Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rock Band 3 Countdown #9 - Power of Love

This 1985 song by Huey Lewis and the News is a TOTAL win!  Not only is it a great song, but when I hear the song, I automatically think to my childhood and Back to the Future!  Of course, that I think of Back to the Future is no accident.  Not only was it in the movie, but it was actually written for the movie.  Perhaps riding on the success of the film, this was the band's first #1 hit in the US and it also garnered the band an Oscar nomination for best song, losing out to, "Say You, Say Me," by Lionel Richie.  The song has only been covered a few times, and by no bands of significance, but as a #1 hit from a iconic movie, this song definitely made its mark in history.


Miss Sassy Pants said...

Short and sweet, huh? There was no info about what YOU'RE looking forward to about the song - singing, guitar, drums?

Mom said...

Love this song and love the movie it was written for. Short and sweet yes. He was so excited about it he forgot to write what he is looking forward to. I think just everything - but I'll assume it is singing it!!!

laura b. said...

This is a fun sing-a-long song, for sure. I, too, always think of the movie when I hear it.