Sunday, December 11, 2005


Ok, so I am doing an open house today and this is how it went with the last person who just came in. this older lady comes by and is looking at the house. I ask her, "Are you looking for something in the area?" as that is a standard question to see why the person is at the house. Her reply in a condecending tone was, "Now WHY else would I be her if I wasn't looking for something in this area?" ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!?! THAT IS YOUR ANSWER?!?!?! I say to her, "Well mam, some people just like to LOOK to see what is for sale around where they live while other people just happen to be visiting someone in the area and decide it would be fun to look at a house." See, there are plenty of people who like to go to open houses for fun and have no real intention of buying. That is why we ask the question. She says, "Actually, I am not the one looking, I am looking for something in the area for my daughter." So after the bitchass answer you gave me, you AREN'T looking for something in the area. Your daughter is and you are just helping her? Wouldn't the appropriate answer be, "Actually, my daughter is but I am helping her look." How hard is that? I don't need some old grandma mouthing off to me with some comment like that. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mom said...

People are just so arrogant. Some people are so afraid of sales people that they act rude instead of just telling the truth. So in the end, did she like what she saw or what? Can you help her daughter? There are all kinds of people out there - unfortunately the rude ones are the ones that stick in our minds the most! Just dazzle them with your beautiful smile and niceness!

Valkyrie said...

Bitchy comments like that are the reason I do not work directly with people.

But good luck with your real estate career..

Cassie said...

God, mom cracks me up...just dazzle them with your beautiful smile and niceness...oh please you shoulda just smacked that bitch in her face or called me and I would have done I said before nobody talks to my brother that way...IDIOTS...GOSH!