Thursday, December 15, 2005

Something to believe in.

Sooooo. Once again it's that time to fulfill an obligation to my peeps. The year is almost over and I do what everyone does at the end of the year. What did I learn this year? I don't mean to go all Yoda on everyone, but I can't help but feel I have done ALOT of sitting in exile and thinking. I discovered a few things about myself and here it goes

A girl can make a guy do anything. THAT is so true.
I was an angry young man growing up and I blamed alot of people for all of my disappointments.
I finally found something to believe in, and I was so wrong.
I miss my family. Mostly I just miss her.
The end does not justify the means. EVER.
It is possible to have a CD by Chamillionaire, Craig David, and Fort Minor and still be cool. That one a is a thinker.
Moving out is cool. Guess this cooking thing is easy.
You can find friends in the strangest of places. Even MySpace.
I will never get tired of buying shoes.
Finally I must steal this from my man Ne-Yo. I am so sick of love songs, but why can't I turn off the radio?
Peace my peeps. Oh and a special shout out to Cassie. Thanks for the compliment because every writer wants feedback, good or bad. But an honest writer wants to have the effect that my writing has on you when you read my posts. Spread the virus kid. OUT!


Cassie said...

Thanks Rich that made me feel special.

MrManuel said...

I have no idea who any of those CDs are. But you're a cool guy and you appear to listen to them so they can't be all that bad. Now if we could just get you off that Gangsta Rap. You seem like you learned a lot this year. Hope you are able to use that education in the New Year man!

Mrs.Manuel said...

Rich, I've always been quite fond of you. I enjoy your company and think you are very funny and entertaining. I think you are a deep guy, capable of holding your own in a serious conversation and giving the world something to think about. I think you have a lot to offer and I'm glad I got to know you.

Mom said...

I don't know if you know this or realize it but you are one of my favorites. I love when you come to the house because I love to hear what you say! I'm sorry that this year didn't work out the way you wanted! I won't say there is always next year but I believe that things happen for a reason and I know that there are great things and someone out there for you.