Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rock Band 3 Countdown #20 - Saturday Night's (Alright for Fighting)

So with the addition of the keyboard to this new edition of Rock Band, you knew that they would have to include some Elton John, right? Believe it or not, even though this is one of his most  popular songs today, it actually wasn't too successful when it came out in July of 1973.  It did reach #12 on the Billboard charts, but it was his only single out of 14 songs that did not reach the top ten within a three year period between May of 1972 and October of 1975.  Dare I say, he was on FIRE during that period!

The song was actually written by Bernie Taupin, not Elton John, but they had a long collaborative relationship throughout the years.  Elton actually recorded the song in Jamaica, but when they listened to it, it sounded so horrible due to the poor recording instruments, they ended up having to rerecord it in a studio in France.  Also, the recording itself was quite a departure from his other songs.  In his other songs, he would record the piano part first or with the band, and then add the other instruments later.  In this song, he added his piano parts after the rest of the band had recorded.  The song itself has been covered a bunch of times, but unlike may songs that end up being covered by bands you have never heard of, bands from the Who, to Queen, to Nickelback with Kid Rock have made cover versions. 

This songs is going to be a ton of fun to play.  You may think that I want to automatically play the keyboard, but listen to the song!  The guitar sounds rock and the drums and the tempo and speed they play at make it a tossup as to what I will play on this song!


Miss Sassy Pants said...

"On fire" - you crack me up!!!

I am surprised this song wasn't as popular, charts wise, as some of his others. I'm not a huge Elton fan, but I DO like this song.

laura b. said...

I read an Elton John biography once that told a lot about his partnership with Bernie Taupin. Really interesting.
When you decide what you are going to challenge yourself with first, let us know.

Mom said...

I'm a big Elton fan. Is this the only song they have of his collection? I'm surprised this one wasn't up there more on the charts. Didn't realize it then I guess or just didn't care. If I like a song, I like it - no matter where it is on the charts.

Jose said...

I was a huge Elton John fan when I was young and had most of his records. Yes I said records. Now I can't stand him but still love all his classic songs. Go figure!