Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's been a shitty couple of days...

Not figuratively, but literally.

Friday I had a doctor's appointment. My doctor is on the 2nd floor. I took the elevator up, and the second the doors opened, I smelled poo. I figured that someone just walked by and farted. Nice.

I exit the elevator and start down the hall to the office. The smell of poo is only getting stronger. I'm a little baffled. Then I see it. But I have to ask myself if I'm really seeing what I think I'm seeing. As I get closer, sure enough, my suspicions are confirmed - a human turd is laying on the carpet in the hallway. And man does it smell.

I make it to my doctor's office, and as I open the door, the office staff is laughing. "Did you survive the trip down the hall?" they asked. "Barely," I answer. "How does something like that happen?" I ask. "We heard an older person had an accident," they reply. "No kidding. Who's in charge of cleaning that up? I wouldn't want that job!" I say. We all laughed.

But really, HOW does that happen? Even if an old person did have an accident, how does the turd come out of your bum, out of your underwear, and out of your pants? I have never seen anything like that before in my entire life! I mean really, when you're on your way to the doctor, you don't think, "I better watch my step in the hallway - wouldn't want to step in poop!"

And then today Orko pooped in his crate. Again. THAT'S nothing new. What was new - and not pleasant - was that he stepped in it before I let him out. Obviously I didn't know this or I wouldn't have let him out. But I didn't know it, so I opened the door and out he ran. Out of the bedroom, down the hall, to the kitchen, back down the hall, back to the bedroom, depositing little footprints in poo all over the carpet. Nice.

So Manuel and I spend the next hour or so cleaning up after him - me giving him a bath and Manuel scrubbing the carpets. It was EXACTLY how we planned to spend our evening.

So yeah, it has literally been a shitty couple of days...


Nani said...

Oh crap! I guess it's true then, shit happens. Ha ha ha ha.

mom said...

The turd in the hallway is funny but sorry about Orko. I think he needs a doggie psychiatrist. Remember when you said you didn't know what you guys were going to do for the evening??? Did you get to watch any of the movies?? thanks for the stories