Jane's Addiction. It's a good album. Jane's Addiction is a fun band with fun, quirky lyrics. I like them.

Mom said...

I know them! I know both of them! Well...I should obviously know the Doors. Anyway that is pretty weird that it never made it big. That really surprised me. It is such a hit! Everyone knows that song.

laura b. said...

I liked the video for Been Caught Stealing...funny.