Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A poor choice...

So the US Postal service will be releasing stamps next year with superheroes. Unfortunately, they are releasing them with god-awful DC Comics characters. Yeah, this is the boy-nerd in me, but using Marvel characters would have been MUCH better choices that these wannabee comic icons. Since they used a total of 8 characters plus a comic cover they each appeared on, here are my choices for what would have been better decisions...

#1 - Wolverine - Of course, my favorite character and now very popular from the movies. There is talks of a Wolverine spinoff flick coming after the third X-Men film.

#2 - Spiderman - Yeah, his movies have been doing pretty well wouldn't you think?

#3 - Incredible Hulk - Even though the film was a traveshamockery, he is still one of the most recognizable heroes today.

#4 - Captain America - Just as patriotic as Superman without the stupid cape.

#5 - Punisher - The movie was decent, but a badass like him deserves his own stamp.

#6 - The Thing - Didn't see see the movie although I heard it sucks. Still, how can you not include him?

#7 - Thor - He's the friggin' God of Thunder! He even made a special appearance in Adventures in Babysitting.

#8 - Silver Surfer - Just a cool guy. Made it onto a Joe Satriani album

There you have it. Much better choices. Hell, I could have chosen better characters using supervillians. DC COMICS??? Yuck....

P.S. After posting this, I quizzed Jess. She knew about 3 or 4 of the DC guys, but knew ALL of the Marvel guys. Hmm, I rest my case.

Oops..I can't count. The stamps have TEN heroes and I only included 8. So, I get to add 2 more even though most of you have read this by now(or skipped it because it is just comic characters). I am going to spend these last 2 picks on lesser known characters who deserve more fame.

#9 - Ghost Rider - One of my lesser known favorites and coming to the big screen soon staring Nicholas Cage.

#10 - Gambit - One of the X-Men. Why hasn't he been in the movies???


Anonymous said...

I have to agree in part, the DC guys are a bit week. I think it comes down to the fact that DC has been around "for-ev-er". Even though Marvel is a formidable foe, DC may have won this with a simple anecdote, "It's not who you know, it's who you blow!"


Seyeko said...

Super Woman looks kinda wimpy, not your jacked female who could kick my ass! I've always been Partial to Plastic Man though, although I'm not sure *what* he did in regards to thwarting criminals. I just loved his plastic, stretchy neck and arms!

Valkyrie said...

Hm. How about one or two of the X-men? I'm partial to Rogue or Storm, myself.

Marvel is by far better than staid old DC.

Valkyrie said...