Friday, January 13, 2006

Disturbed sucks!

Ok, not really. They remain one of my favorite bands, but I'm a little frustrated with them...

We bought tickets to see them in concert on August 8th, 2005. Apparently there was a scheduling conflict and that date was postponed to January 13th. Today. Apparently at the concert in San Francisco last night, the lead singer blew out his voice/vocal cords, thus, tonight's show is postponed also. There's no news about the new date yet.

But what the heck?! I'm beginning to think the band doesn't want to play in Sacramento. Either that or we're not destined to see them in concert.

We had tickets to see then right after we got married. We also had tickets to see Aerosmith a week or two before. The Aerosmith concert was rained out and rescheduled to the same day as the Disturbed concert. We chose Aerosmith.

So that's three chances to see Disturbed in concert, none successful.

Whatever, the lead singer is still super cute. I'd kiss his vocal cords better, even if he doesn't want to play in Sacramento.

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Mom said...

so much for the "third time's the charm! I didn't really it had been so many times! Sorry - hopefully when you finally do get to see them it will be worth it