Friday, March 31, 2006


I have a friend at work who's having a baby, and I was invited to her shower. Manuel and I went to Target today to buy a gift off her registry. The list was really long, and instead of going the single-expensive-gift route, I wanted to go the lots-of-inexpensive-gifts route. I was kinda overwhelmed and was standing in the aisle, looking at the list.

This lady in a red shirt walks by and says, "Don't you just love baby showers?! All this fun stuff to choose from!"

I smile, nod and agree with her.

She continues, "I have a friend who's registered at Babies R Us but I can't afford those prices, so I came here to see if I could find the same things at lower prices."

I don't say anything because I don't really care. I'm doing my shopping. Leave me alone.

So a little later Manuel and I are standing in one of the aisles and there were onsies, and I say to him, "Surely she registered for onsies. Let me find them on the list."

After we find the ones she registered for and put them in the cart, Red shirt says, "Those onsies are cute but I want the plain ones. I can't see them anywhere."

I show her where they are. She says, "Oh thanks! I'm so used to shopping at WalMart, I can't find anything at this store."

Once again, I DON'T CARE! (Especially if you shop at WalMart. Eewww! I haven't set foot in there since the vomit incident, which a story for a whole nother time and place...)

Manuel and I HATE when people make idle chit chat. Like at the grocery store a few weeks ago, we got lots of juice because when we went to Disneyland with my parents, we were in charge of bringing beverages for the morning. The lady in front of us in line said, "Someone's thirsty."

SHUT UP! You don't think I know I'm buying lots of drinks?! Are you trying to impress me by showing me your powers of observation? What will impress me even more is if you mind your own business and keep you stupid little coments to yourself.

Maybe we're not people people. Maybe we're grouchy. Maybe we're not friendly. Maybe we're antisocial. Whatever. Keep your meaningless conversations to yourself.


Cassie said...

OK...well I guess if I ever see you
guys in a store I won't make small talk with you....I think you guys get more grouchy with age!
I love talking to new people all the time!

Mom said...

Ok, now that Cassie is the brave one and broke the ice, I'll comment too. I read this over and over again thinking of what to say and I really didn't know what to say. I kind of understand what you mean but I am guilty of the same thing. I love to talk, I make small comments as well, and sometimes in doing so I have met some interesting people. Just the other day Papi and I were sitting at Costco sharing a table with another couple. The small talk started while we were eating and after about 30 minutes, and the conversation going in quite a few directions, it turns out that she was one of our teachers that just retired last year and has had cancer. I hadn't recognized her but it was a good conversation and I was glad that it was a conversation that we started. The annoying people are the ones that make the comments like the juice one. That is irritating. Anyways, anti-social -- no, just a little grouchy. But I love you guys! Now, this wasn't idle chit chat was it?

Mrs.Manuel said...

I can't speak for Manuel when I say this, but personally, I'm not against meeting new people. Small talk is different than meaningless conversation. Like, what was I supposed to say when Red shirt told me she usually shops at WalMart? It's things like that, things that make me say to myself, "Ok, how am I supposed to respond to that?" that annoy me. Does that make more sense? And maybe it was the situation too - we were overwhelmed trying to find the things on the list, the last thing we needed was someone distracting us.

Whatever, I'm making excuses and I shouldn't because it was how we felt at the time and that's what this blog is for - to vent, and I'm not going to apologize for my feelings. So there, deal with it, and don't piss me off...

:-) lol

mom said...

I'm not expecting you to apologize and that is what your blog is for. And it is also for responses, otherwise we wouldn't rock -- right!??!!