Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Oscars

Oh, where do we begin, where do we begin...

I guess we should start with the biggest disappointment. The film that won Best Picture was Crash. I know in the review post I said I'd be ok with it if it won. I was wrong. Dead wrong. I was devastated. It was an ok movie, but it wasn't better than Brokeback Mountain. It WAS NOT the best picture of the year. Manuel and I sat completely still, mouths agape when it was announced. It honestly occurred to me to stop watching the Oscars after this traveshamockery (travesty, sham, mockery).

It was SUPER uncool to cut off the speech for the people who came to the stage representing Crash after it won. Best Picture is only the biggest category, let the people have their time in the spotlight.

I HATED, LOATHED and DESPISED the fact that background music played during the acceptance speeches. I found it VERY distracting. So distracting, in fact, that I tuned out the vast majority of the speeches. I tend to tune out most of the acceptance speeches anyway, but I found the background music more of a reason to do so.

Most of the dresses looked nice. Charlize Theron's dress looked terrible. What was that thing on her shoulder? My dad said it perfectly when he said, "That's a big ass bow!" You know what it looked like?A pillow on her shoulder! It was there in case she got bored she could lay her head down and take a nap. It was disappointing coming from someone who is usually so beautiful.

And what was with the guy who won whatever it was for Brokeback Mountain? See, I don't even remember what he won for because I was so appalled that he was wearing jeans! He had a tux on top and jeans on the bottom! Hello? It's only the biggest night in Hollywood! Couldn't you find something a little more fitting to wear?!

Did you see Jennifer Garner almost fall?

Jon Stewart did a fantastic job. I don't really know him - I don't watch The Daily Show so I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. He was funny without seeming to try too hard. I'd be pleased if he hosted again.

So there it is, our Oscar review. We welcome your comments and opinions.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I was devastated that Brokeback mountain did not win the best picture of the year. I agree with everything that you said.I did not neccesarily like Jon Stewart. I did not find him funny at all. It was a boring Oscar show. I almost wish Jennifer Garner had fallen on her ass so I could have laughed my ass off. Another dissapointment, 36 Mafia winning the Oscar? Please!!! Pimping is easy. I do it all the time around my neighborhood. - Jamie

Cassie said...

So...I liked the Oscars this year. I really like John Stewart, I watch the Daily Show and he's pretty funny and he was also still pretty respectable with the jokes...not bad at all.
I'm very surprised that Brokeback Mountain didn't win, I haven't seen the movie, but everybody I've talked to said it was the best.
I am absolutely thrilled Reese Witherspoon won! She's my favorite actress.
As a future set decorator I was pretty upset Harry Potter's didn't win. Harry Potter comes from the imagination, there is nothing to reference back to except for the books, but Memoirs of a geisha come on you could easily research the times or the culture, Harry Potter you really have to think about what kinds of props to use...I'm Furious!
Jessica Alba looked gorgeous! That Versace dress was beautiful and she inspired me to get another tattoo.
Jake Gyllenhal was sooo gorgeous and so was Ryan Phillipe, George Clooney mmmm mmmm!
The pre show was sooo fun on E! I have such a passion for fashion!
I was in shock when 3 6 Mafia won, but hey that's awesome for them...what an honor!
Oh what else to say I think I've said enough...oh ya Charlize's dress was pretty pretty bad, she usually makes such good dress choices, it wasn't only the bow on her shoulder but it was also the way the dress puffed out around her hips...ghastly. And I loved the reference back to the glamour years...nice. That's it!

Nani said...

I enjoyed the show on E network and enjoyed the actual awards show. I have watched these shows for so many years that I am always prepared for an upset and boring moments. That just comes with the territory.
I totally agree with the Best Picture award. Crash was really such a great movie on so many levels. I dare say it would have beat any other movie at any other time. I found it to be a terrific study of human nature.
I am very happy that Best Actress was Reese Witherspoon. She did a terrific job in Walk the Line. She stole the show. Poor Joaquin. He looked so miserable.
I think Jon Stewart did a great job of keeping the show going. He really is quite witty. The beginning was hilarious.
Best song was I guess, a sign of the times. It is time for something fresh. I must admit, I walked away and turned the sound down while they were performing. I don't like hip hop, it makes me mad but whatever.
Everybody looked pretty good. I agree that huge bow was stupid. My favorite was Salma. That color was gorgeous on her. I also thought Jessica Alba looked terrific. I loved seeing Jennifer Garner. She looks great and I'm so glad she didn't fall down.
Too bad they played music over the speeches. It was annoying and the last people could have gone on a little longer. Channel 10 had about 5 minutes of dead air after the show.
I guess I covered everything. Looking forward to next year..:-)

Cassie said...

Ok so I have more to say...
I was reading on the internet today about the whole Brokeback Mountain upset...did you know that no overtly gay movie has ever won an Oscar... and this year didn't change that...I find that pretty interesting...Some think that the academy isn't ready to accept this whole idea...why is that?
I really don't understand why some people are afraid to accept it.
They are people just like anyone else and shouldn't be looked down upon just because they make different choices. I have gay friends and I'm so glad that they are my friends because it really opened my eyes to see that we are all the same.
One of my friends and his boyfriend were even attacked the other day in San Francisco just because they were gay... it really infuriates me.
Anyways so I learned today that John Galliano designed Charlize Theron's dress which I'm not surprised because she always wears something of his that he designs for Dior. He is an eccentric person himself if any of you know who he is, but he always makes great stuff so to see that dress on her was quite interesting. It could be seen however as a really great art piece and in that aspect it was beautiful.
3 6 Mafia wasn't the first hip hop artists to win an oscar though, I just remembered Eminem winning for 8 mile. In words of Ludacris though we may be seeing more hip hop artists at the oscars in the years to come so prepare yourself.

mom said...

I liked the Oscars this year, especially John Stewart but I agree that the music in the background during the speeches was very distracting. From the very first speech I thought it was horrible. I agree to Jessica that the biggest award winners should have a longer time to speak, but on the other hand I didn't really care what they had to say. I was so shocked that it won. The glamour was beautiful and I thought Jessica Alba and Kiera Knightly were gorgeous. Every year I want to watch the as many movies as I can but this is the first year I never saw any of them. The only movie I really care to see is Brokeback.

Mrs.Manuel said...

Cassie, there's an article in the Bee's Scene section today about the topic of Hollywood accepting/shunning Brokeback Mountain. (It never occurred to me that it didn't win because of the subject matter.) The article makes a really good point: if Hollywood doesn't embrace gay films, why did Philip Seymoure Hoffman win Best Actor for playing Truman Capote, a gay man? Why was Felicity Huffman nominated for Best Actress for Transamerica? Why was Brokeback Mountain nominated for Best Picture?

The article in the Bee also mentions that if Brokeback Mountain HAD won Best Picture, the people who liked Crash better would make an uproar about Hollywood being racist.

The point? You can't please all of the people all of the time...

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am not known as a big Oscars fan, but I AM a huge fashion fan. This is one reason why I watch the Oscars. The other is my sister watches it religiously, and when she is at my house, I don't have a choice. To deprive her of the Oscars would just be cruel.
Charlize Theron's dress WAS NOT beautiful, but it also was not ugly. What is was, was 80's. (Please God, do not bring back the 80s' fashions! Please!)
Salma Hayek's dress looked uncomfortable. Like she was tied up in it.
I thought Jennifer Garner's comment after she almost face-planted was funny and charming! Her dress was lovely, but why not try walking in it BEFORE going out onto the stage. But I love to see the nervousness of the stars on the Oscars! It makes them more human to me.
Ok, I think that's it.
Cuzin Allison