Thursday, March 30, 2006

Indulge me people.

OK. Now I am just going to abuse the fact that I have an audience. Please just read em and tell me what you all think. Good or bad either way. These are old and probably written in the middle of some Junior College class that I wasn't paying attention in anyways. So, let me have it.


Many a men have come before
Many a men will come after
But only I have that knowledge Of the notion of power
For power is knowing I am The one and only
Yet I am also insignificant to So many others
And I know that really doesn't matter
Only matter matters and that's all that matters


One time. I knew what I was about.
One time. I knew what I wanted to do.
One time. I knew what lay ahead.
One time. I knew never to regret.
What if that one time had passed and you always regretted and you never forgot and you never forgave.
What if all you knew was that nothing is right and all else will fail.
What if you wanted to start over, but you couldn't.
What if you had no one.
Just one time.
I would like to hear someone say it.


In my defense I only lead with my heart and not with my head
In my defense It wasn't the place we were at, it was my weakness that I gave into
In my defense It was still HARD
In my defense You are running scared
In my defense This is a first for everything WE are doing
In my defense I am running out of time and I know if I don't spend every waking moment with you then I am truly missing out on heaven on earth.

Poetry is not my strong suit, but since I have managed to turn this place into my writers guild I guess I will just go with it. As usual people please remember to pay your respects this Sunday. The most sacred of days is upon us and we all must give at the alter of the WWE. You will get it soon. Rabble Rock!


mom said...

These are great Rich. You have a gift. As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading!

Cuzin Allison said...

Are you a Libra? You have a great talent for poetry! I know, because I am also a poet. You should publish your stuff! Don't waste time!

Cassie said...

OK. So I really liked the second one. I can't even begin to think of how many times I have always thought to myself just one time. This is how I responded to it is that in life you have to take chances because I would rather do something and make a mistake rather than not doing something and regretting it forever. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I hope someone understands. The last one touched my heart and the first one was great as well.
You do have an audience and we all enjoy you supplying us with the material to read. Good job once again Rich!

cassie said...

Oh and I know you and my brother are big WWE fans, but me I'm more of a UFC girl!

Mrs.Manuel said...

Rich, the third one is my favorite. The last line really touches my heart, every time I read it. In fact, I caught the post right after your posted it, so I was probably the first to read it. I've read it a few times since, and each time, I really love that line. That's like every girl's dream to hear, it really touches me that you are capable of even thinking it.