Monday, July 27, 2009


I had a great, but exhausting weekend. Friday started off sadly with a funeral, but we got to see full military honors with the presentation of the flag to the widow and the 21 gun salute. It was the first time I have been at a funeral where I wished I had my camera. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person. Friday evening, we had a small barbecue with some friends before we went miniature golfing. The picture below was a fountain at the course.


Friday night wasn't a late night because I had a HUGE Saturday planned. Saturday morning, I ran my first 5k. Back in high school, I was in shape and could do 7 minute miles. I was also 50+ pounds lighter. To humor myself, I decided to do a 5k and see just how well I could possibly do. Happily, I completed it. I am torn because I didn't do as well as I wanted to do, and yet, am still surprised I did do as well as I did. I know that makes no sense, but it does in my head. My sister, who is training for her first marathon also ran it while my mom did the 5k speed walking.

I was DEAD after, but I had maybe 30 minutes once getting home to get ready and head back out to a birthday party for our friends' daughters. I was so tired, but had fun. After the party, we had about two hours at home, but then went out again to some friends' housewarming party. By this time, I was getting more and more tired and the soreness of my muscles was really kicking in. I was pretty much a zombie there, but still had fun. One would think that with Jess working the following day, I would relax on Sunday.

You would think that is what I would have done, but it didn't happen that way. Sunday morning, muscles aches and all, I went to play basketball with some friends. Surprisingly, my muscles started to relax halfway through the games, but then disaster struck and I twisted my ankle by stepping on my friend's foot. That was pretty much the end of the day for me as I had to go home and keep it elevated and iced the rest of the day.

This ended up being a real nuisance for Jess and I as she had some minor surgery today and the plan was for me to take care of her after. Well, I have been mostly doing it, but nowhere near as well as I would have liked to as it hurts to stand, hurts to walk, and is now a swollen black and blue color. That's life I guess.

And I get to follow it all up tomorrow with a really long day of work as I took off Friday and today. It happens...


Mom said...

Fun weekend in between the two bad events. I have been to a military funeral twice and it, if you can really say it, is awesome. Both times I haven't been close to the deceased but I always cry (what a surpise). The 21 gun salute and the flag folding ceremony are very emotional.

Your weekend did end sucky but it was loads of fun in between. I enjoyed being with my kids in the morning and I love the two pictures. You did forget to mention that you saw a wonderful soccer game at our house on Sunday! ha ha!!!

Glad that Jessica is done with her surgery but I know she understands that you can't fully take care of her. Let me know what I can do!

Miss Sassy Pants said...

Mini golf was fun and I'm glad my idea to shoot that fountain with the sunset behind it turned out as pretty as I thought it would. I an proud of you for surviving the 5k run. I'm sorry I wasn't there to cheer you on, but 2 parties in one day equals a busy morning... I'm sorry you got hurt playing basketball - your ankle is pretty ugly, swollen with a nice black and blue. It definitely has gotten in the way of you taking care of me after my little surgery today, but I am thankful for the little bit you have been able to do. Sorry you have so much work tomorrow, but it should be easier than the average work day when I'm home - I'm not 100% so I likely won't want to do stuff, thus won't be bugging you to stop and play with me.

Sal said...

Sorry for the loss, everyone. And here we thought WE had a pretty busy weekend! Glad you had fun at your parties, sorry you messed up your ankle. Above all, very glad Jess' surgery went well. And the miniature golf fountain makes a nice bonus picture of the day!

Jose said...

Wow, I can only run for about 45 aeconds and that's pretty much it. Sorry to hear about your foot and I hope it heals fast.

Jose said...

Oh and by the way, the fountain at the mini golf course looks pretty awesome, I thought it was some kind of a volcano at first glance.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Busy a bee you are..! I hope your ankle gets better soon and I hope that Jess recovers quickly.. All in all, you sound as if you had fun inspite of all your hard work.. I love mini-golf.. that pic of the fountain is really cool..

AlienCG said...

My uncle was buried with a full military funeral. I have a volley from the salute. It is a very moving ceremony.

That fountain looks like it should be outside of a highly elite golf club in Beverly Hills.

Good job on the 5K. Be proud that you ran it and finished, but try for better next time.

(I did get your e-mail)

Churlita said...

it sounds like you had fun overall. I have super weak ankles, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Mine usually blow when I'm duper tired. I hope both you and Jess are healing well.

laura b. said...

Congratulations on finishing your 5k. That sounds like an exhausting, but mostly fun weekend.
I hope that both you and Miss Sassy Pants are all healed very soon. You can take care of each other :-)

Sebastien said...

Keep up the exercise!!! sorry though about the ankle. Those can be annoying, I've had quite a few ankle issues, I mean, nothing serious but once you twist your ankle it really needs lots of rest, and I was too impatient for that!

Take good care of the wifey and yourself :)