Sunday, December 04, 2005

What a doofus!!!

So last night was the regular poker tournament we have at my house every two weeks. We were down to about 6 players when I made the following dumb play. Everyone folded to me so that it was just me and Duncan to follow. I thought I would mix it up and raise him big just to get him out and I would win the blinds. I looked at my cards at an ugly 8-4. I thought, well, this could go two ways, I could get him to fold or he calls my bluff which isn't always a bad thing. I think I have a reputation as being a fairly tight player so getting caught on a big bluff only makes the rest of the players think about my bet the next time. Sure, I lose money on that hand, but think of it as poker equity for later. So I raised about 3 or 4 times the big blind. Duncan thought and thought only to fold. I was about to flip them over to show my bluff only only for someone to yell out, "Wait, there is still someone in the hand!" WHAT?!?!? Then I realized, before it got to me, Joe had put money in the pot. HOW COULD I MISS THAT!?!?!? I would have never tried something like that if someone had put in chips before me. What an IDIOT! So now I am thinking, "FOLD FOLD." If he calls the amount of chips I have in, he clearly has something good. The best I could hope for is to get really lucky on the flop. JUST FOLD!!!! So what does he do? HE RAISES ME AND PUTS THE REST OF HIS CHIPS IN!!! Now I know he has a great hand and I am forced to throw my cards in to the muck. What a waste! At least if he had just called I coul have gotten lucky. No chance though. Be aware of everything that goes on around you at the poker table so this doesn't happen to you. It hurt my stack, but I was able to slightly recover and take 2nd place. Still, what a doofus...

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