Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why do I.......?

As usual, I come to the board to solidify the randomness in my mind. Ya see, all too often I find myself letting things slide that I actually like doing. I would like to tell myself that it is just procrastination and that makes me just as average as everyone else out there, but I prefer to arrive at another conclusion. I have discovered a lil narcissism and ego in my mind that tells me it's something else, so that I can stand out from the rest of yall.

For example, I like to fancy myself a writer. I have poor grammatical skills and I have a tendency to stray from the heart of the point, but a writer nonetheless. I know what you are asking yourself right now? What writing have you ever done Rich? We didn't notice. First of all, F U!. hehe jk More than likely if you are reading this you are one of the people that have actually read anything I have written. That being the case you must also notice that I go through stretches of not writing at all. I could say boredom or writer's block is what keeps me from blessing yall with my quips and witicisms, but that would be a lie. I guess it took the right person to be able to help me find what is wrong with how I go about things on a daily basis. It is all about the RIGHT motivation.

When I go unchallenged I have a tendency to marinate into my current situation. It brings about the ability to tell myself that I will get to it eventually. No finer example of this point exists like the time I completely half-assed my research paper for my senior year English class. Shout out to Mr. Bordeaux. Forgive me if I spelled your name incorrectly sir. I was the top student in the class. I even got an award signifying the accomplishment. Basking in all this as if it was my destiny to do well in my scholastic endeavors, I marinated and let it all slide. What resulted was a research paper that was written the night before it was to be handed in for grading. No heart and no motivation behind it, just simply scared into the duty of handing it in cause I was told to do so. As a result, the entire class was taught a lesson that took me until now to truly learn. I can still remember him saying it in class. It went something like....

"I would like to warn all of you graduating seniors that this is not the time to slack off and put aside your responsibilities. It can happen to the best of us. The student with the top grade in the class got a D on the research paper because he avoided his responsibilities. Don't let this happen to you."

Maybe that wasn't verbatim, but you get the point. I guess I just let that be a defining moment for too long cause I never actually turned it around into a positive. I continued doing just as I had done with that research paper with far too many things in my life. Perhaps it was because it was a secret embarrassment that I could continue the habits that led to this point in my life. I guess I should just apologize to Mr. Bordeaux for not getting it sooner. A teacher teaching and I just let it slide. I also owe Rebekah Brantingham an award. If I remember correctly, she was number two before the research paper. The only reason I got it was because they had a deadline for deciding who had the top grade before the whole ceremony and I was number one at that time. Least I get it now. Ya don't actually learn anything unless you go through it for real. Not a hidden embarrassment that only you know about, but something that forces you to adapt and overcome. With that I say the next time you see me just slap me across the back of the head and tell me it's about F'n time Rich. Better late than never right?

I will attempt to stay on course and write as much as possible. Hopefully I will someday actually write something good one of these days. Thank you for your time fellow blog patrons. As usual please spread the virus. Remember to put the toilet seat down once you are done with it and finish your veggies or no dessert for you. Or is it desert? I always forget. See what a private school education gets ya. :) Next time I will attempt to point out why there is no such thing as a true-story or non-fiction writing. I may be wrong, but it might still be worth reading. Rabble Rock!

P.S. Just had to for further proof of why she is my number one. Any girl that can flip me off and look like that doing it has my heart. Or is it another part of me? Ok so I am going way too adult and crass on everyone. I promise to tone it down. Maybe. :)


MrManuel said...

Very well written man. It seems like you have come to a big time turning point in your life and I hope things work out for the best. You are actually a damn good writer.

Cassie said...

Rich you had it right the first time, it is dessert!
Whenever I see that you have written a new post I'm always intrigued by what you say. I have said this before, but you always make me think a lot deeper into things. You have this ability to write what comes from your heart, even if it's totally personal to you, but at the same time write it in a sense that it can relate to everyone else. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Keep up the good work Rich and I look forward to reading more.

mrvideoguy said...

I just wanted to take this time out to do one thing. Thank you Cassie. You have no idea how much that comment actually meant to me. :)

mom said...

Rich - I love your writing too. Not that I don't enjoy what Manuel and Jess have to say because I look forward to the new blog notes, but I really do like what you write as well. You do have an interesting point all the time. It makes me laugh and sometimes it does get me to think about life. And really this is how I feel all the time. When I see you in person I love what you have to say. Keep it up!

Mrs.Manuel said...

Rich, you already know that I'm a big fan of yours, so that doesn't need to be said (but I just did, so whatever.)

Mr. Bordeaux was THE BEST teacher I ever had. I LOVED that man. He inspired me to work my ass of, mostly because I didn't want to disappoint him. If all teachers were like him, there would be nothing wrong with the education system and my hope in our future would be so much more optimistic.

That being said, I think you learned something from him that you've already taken home. You ARE a good writer. I always read your posts with enthusiasm and you've never let me down. Keep up the good work.

And the fact that it's taken you 10 years to learn that lesson wouldn't disappoint Mr. Bordeaux. You know why? Because, in the end, you DID learn it, and that's all that matters.