Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Money-hungry whores!


Background: Manuel went to the doctor to have him check out some ankle pain he was having. He knew he didn't sprain his ankle and was wondering why it was hurting, and the pain was getting worse over a month, so he went in. The doctor had him do some lab tests to check for arthritis and had him do an x-ray. While he was there, his blood pressure was a little elevated, nothing concerning, but higher than it normally is, and he mentioned he thought it was because he had gained some weight. The doctor added a cholesterol to the lab work.

Ok, so we get a call yesterday from the doctor's office saying they want to talk to him about his lab results. I tell him they are going to tell him his cholesterol is high and to not make an appointment for that. Why pay $10 to see the doctor so he can tell you something you already know and tell you how to fix it, which you also already know? I tell him to ask if that's the only abnormal lab result, and if it is, don't make an appointment.

Well, they tell him they like to do things like that face to face, so being the good boy that he is, he makes an appointment.

And what do they tell him? That his cholesterol is high! And how high, you might be wondering? Surely it must be so high that they want to prescribe him a pill to lower it, right? Well, normal cholesterol is below 200. And the "bad" cholesterol, the LDLs, should be below 129. So Manuel's cholesterol is 203 and his LDLs are 131. 3 points and 2 ponts above normal, respectively! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

So he calls me to tell me about his appointment on his way home. He tells me all of the above, which really fires me up, obviously. But then he lets something out that sends me over the edge. He tells me he was looking at the lab results as he walked to the car and noticed the results for the tests for the ankle are high. SO THE LAB RESULTS FOR THE ORIGINAL REASON WE WENT IN WEREN'T DISCUSSED!!!!!!!!!!

By now I'm on fire and you know what I do? I call the doctor's office and give them a piece of my mind. They say they'll relay the message to the doctor and someone will get back to me.

I mean really... To never discuss the skewed lab results pertaining to the original reason we went in, but to tell him his cholesterol is 3 points high? I'd be ok with him making an appointment to discuss the abnormal lab results for the ankle, but that was completely overlooked. Unbelievable...


Anonymous said...

Jess I love the way you call people out for being stupid, it cracks me rolling down your window and calling that girl a bitch...we drove away fast, but that shit was so funny!!!

Mom said...

So why didn't he ask about his ankle and did the doctor ever call him back? They are so stupid at that doctor's office. They can't even get his name straight. Cas wants to switch from her doctor to ours but I'm not feeling good about that. Let's look for another doctor.

Mrs.Manuel said...

Cassie - I had forgotten about that
adventure with that girl I called a bitch. Man, that WAS funny - we were scared! It was true though, wasn't it?!

Mom - I got out of that office as soon as I found out Phillip was going to be out for a while. He's the only one there I trusted. I really would advise you to find a new doctor, especially since it took me about 5 minutes to explain to them so they finally understood that Manuel is not a junior and for them to get the charts right. Get out now!

Anonymous said...

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