Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Midlife and a Young Life

#15 on the countdown comes form the awesome rock band, Faith No More!  Although my favorite song from them is "Epic", this has already been in the Rock Band song rotation since the first installment and it was time for a new song from them.  "Midlife Crisis" off of their 1992 album Angel Dust is a worthy addition!  Surprisingly, this was Faith No More's only song to reach #1 on the Modern Rock Charts.  I would have thought Epic would have been a bigger song.  The song, although called "Midlife Crisis" is supposedly not about having a midlife crisis at all.  Instead, lead singer Mike Patton said the song is kind of about Madonna.  HUH?  This is what he says...

"..the song is based on a lot of observation and a lot of speculation. But in sort of a pointed way it's kind of about Madonna ... I think it was a particular time where I was being bombarded with her image on TV and in magazines and her whole shtick kind of speaks to me in that way... like she's going through some sort of problem. It seems she's getting a bit desperate."

Interestingly enough, the song was originally called Madonna and when they played concerts, they still called in by that name on their set lists.  The song has been covered a few times, been in a few video games, and will make a great addition to Rock Band 3.  I love the drums on this and I know my foot will get a workout on the bass pedal!

So if this song is about someone in midlife, what about we talk about a young life.  It has been about a week now, but I haven't had a chance to talk about it.  Last week, I did a photo shoot for some friends with their daughter at a pumpkin patch.  I think it turned out great even though I didn't quite get all the shots I wanted to.  Thing I am learning about shooting children, you can't force them to take the pictures you want and I would rather improvise than kid a crying child.  Here are a few of my favorites and the whole slide show can  be seen here!







Mom said...

Again, can't write too much about the song since I don't know it but I love the story behind it.

As for your pictures, she is absolutely adorable and the pictures you chose are precious!

Good work as always!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I too am quite taken aback that THIS Faith No More song made #1 and Epic didn't... Not that it's a bad song, I just thought Epic was more popular...

Lucy is an adorable little girl and it's always an honor to be asked by friends to shoot their kids (in photos, lol!) My favorite is the one where she's walking away from you in the tall rows of corn - something just so Fall about it. With all the people we know who are expecting, maybe you'll get some business your way!

Tara said...

Those photos of the bee girl are beuatiful! I love the one with her holding the gourd.

It also reminds me of the video for "No Rain" by Blind Melon!

laura b. said...

I really like Faith No More...I think this would be a lot of fun to play.
I think you have the right philosophy for photographing kids...let them go and start shooting. You've got some beautiful stuff there, really sweet.